Debian :: Using VNC In A Multi-user / Multi-system Network

Mar 21, 2011

Anyone successfully using VNC client on a Mac to control a Debian server?I have the vncserver setup on the Debian machine properly. But I'm having problems connecting to it from both a PowerMac running Tiger and a MacBookPro running leopard.I can connect no problem from a machine running Slack12.2, have not setup port forwarding on my router to connect remotely yet.My Debian machine is running the latest stable release of squeeze with KDE4.I originally tried this with RealVNC Enterprise for OSX but I'm not gonna buy it so I need another alternative after the 30 day trial ends as they have no free version for OSX.
The situation is that I do freelance graphic design on the PowerMac with Cinema4D and Photoshop so I spend most of my time on that machine which is located in my home studio in my attic. Aside from the MacBook and a Dell desktop(family machine)all my other machines and network hardware are in the basement. So to go from the attic to the basement everytime I need to do something on another machine is not practical, and the only other machine I need to access on a regular basis is the Debian box in the basement, this makes the most sense.

I also have a 14 year old living in the house and he's fascinated by all this and will meddle in anything he gets the chance to so all the Linux machines and network hardware need to be behind lock and key.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Reinstalling On A Multi-user System?

Aug 12, 2010

To give a scenario, I have an account for myself, my wife, and my daughter;
1. uRock
2. DragonLady
3. LilFireball

On install I have no problem adding myself back to the system,but when try to add the other users who already have a home folder but no logon, I get an error saying the other accounts are already in use, but they still have no way to log on

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Ubuntu :: Multi-user Network Manager Applet Icon Not Showing

May 11, 2010

My family uses a computer running Ubuntu 10.04. We each have a separate login. This computer connects to the internet via wifi.

A behaviour which I have noticed is as follows - the first user to log in gets the network manager applet icon. So they can control the network connection. Any other user that subsequently logs in does not.

Now this is a real pain in the butt as sometimes our wifi connection drops and I might have left my wife logged in and used the 'switch user' function to get access to my login. The only way I can access the applet is by switching back to her login.

Is there any way to make this appear in everyone's login's at the same time?

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Hardware :: ATI Multi Card Multi Display Xinerama Composite

Jun 24, 2011

I have an ATI Radeon HD 3300 on-board video chipset, and an ATI Radeon HD 4350 PCI card. What I want is to have both displays available from one mouse/keyboard. I want to play media on one and have the other as my main desktop.The problem is that with Xinerama enabled, KDE desktop effects do not work (KDE says XComposite and XDamage are not available, even though I explicitly enabled them as extensions in the xorg.conf file), and performance is quite bad. Without Xinerama enabled, performance is great, desktop effects work great, but there's a lot of trouble with full-screen video, and the KWin window manager does not apply in the second display (although I can run a second instance of KWin on :0.1).

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Ubuntu :: Multi Pointer Instead Of Multi Touch?

Sep 17, 2010

Now that Ubuntu 10.04 has multi-touch capabilities built-in, if I do not have a multi-touch screen or surface device, can I get 2 USB mice and get 2 pointers on the screen? One for the right hand and one for the left hand as I am ambidextrous, and would find it very convenient to have 2 mice.

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CentOS 5 :: Xen VM - Multi Core CPU VS Multi CPUs?

Sep 12, 2011

Im running 64bit centos 5.6 and using virt-manager.On one of my guest OS's, Windows 7, The max Physical CPUs is 2, you can have unlimited CPU Cores however. (like my machine i use for work has 1, 4 core processor).The issue im having is xen only allows you to set the vcpu arguemnet in your xen config file. How can i set it so that 1 CPU has several Cores just as windows would recognize this machine if i were installing directly to the hardware vs via a VM.Ive searched for 2 days staright trying to address this issue, very little progress, Does anyone know where a XEN support forum is? all i get is the citrix xen support forums.

here is the best info i have found on this, but i dont know how to change this for my CPU to work, when i enter this in my xen config it essentially ignores it and just takes the value of vcpu= so windows shows 2 CPUs each with ONLY one core. Id like 1 or 2 CPUS showing Several cores.The physical Hardware is 2x Xeon 5300 Quad Core CPUs.

> # Expose to the guest multi-core cpu instead of multiple processors
> # Example for intel, expose a 8-core processor :
> #cpuid=['1:edx=xxx1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,[code]........

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Software :: Protecting A Multi-user Server - Per-user Limits

Feb 8, 2010

I'm looking for a way to limit:

-memory usage (mb/user)
-cpu usage
-processes (amount and no same process multiply)
-connections (amount of connections (to specific host))
-bandwidth (kbps/user and even owerall for regular users)
-disk usage
-available commands

For every other users than me/root.

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Ubuntu :: Multi-User Remote Access Possible?

Mar 15, 2011

I'm wondering if there's a way so that several people can log onto my computer at the same time. When they connect it goes to the login screen and they choose their account and log in. Everybody has a different account and sees a different desktop. Is that possible?

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Software :: Multi User Web Controlled Jukebox?

Jun 16, 2010

I have a Linux (Fedora) server up in the attic which is connected to the whole-house speaker system. It has all my MP3s, etc. I would love to be able to control the sound output of that machine from multiple computers. Subsonic ([URL]... comes close -- it has the base functionality that I need (web control of server sound) However, I'm looking for something that handles the multi-user part better. Specifically, would like my users (children, wife) to have their own play lists and ratings. Would love if the tool could select from all of our favorites when I wanted to play music with dinner (including vetoes for the stuff some of ushate). And it doesn't seem like Subsonic allows rating at the song level.

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General :: Some Processes Do Not Start In Multi-user Mode

Feb 2, 2009

Few days ago, the server did not respond to a ssh request from a user at night. A user tried to check what went wrong with computer and tried to login from terminal next morning. As the computer was unresponsive, he somehow decided to boot it by turning the power off. To make the story short, the server rebooted; however, he can't login to his account. Actually, the server could not start some processes; but was able to ask user to enter his account username. Even though, he enters the correct username and password, server does not accept the request. I also could not login as root.

I just checked the server logs by booting it in single user mode. Here are some interesting lines:

Before the reboot:

irqbalance : can't balance irqs on a uniprocessor system: failed

After the reboot:

irqbalance : can't balance irqs on a uniprocessor system: failed
fsck /: (this is repeated 900+ times)


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Some Processes Does Not Start In Multi-user Mode

Feb 2, 2009

Few days ago, the server did not respond to a ssh request from a user at night. A user tried to check what went wrong with computer and tried to login from terminal next morning. As the computer was unresponsive, he somehow decided to boot it by turning the power off. To make the story short, the server rebooted; however, he can't login to his account. Actually, the server could not start some processes; but was able to ask user to enter his account username. Even though, he enters the correct username and password, server does not accept the request. I also could not login as root.

I just checked the server logs by booting it in single user mode. Here are some interesting lines:

Before the reboot:
irqbalance : can't balance irqs on a uniprocessor system: failed

After the reboot:
irqbalance : can't balance irqs on a uniprocessor system: failed


This might be something related with shadow file.

Here is part of /etc/shadow

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Debian :: Multi Boot System - Grub / Boot Control

Mar 25, 2010

I have Lenny, and Jaunty Jackaope installed on the same hdd. Jaunty Jackaope was installed 2nd so it has control of grub (I don't know if that is the correct expression) I want to remove Jaunty Jackalope however I know from past experience that after I do this I will no longer be able to boot into Lenny as I will get a grub error at startup. How to I give boot/grub to Lenny so that I can remove the other operating system?

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Ubuntu :: Multi User Logout Freezes With Black Screen

Aug 26, 2010

I have Lucid setup for multi user. Whenever 2 users are logged in and one logs off, it freezes on a black screen. It looks like it logs off OK and is on its way to the main login screen but never gets there. I found some older posts describing this problem but no solution. I tried to post to that thread but got a message saying I was not permitted. I am new to Linux and am struggling to figure out how to problem solve issues in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Create A Multi-user LAMP Server?

May 25, 2011

I am looking to create a multi-user LAMP server. For example the domain name behind my curent server is [URL] I would like user1 to have [URL] and user2 [URL]

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General :: Mini Linux Distributive With Multi User Switch

Sep 27, 2010

I`m trying to find minimalistic distributive for vmware player with switch user option. With gdmflexiserver or something like this.Or perhaps there is a way how to do this in puppylinux or DSL.

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.4.2 Upgrade In Multi Monitor System ?

Apr 1, 2010

Im running 11.2-64 with the stock KDE (3.5) included with the distro. Recently I messed about attempting an update of Amarok and phonon to get the graphic EQ back for music playback. The "messing about" was not with the one click install offered on the KDE website for 4.4.2.....and interestingly the messing about was the day before they "released" 4.4.2-- with the result that I ended up. trashing" the system and having to reload (didnt loose /home tho another reason why I love SUSe....)anyway I ve been looking around and have seen problems mentioned on the KDE forum with multi monitors in their 4.x desktop is tempting to "just push the button" on the 4.4.2 install and see what happens but Im not sure I want to spend another few hours here repairing things where I have my workspace back.

This machine is used in my home office, a core quad with 2 GB of RAM, Intel motherboard and a pair of NVidia GT 8500 PCIe cards running 3 monitors..... am curious if anyone is using 4.4.2 in a multi monitor environment, how the upgrade went and any problems with X server with the new environment?

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General :: What's The Root Directory On Multi-OS System

Jun 15, 2010

The root filesystem is the filesystem that is contained on the same partition on which the root directory is located, and it is the filesystem on which all the other filesystems are mounted.

In a multi-OS desktop, having Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora, what is the root filesystem as the root directory is located on at least 2 of the OS.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Network For Multi-OS

Jul 4, 2011

I have 4 computers in my house, all with different OS's. (XP, Vista, 7, and Ubuntu) They would all be on Linux but haven't found a way to get my wife to stop using Windows. Anyways, I'd like to set up a home network to connect all 4 computers that would provide filesharing and print server. Does anybody know if this is even possible?

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Debian Configuration :: Install A Multi-core System And Configure It To Run Several VMs, One Each For A Firewall, A Caching Proxy Server, A Mail Server, A Web Server?

Jan 25, 2011

I will be relocating to a permanent residence sometime in the next year or two. I've recently begun thinking about the best way to implement a home-based network. It occurred to me that the most elegant solution might be the use of VM technology to eliminate as much hardware and wiring as possible.My thinking is this: Install a multi-core system and configure it to run several VMs, one each for a firewall, a caching proxy server, a mail server, a web server. Additionally, I would like to run 2-4 VMs as remote (RDP)workstations, using diskless workstations to boot the VMs over powerline ethernet.The latest powerline technology (available later this year) will allow multiple devices on a residential circuit operating at near gigabit speed, just like legacy wired networks.

In theory, the above would allow me to consolidate everything but the disklessworkstations on a single server and eliminate all wired (and wireless) connections except the broadband connection to the Internet and the cabling to the nearest power outlets. It appears technically possible, but I'm not sure about the various virtual connections among VMs. In theory, each VM should be able to communicate with the other as if it was on the same network via the server data bus, but what about setting up firewall zones? Any internal I/O bandwidth bottlenecks? Any other potential "gotchas", caveats, issues? (Other than the obvious requirement of having enough CPU and RAM).Any thoughts or observations welcome, especially if they are from real world experience in a VM environment. BTW--in case you're wondering why I'm posting here, it's because I run Debian on all my workstations/servers (running VirtualBox as a VM for Windows XP on one workstation).

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Fedora :: Option For Multi-core Booting In System?

Sep 14, 2009

I've tried searching the forums / google and haven't been able to come up with anything... in Debian-based distros there's an option that can be set to allow boot concurrency so that multiple processor cores can be used for the boot process. Windows also has an option similar to this to specify how many processor cores to use for boot.

Is there an option for multi-core booting in Fedora?

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General :: Setting Up A Multi Boot System With GRUB?

Aug 20, 2010

There are lots of OSs and Linux dists to install on your netbook, and I want to make it as easy as possible to install, remove and switch between them.

Just installing a dist and then another one after it will replace the GRUB boot screen every time, and some dists might override previous GRUB menus entirely.

On a previous machine I created a GRUB partition which chain-loads GRUB for each dist, but now I can't remember how I did it.

The hard drive is currently empty, since I started playing around with repartitioning. What is the easiest way to install GRUB to a partition? Links are welcome, but please no generic "install GRUB" guides because the ones I've found haven't been relevant to my particular situation (empty hard drive, multi boot environment, no CD/floppy)..

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OpenSUSE Network :: Using Server For Load Balancing Multi Internet?

Jan 5, 2010

I have OpenSuse 11.1 installed in a system as server (without graphics). We have 3 NICs, 2 of them connected to 2 different ISPs through gateways, as follows:

IPs for NICs: IP1=; IP2= dev=eth2
Gateways: GW1=; GW2= dev=eth3
Third NIC connected into the internal network with and IP= dev=eth0

We added ip routes and rules as follows (used tables created with vim in the rt_table file with numbers 20 & 30):

ip route add NET1 dev DEV1 src IP1 table TB1
ip route add default via GW1 table TB1
ip route add NET2 dev DEV2 src IP2 table TB2


ip route add default scope global nexthop via GW1 dev DEV1 weight WG1 nexthop via GW2 dev DEV2 weight WG2 from the server I could ping Yahoo! and ping any PC connected in the internal network ( Fro PCs I could ping all the IPs of the server but not the GWs neither any web site, I couldn't surf either.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Name Resolution On Multi-homed Networks Using Dnsmasq?

May 11, 2011

I have a DNS server (dnsmasq v2.55) at the center of three subnets: x.y.1.0/24, x.y.2.0/24 & x.y.3.0/24. dnsmasq does a grand job of issuing a suitable DNS server address with the DHCP option 6. So, machines on subnet x.y.3.0/24 are told that the DNS server is x.y.3.2, machines on subnet x.y.2.0/24 are told that the DNS server is x.y.2.2 and machines on subnet x.y.1.0/24 are told that the DNS server is at x.y.1.2. Even though the DNS server is the same box (although with three nics).

Now the question is:
How do I make dnsmasq respond similarly to name resolution requests? So that when:
Machines from x.y.3.0/24, ping <name of DNS server> dnsmasq returns x.y.3.2,
Machines from x.y.2.0/24, ping <name of DNS server> dnsmasq returns x.y.2.2, and
Machines from x.y.1.0/24, ping <name of DNS server> dnsmasq returns x.y.1.2.

Currently, the DNS server returns the IP address that is assigned in /etc/host. Which, of course can be changed, but via that mechanism, will always be wrong two out of three cases.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create A Multi-partitioned System Running Both Arch?

Feb 19, 2010

Firstly im a linux newbie so try and bear with me, and make any advice clear anywho Ive been running ubuntu for a while on a single partition. Ive recently been looking into other distros and came across arch linux. As i installed arch it was recommended that you create partitions for various directories, such as boot, tmp etc.

Ive read the advantages of this and would now like to set ubuntu up in a similar fashion, alongside arch. Whats the 'best' way to do this. Can ubuntu use the partitions set up by arch? Will i have to reinstall ubuntu? eh i dont know if my question makes sense since its late here and its a topic i know little about. To put it simply: how do you create a multi-partitioned system running both ubuntu and arch

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Ubuntu :: Multi Users Accessing A Remote Server On Local Network

Jul 24, 2010

I would like to experiment a "green" idea of virtual desktop where multiple users are served by a single powerful machine.

I have a server running 24/7. The monitor of this machine is turned off most of the time and the OS is on the login screen.

Other users, in the same local network, use less powerful machines, which could be a thin client or an old Pentium 3 machine. They access their accounts remotely and work with the GUI as if they were sitting in front of the server. Each user sees their own desktop (different themes, screen resolution, etc.). And of course it can happen that several users could log in at the same time.

The usage is modest: mostly web browsing and the usual default applications (office, wine, gimp, etc.). In particular no games or any demanding applications. The users want to use their desktop in graphical mode only.

Question: How do we call this way of using a server? Is it possible with Ubuntu? And how to implement it?

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Ubuntu :: GParted Disk Format To Use For Multi Platform Network Drive

Aug 7, 2010

I am pretty new to Ubuntu and am practicing on an old desktop as a file print and domain controller for a work from home business while I build and configure a Linux server. My question is as follows: I have a laptop running windows 7, my wife has a MacPro running Snow Leopard, the kids have desk top running Ubuntu 10.04, I have a 500GB additional disk in the spare desktop which I want to use as a netork drive that will:

1) Win 7 backup location from the Laptop
2) Store backups of large photoshop files and other graphicsy type stuff from my wifes macpro.
3) Act as a shared directory for all of us
4) Store large multimedia files, mpegs etc

What is the best disk partition format - Am I restricted to NTFS due to the requirements to store Win 7 Backup files Secondly can anyone point me in the direction of a URL for getting the Samba permissions sorted for Windows 7, The kids PC dual boots Win XP and Ubuntu 10.04 Win XP is no problem to network but in Win 7 I can see all the shares in the network map but I always get permission errors both from the Ubuntu PC and Win 7 laptop. Most of the help files and manuals deal with 98/Me/XP and not windows vista / 7 that I can find.

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Debian Configuration :: Grub2 Multi Boot With XP ?

Jun 29, 2011

I recently upgrade my grub to grub2 and had problem to boot debian. After trying to fix it myself, I played around with grub-image-ntldr, my debian now works ok, but I cant boot my XP anymore.

Now when I try to boot XP, I got "No grldr" message. If I copy my ntldr and rename it to grldr, my XP will boot ok. So it seems that when I try to boot XP it doesn't chainload ntldr anymore, it is looking for grldr.

I tried to change "chainload +1" to "chainload /ntldr", it complains about invalid signature. Does anyone knows why my grub now using grldr instead of ntldr?

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Debian Installation :: GRUB Missing OS On Multi Boot

Oct 29, 2010

I just netinstalled Squeeze to a netbook with Windows7. The installation went well without any problem. Linux is also working OK. When I boot now, grub does not show Windows7. I took default settings during installation. I mean I did not do anything special. What should i do to fix it? Should I run osprober and grub-update?

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Debian :: Difference Between CD Install Disk And Multi DVDs

Feb 9, 2010

On getting Debian for install, what's the main difference between the CD installation disk and the multi-DVDs?

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General :: Compiz Stops Updating Windows On A Multi-head System - Keyboard And Mouse Still Alive?

Dec 8, 2010

I am running Fedora F14 on an Intel I3 cpu w/4Gb memory and plenty of disk. I have two displays connected to the Gigabyte Motherboard, one of the HDMI connector, and one on a DVI connector. I run Gnome. When Compiz is enabled things work fine for a while, meaning hours or days. Then the displays will "freeze" to the point where the clock stops updating. The system itself is still running programs, services, and the mouse and keyboard work. The mouse cursor will move around, but nothing can be clicked upon. If a terminal was the open window, typing on the keyboard does not do anything, nor does ctrl-backspace or whatever it is to terminate X windows. The keyboard does allow me to press ctrl-alt-F2 to switch to one of the base consoles. Once there I can type to my hearts content. I can kill off my logged in Gnome session through the console, and I can shutdown the system in a controlled manner.

It is as if all of the windows stop updating. For example, I play music through Amarok. An hour after I stop using the system but letting the music play the screens will do their lockup. The clock will stop, and Amarok will stop updating which song it is playing. It continues to play each song in the playlist, but the Amarok window shows what was playing at the time that the clock stopped. I've also had this happen to me while using Yumex, where it would stop updating the screen while installing programs, but the programs do get installed. With Compiz off I don't have this problem.

The version of Compiz I am using is currently 0.8.6-3. It is running on Gnome 2.32.0-2, with a Linux kernel of It has happened with earlier versions of these programs. I am using the graphics processing the Intel i3 chip to the motherboard connectors. The freeze generally happens at some random time while I am not actively using the system. It has happened to me while doing simple things like programming through an IDE. The really strange thing to me is that the cursor will move around on the screen after everything else stops updating.

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