Debian :: SSHTunnel Transport End Point Is Not Connected

Nov 18, 2015

I have some problems with my SSH tunnel. I`ll use this command:

ssh -N -F /etc/ssh/sshtunnel_conf -i /path/to/cert -p 443 -D 8081

But after a while i`ll see this message if i run ssh with -vvv debug2: channel 4: chan_shutdown_write: shutdown() failed for fd 9: Transport endpoint is not connected

After this message i can do nothing anymore i have to restart the ssh session on the server side i used: openssh-server 1:6.7p1-5 + Fail2Ban 0.8.13-1 (jessie) on the client side: openssh-client 1:6.9p1-2+b1 (stretch).I cannot find anything on the internet.

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Fedora Hardware :: "Error Creating Mount Point: Transport Endpoint Is Not Connected"

Jun 18, 2011

when i am trying to plug in my usb flash (16 GB kingstone) the fedora 15 give me the following error

"Error creating mount point: Transport endpoint is not connected" i don't know the reason for that

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Applications :: Transport Endpoint Is Not Connected

Jun 16, 2010

Normal Operation: Transmission daemon is running on a dedicated server. Connecting to the transmission web interface from a remote machine: Entering the server IP followed by the transmission port number (i.e. URL... in the web browser -> a window pops up asking for the credentials -> entering my credentials -> transmission web interface opens in the web browser.Problem Description: Can't open the transmission web interface from a remote machine behind squid proxy: Read Error.The system returned: (107) Transport endpoint is not connected

Bypassing squid proxy enables me to open the transmission web interface. Also from a WinXP machine the transmission web interface is accessible.Besides the squid error (above), SELinux alert appears too: Can someone help me with this?I'm not sure if the problem is in squid or SELinux configuration.

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Server :: Proftpd: Unable To Open Incoming Connection: Transport Endpoint Is Not Connected?

Feb 13, 2011

Sometime, I got the error messages as I mentioned in the subject:


Feb 14 07:46:48 x proftpd[27487]: x - Fatal: unable to open incoming connection: Transport endpoint is not connected

I'm sure there are some clients connect to server at that time. What does this mean exactly? Why did it happen? Below is my configuration file:


ServerName"ProFTPD server"
ServerIdenton "FTP Server ready."


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Slackware :: "Transport Endpoint Is Not Connected" Filesystem Error

Jun 30, 2010

Blueman created some stuff in my home directory which are undeletable.


~/obexfs $ ls -l
/bin/ls: cannot access 00:1D:F6:40:7F:DC: Transport endpoint is not connected


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Debian :: Nfs Version Or Transport Protocol Not Supported?

Mar 31, 2011

once again banging the head against a brick wall, entered the following commands in to client and server, but get the above message on both, is there something wrong with the script, or thw computers? mount /mnt/nfs_on_debian

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General :: Find Out What Computers Are Connected To An Access Point/router Using Terminal?

Feb 10, 2011

I would like to determine what computers are currently connected to my access point/router via the command line in Linux.

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General :: Networking - Network Card - Connected To Network - Given Access Point - No Connection?

Apr 3, 2010

I installed the driver for my network card. iwconfig and ifconfig are all responsive to connecting to the network, I'm given an access point address. Then, I try to connect to a website and no dice. ping yields no result. What gives?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Point To Point Tunneling Server Connection Errors?

Mar 28, 2011

I recently installed the pptpd server on my system and set it up according to these instructions:HTML Code[URL]t=132029However after setting everything up on attempting to connect to it from a windows machine (windows 7 home premium to be specific) it gives me two errors which are 720 and 800...It reaches "registering your computer on the network" fine and then gives 720 on the first attempt to connect and then 800 on the second attempt to connect...and then on the third 720 and 4th 800 and so on..My system running the server's I.P is system running the windows OS trying to connects I.P is:

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Debian :: Way To Create Wireless Access Point In Debian

May 30, 2011

i keep reading about hostapd but i never figured out how to get the daemon working properly, heck i haven't figured out how to get the ethernet card ti bridge to the wlan card through command line

ps the wireless interface i want to set up as an access point is an SMC usb card that uses the zd1211rw firmware, i checked and it supports AP mode.i was told that you don't have to put the card into master mode all you have to do is configure the hostapd.conf daemon correctly and start the daemon, it will automatically brodcast an ap without an further configurations.

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Networking :: Policy Routing Using Two Point-to-point Links?

Aug 27, 2009

This one has been driving me nuts for some days now:My Gentoo box which is acting as an internet gateway has two point-to-point interfaces, ppp0 (PPPoE to my ISP) and ppp1 (PPTP VPN link to IPREDator). Packets from my local network are just routed through ppp0 and now the fun part starts: I want to MARK (netfilter...) all packets originating from one specific user on that box in order to use another routing table that will contain a default route via the ppp1 interface.Marking seems to work fine as does the second routing table. But quite mysteriously (at least for me), the packets sent out on ppp1 contain the wrong source IP address, namely the address associated with ppp0.So here is what ifconfig and friends tell me:Network interfaces:

# ifconfig ppp0
ppp0 Protokoll:Punkt-zu-Punkt Verbindung


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Networking :: Write A New Protocol On Transport Layer

Jul 23, 2010

I want to write a new protocol on transport layer. These are the features that new protocol should include:

-Real time
-Concurrent transfer
-Multipath and Multihoming

the reason why i should write this protocol is in order to transport encoded video stream over 3G link. When i investigated TCP UDP or SCTP source codes, i couldnot understand them at all. What ı want is to help me about steps of the protocol writing or guideline about it. How should i start, is there any book or source about it (i couldnot find over my internet research).

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CentOS 5 :: Get CA's XCOM Transport Utility Running On

Aug 19, 2009

I have a production box I am trying to get CA's XCOM transport utility running on. I have been able to successfully transmitt a file but on a receive I get the following error.

"XCOMU0505E Received a signal from TCP/IP"

and in the debug I get the following:

E - catotxpi.c(1623): TxpiReceive: Receive.
E - catotxpi.c(1624): Entering TxpiReceive
E - catotxpi.c(2835): GetConnect: 0x095006BC
E - catotxpi.c(1684): Receiving header. MaxLength: 32784
E - catotcp.c(704): No timeout; select omitted for socket 5.


I do have a ticket open with CA and they are doing there best to assist me, but this is not a supported version, they only support RedHat distros. They want to know what the equivilant RedHat kernel is to my CentOS install. I guess my biggest question is: Anyone out there running XCOM on CentOS? I searched and searched and can't find anyone else running XCOM like this. It's hard to believe I'm the only one out there trying to do this.

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Fedora :: AttributeError: 'NoneType' Object Has No Attribute 'transport'

Nov 9, 2010

i'm having an error when running a python script that uses the python-twisted-web components... i get the impression that this program was developed and tested in a debian environment. heres the readout:


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/twisted/internet/", line 1165, in run


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Ubuntu :: Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error?

Oct 11, 2010

Trying to install 10.10 netbook edition on my MSI U230 netbook from a USB drive. Keep getting the error "hyper transport sync flood error occurred on last boot" Press F1 to Resume. F1 causes just a reboot and the same thing happens. Anyone seen this error? It happens with both the netbook and desktop version.

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Networking :: Possibility To Transport One Or Two VLANs Through A VPN (IPSEC) Link?

Apr 29, 2010

Is there any possibility to transport one or two VLANs through a VPN (IPSEC) link on Linux

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Ubuntu Networking :: Point To Point (ad-hoc) SSH Over USB Or Ethernet?

Jun 3, 2010

I was wondering if there is any way to SSH from one computer to another and completely bypass a router or any other network infrastructure. The reason I ask is because my robot ( same one in this post ) often needs to change which wireless network it automatically connects to, however it is getting annoying to have to drag out a monitor and plug it in along with a keyboard and mouse every time this needs to happen. Instead I'd much rather just plug my laptop into the other computer, SSH in and change the network myself.

So I thought I would ask you kind people if this is possible. The robot's computer has unused ethernet and USB ports, and I'd like to use those if at all possible (and with linux, anything is possible! -- sorta). I thought about doing something with ad-hoc, but this would limit my range (in infrastructure mode I can control the thing anywhere there is internet), and is to be avoided.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using External MIDI Device To Control Jack Transport

Oct 16, 2010

I'm new to ubuntu but i do have a basic understanding of programming, but nothing too serious. The reason I am mentioning this is because I have a little project. Currently I use JACK to control the transport of all the aps i use to make music with ardour, hydrogen and rosegarden mainly. I also have an external midi drum machine that I sometimes hook up into the mix via midi in/out, my drum machine (yamaha ry to be exact can send and receive midi data. My question is can I use the transport controls on my external drum machine to control JACK's transport controls? If there is already am app that does something like that, excellent!

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Debian Installation :: How To Downgrade To Different Point Release

Feb 10, 2016

I'm using the latest debian version 8.3, and I want to downgrade to 8.1 point release, I couldn't find a way to downgrade.

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Debian :: Create Restore Point 8.0.3 Server

Mar 15, 2016

I have a production server to which you need to be approached with caution. I have to update the 107 packets between other kernel php and several libraries.

This is the first production server on such a scale, and he did not want me to get something went wrong. And if you can make a restore point after installation so that if it does not start I will be able to restore support the package versions?

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Debian :: Black Screen At Some Point Of Boot?

Aug 8, 2011

I've just installed debian on a rather old laptop (Toshiba satellite 1800). The installation process was ok, I selected desktop supprot when it asked me which additional software it should set up.

But then, when I tried to boot for the first time, i saw some messages for the first time, but then I coud see only a black screen (yet the backlight is not turned off). Immediately before the screen turns black, the last printed line is something like "starting gnome...". When I select single-user mode in GRUB, the system (with no window manager) starts well.

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Debian Multimedia :: Static Mount Point For DVD?

Aug 28, 2010

Since my dvd-writer passed away, I disconnected it from the pc and I reconnected temporarily, an older one that I have (an IDE one).My problem is, that I don't any longer have a static mount point (/dev/cdrom, or something similar), but I have a dynamic one instead (eg. for the dvd labeled "My_data", I have /media/My_data).I really dislike dynamic mount points, since I can't work from konsole (eg. eject doesn't work any more), or with cd archivers (like cdcat).

The only thing I changed is the related BIOS settings (enabling IDE controller and setting the dvdwriter to primary master).The related fstab entry didn't changed of course. (Actually, fstab didn't changed at all)./dev/scd0/media/cdrom0udf,iso9660user,noauto00

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Debian Hardware :: Using Wireless NIC As Access Point

Aug 15, 2010

So theres this project I'm going to try working on during my free time and part of it includes using a wireless NIC as an access point. The way I see it, if a wireless NIC can send and receive wireless signals to a wireless router/WAP, why can't it be treated like one as a router/WAP? A router is a specialized computer after all.From what I heard this idea is possible but I'm having trouble finding results, since search engines don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Does anybody have any idea how I can accomplish this?

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Debian :: Wifi Access Point (and Internet Some Day)?

Jul 7, 2010

First time poster, some time Linux user. I've been reading and trying to create a wifi access point on my debian server. that is {intenet-router} <-> {server + usb-wifi} <-> {network users}

I've opted for this configuration as the server will become a firewall, traffic monitoring (sick of my windows machine getting hacked). I've spent a lot of time and I don't seem to have any un-clicked links in google left. I've read quite a few howtos and threads on this site and others ... I'm definitely missing something. Running: Debian Lenny (no gui)


I've also installed hostapd, and attempted a few things in there. Long run I want to allow wifi users to access the net. But will probably need iptables etc but just want to pass this step. I've see a few howtos seem to use ath0. It's probably only a minor issues.

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Debian :: Mount Point For Automount Usb Drives In Jessie

Oct 5, 2015

I'm running KDE in Jessie and also have Gnome installed. When I connect a usb drive it gets mounted at /media/username/disklabel. I would like to have it mounted at /media/disklabel which is how it worked in Wheezy. How can I make that change?

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Debian Installation :: Point To A Download Location For A 5 X32 Cd-image?

May 2, 2011

I'm trying to install debian on a buffalo linksystem and the tutorial is created for a debian lenny installation but I cannot find a download mirror anywhere for anything except debian 6. point me to a download location for a debian 5 x32 cd-image?

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General :: Is There 'restore Point' (Debian / Ubuntu) Like Windows?

Jul 14, 2010

I'm working directly in an Ubuntu Virtual Machine (VM). Some updates (like kernel) were available at the update manager.If I weren't using a VM, I wouldn't update it since it's a risk to break something. Since it's a VM, you can create a Snapshot or export an appliance and restore if something goes wrong.Suppose I'm not using a VM with a Debian/Ubuntu installation. Is there a install-restore approach that doesn't depend in a VM configuration to restore your system exactly before an upgrade (Like a "Restore Point" in Windows), being easy to restore like a VM appliance?

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General :: Point Of System Mint Debian Edition?

Dec 2, 2010

Why would Mint do this?

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Debian Configuration :: Setup Access Point On Laptop Using Hostapd

Jul 11, 2011

I'm trying to setup Access Point on my laptop using hostapd I'm using Debian squeeze and using RT2860STA. this is my hostapd config file:


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Debian Hardware :: Wireless - Connecting To The Same Unencrypted Access Point

Jun 1, 2010

My wireless is 'almost' working, but frustratingly not quite there. Debian Testing (squeeze). I have two different wireless adapters. Both work flawlessly from an ubuntu live CD in the same machine, connecting to the same unencrypted access point so the problem is not faulty hardware, weak signal, overpowering signal, interference from other AP's, MAC filtering, or anything to do with WPA.

I have loaded the correct (I think) firmware packages for both adapters. dmesg is not complaining about missing or incompatible firmware. I have googled the various error messages reported in dmesg and found that the /etc/Wireless/RT2860STA/RT2860STA.dat missing config file is normal. I could not find anything that I understood concerning the BSS returned, data->length messages but since I see the same thing in Ubuntu (where the wireless is working flawlessly) I assume they are also normal and not related to the problem.

Both adapters can see all the available access points (using iwlist {iface} scan or using gui tools such as wicd, wifi-radar) NEITHER adapter will associate with any access point (and I've tried three different unencrypted AP's so far). I can connect to all/any of these AP's from an ubuntu live CD using the exact same hardware, so this is NOTHING to do with MAC filtering, etc... using 'iwconfig {iface} essid' as root to set the essid "appears" to work, but simple does not set the ESSID on either wireless adapter.

Using the GUI tools (which are only a front end for the command line tools so I have no idea why everyone thinks a GUI front end like wicd will magically work where the command line tools don't!!) I simply wait a long time for "getting network address" before it eventually fails. LOTS of information in pastebin, please make the effort to read it before asking me for things I have already supplied. And please keep any "RTFM noob" or "go back to ubuntu" replies to yourself. I HAVE read the f*cking documentation and I do not want to go back to ubuntu. I just want to get my wireless working in debian.

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