Debian :: RPC Services Registered With A Portmapper

Mar 25, 2011

Anybody else get this message after a recent upgrade to testing (at least)?

Setting up portmap (6.0.0-3) ...
Starting portmap daemon....

There are RPC services which were registered with the portmapper before the configuration was changed. You need to manually restart them in order for the changes to take effect. Current registered services:


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Debian Installation :: 'driver' Pcspkr Already Registered Then CRASH?

Jul 5, 2011

I have a squeeze net install cd I downloaded and have used to install on two computers. Now I try to install on a third computer, install seems to go well, but when I try to run it, I get the message about 'driver' pcspkr already registered. Then CRASH. So, I wiped the HD and tried again; same result.

I figured the cd might have been corrupted so downloaded and burned another. This time I downloaded from a different mirror. Same result. I don't know what this pcspkr is all about; I don't even own any pc speakers. The computer on which this happens runs Lenny on another HD.

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Debian Installation :: Error: Driver 'pcspkr' Is Already Registered, Aborting

Mar 15, 2010

I recently installed Lenny 5.0.3 i386 onto an old HP XE783 box. I've got a couple of errors that pop up on boot, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot them. A couple of the lines from /var/dmesg that strike me:weird, boot CPU (#0) not listedby the BIOS. ACPI Error (dsopcode-0595): Field [ALB2] at 120 exceeds Buffer [CRSA] size 104 (bits) [20080321] {along with two other ACPI Errors (psparse-0530): Method parse/execution failed; and (uteval-0233): Method execution failed.}.Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered, aborting.

The most annoying thing (I think) has to do with the ACPI errors: the box won't power down after issuing a shutdown command; it bumps into single user mode then prompts for the root PW.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Etherape Crashes On 11.4 With Portmapper

Jun 13, 2011

etherape crashes on 11.4 while monitoring an interface on which services using the portmapper are running. It's fine with icmp, www and smb. As soon as I issue rpcinfo -p <host> from another machine or try to mount nfs3 or nfs4 shared, etherape crashes on the server . Did you experience similar issues?It occurs on the 2 64bit and 1 32bit machines running openSUSE 11.4. No problem at all under 11.3.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Rpcinfo Can't Contact Portmapper

Jan 25, 2010

I've reported this as a bug (#507546), but it occurs to me that maybe others aren't having the same problems, so maybe it's an issue with the configuration of my machine. I upgraded to Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) from Jaunty. Ever since the upgrade, I'm getting a number of weird networking problems (though basic webbrowsing & email work fine):

1. I can't mount an NFS partition, one that has worked on this laptop with every previous version of Kubuntu, and one that still works on other computers. If I do

$ sudo mount /usr/lab

I get

mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking.
mount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks local, or start statd.

So then I do this:

$ sudo start statd

and get this:

statd start/running, process 18709

Then this happens again:

$ sudo mount /usr/lab

mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking.
mount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks local, or start statd.:


$ sudo start statd

start: Job is already running: statd

so then I do this:

$ rpcinfo -p

and it hangs for something pretty close to 3 minutes and then says this:

rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC: Remote system error - Connection timed out

See also this:

$ ps ax | grep port
18017 ? Ss 0:00 portmap
18878 pts/27 R+ 0:00 grep port

Note that the 3-minute hang with rpcinfo -p also happens if I do not attempt to manually start statd first.

2. Whenever I try to print something from okular, the window freezes for about 3 minutes and then the print dialog comes up. The printers I want (network printers) are not shown in the list.

3. My department uses Retrospect (commercial closed-source software, sorry) for backups, and I haven't been backed up since I upgraded. The problem, again, is that when I try to start the backup client it hangs for about 3 minutes but then fails to come up.

4. And some new information not in my bug report: I've noticed that certain (but not all) OOo Impress presentations cause Impress to freeze for about, you guessed it, 3 minutes before the window opens. I just copied one of the troublesome presentations over to another Kubuntu Karmic machine, and it opens fine there. I believe that machine can also mount NFS partitions without trouble. it smells like some pervasive networking/communications problem specific to the configuration of my own laptop. But, I don't really know where to start. This has never been a problem before, and I don't think my networking setup is extensively tweaked

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OpenSUSE :: Dolphin Services - Get Mount / Umount Option Under Right Click Services Menu

Dec 7, 2010

So I want to get mount/umount option under right click services menu. I went to Dolphin -> Settings -> Configure Dolphin -> Services -> Download New Services and from there I installed KDE CDEmu Emulator and MountISO. But neither of them is showing up in actual context menu. Neither in Dolphin -> Settings -> Configure Dolphin -> Services for that matter. I tried to install them as normal user and as a root. I went to have a peak in /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ but they aren't there as well... It's just me or lots of things seems to be not quite working in 11.3?

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General :: How Can Vsftpd Services & Xinetd.d Services Can Be Differentiated

Sep 13, 2010

How can Vsftpd services & Xinetd.d services can be differentiated?

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Debian :: Start Services After Installation?

Feb 9, 2011

When installing a package that runs a service why is that service started? Surely, this flies in the face of convention and security.

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Debian :: Start Services Without Root?

Feb 22, 2010

I've a little Server and wanna start the services (postfix, apache, etc.) without root. My problem is, that I've installed GroupOffice and I allways got errors about permisions in some folder. When I took a look, some of the folder the apache created were from root some from www-data. After some searches in the Internet I've read that only the root user is allowed to start a Service at Ports 1-1024 or something like that...

I've already searched for programs which give the rights to the applications / unlocks them with root for a certain application ... but I've no more idea what words to search for.

Where is that **itt implemented? Is it possible to disable that?

How can I start the services without giving them root privileges?! It's a security issue after all.

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Debian :: How To Turn Off Services That Run At Startup?

Dec 30, 2009

so, where is the file determinaing what services start?I need to turn off freshclam, clamav-milter, and do I do that from console or can I just edit a .conf somewhere?

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Debian :: Delay Mediatomb Services Start

Mar 4, 2015

I have moved from a raspberry pi to an olimex LIME A20. I have managed to get everything working correctly except mediatomb. I have a USB drive attached, I believe that mediatomb is trying to read the drive before it's mounted leaving me with an empty database.

After boot I can create the mediatomb database which works until I reboot the computer. What can I try to delay the mediatomb services start?

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Debian :: Way To Enable/disable Services In Squeeze?

Jul 2, 2011

I'm looking for some definitive instruction on the proper way to enable/disable (not to simply start/stop or add/remove packages) services/daemons under Debian 6. Google results are all over the map and, surprisingly, the Debian wiki has no abstract on services.It seems like such a common task

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Debian Configuration :: How To Enable Telnet And Ftp Services

Feb 8, 2016

I have a few computers running linux and windows and I like to be able to telnet and to ftp but these services are not active I look into system settings but I can not find anything on were to start them.I already try using ssh but it just hangs and nothing happened also I tried to use the graphical app for ftp but same result host not reachable.

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Debian Configuration :: Disable Boot Services

Jan 31, 2010

I'm running debian unstable and since there was the switch to dependency based boot I can no longer control my boot services.I used to suppress the services that I use rarely during boot with: sudo update-rc.d -f myservice remove This arranged the links in /etc/rc?.d and everything worked.

Now this command only says: update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing.This seems to work until I upgrade the service to a new version and it is enabled again.Do you have any idea of how to disable boot services permanently with the new system?

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Debian Configuration :: How To Control Access To Different Services

Dec 25, 2010

I'm trying to control access to different services on an Debian server using /etc/group. So that a user I create for FTP usage doesn't fill up my server with IMAP folders or samba garbage.

Services like proftpd have:

AllowGroup ftpgroup

sshd have

AllowGroups sshgroup

And samba have

valid users = @smbgroup

But I can't find the correct option in Dovecot (/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf) Do anyone have the magic option or a workaround thats doesn't envolve maintaining seperate user databases and password?

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OpenSUSE Install :: "System Services (Runlevel)" Deos Not List Any Services On 11.3?

Oct 21, 2010

I can see this phenomenon on 2 different systems running 11.3 .In simple mode and also in expert mode.

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Debian :: How To Configure Services For Minimal Memory Usage

Jul 24, 2010

I have a home server set up with samba, proftp, and the torrentflux webUI via apache and mysql. To the best of my ability, I have stripped the system of any unnecessary software. After a fresh reboot the system uses around 250 mb of memory, which to me still seems like a lot, and after it has been on for a few hours with torrents downloading, the memory usage will steadily climb to and stay at 2 gb! Using top shows that the processes using the most memory are python, mysqld, and apache2. What the heck is going on?

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Debian Configuration :: Services That Can Be Safely Disabled With Systemctl

Jul 22, 2015

Have been working most of the day on this usb full install (Jesiie xfce) trying to make it leaner/faster and trying to get rid of minor annoyances like "watchdog: watchdog0 is not shutting down" (couldn't btw), finally managed to disable "You have mail" by commenting out "session optional pam_ standard" in /etc/pam.d/login. Every little change registers in terms of seconds of boot time saved and how the system responds because, well, i'm booting from a usb 2 drive.Followed some suggestions from "Reduce Debian", removed cups-common, some foreign language locales and man pages. what i can safely do with systemctl.

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Debian Configuration :: System | Administration | Services = Could Not Be Loaded?

May 26, 2010

Debian 2.6.32 Squeeze + GnomeI try to start System | Administration | Services and I get an error:The configuration could not be loadedAn unknown error occurredI turned on a whole bunch of different services and suddenly now I can't get back in to switch any of these on or off. I'm assuming there is some manual way of switching these off again, I just don't know where to do this.

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Debian Configuration :: Services Depending On Kernel Booted?

Jul 26, 2011

is there a Debian way possibility to start services depending on the choice made on the (grub) boot prompt? As an example:

Workstation - starts all and everything but no hostap nor xend (run this at home)
Workstation traveller - starts like Worksation except networking (run this in the pub
Xen host - run this preparing some training courses
Xen host HOSTAP - run this having the training course with a WiFi net for the class

I came from Gentoo recently and there is such a possibility. It is relatively simple to put a kernel option which the kernel does not recognize at the boot prompt. Such not recognized options will be sent through to init (and thus to the SysV init scripts) by the kernel and I could script this. What I am looking for is a the "official" way on Debian to do such things.

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Debian Configuration :: Server Services Delay After Wakeup From Suspend

Oct 4, 2015

I'm trying to lower consumption of my server/HTPC. After wakeup from pm-suspend server/HTPC is ready to use in 1 or 2 seconds .For example if I suspend it while watching movie in KODI, after resume movie starts playing instantly. But some services (SSH and SAMBA) are not running. I thought it was network problem so I change configuration to static (not DHCP). SAMBA and SSH starts like 15 seconds after wakeup.

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Debian :: Unable To Restart Network Services Using The 'init.d' Scripts

Mar 17, 2010

I haven't been active in Debian for two years back when Lenny was still in 'testing' and noticed that for some reason it is no longer protocol to restart network services using the 'init.d' scripts. I also noticed the same for Ubuntu (which I don't use or could care about) and am trying to understand what is the correct way now for Debian and what changed? I did a search on Google but didn't turn up any results. Is it no longer correct to run:


/etc/init.d/network restart

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General :: Couldn't Start Mysql Services On Debian Lenny?

Oct 12, 2010

i'm new to Debian os and currently want to install php5 apache2 and mysql 5.1. But ive got problem to start the mysql services.The error on command prompt as belows:


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Debian Installation :: Suspend / Resume / Restore Services Under Systemd On Jessie

May 11, 2015

Fixing my chronic suspend/resume problems turned out to be easier under systemd, but like everything else lacks documentation.

To suspend rather than power off when pressing the power button, I edited /etc/systemd/login.conf

uncommenting this line and changing it to suspend:

and uncommenting the line

Some services were lost on resume. This problem seems common. To run a command on resume, I believe you have to make your own script, and create a systemd file to run it.

My script is /home/james/.bin/james-resume.service, which contains:

#! /bin/sh
/sbin/hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda

This must be executable. Ownership doesn't seem to matter.

To run it, I made a file in /etc/systemd/systen/
The file name must match the script name:

This contains:

Description=Run James jobs at resume

ExecStart=/bin/bash /home/james/.bin/james-resume.service

Ownership must be root.root. Apparently it doesn't need to be executable.

Then enable with:
sudo systemctl enable james-resume.service

and check with:
sudo systemctl status james-resume.service

If it says the service is loaded, it's OK -- inactive only means it's done running.

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Debian Configuration :: WiFi Settings - System Network Services Are Not Compatible

Nov 4, 2015

I got this message when I tried to get in WifiSettings.

"The system network services are not compatible with this version"

What should I do?

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Debian Installation :: Upgrade Etch To Lenny: No Version Bump, Auto-start Services?

Feb 24, 2010

On my debian web server I curently have ImageMagick 6.3.7 08/07/09 Q16 since this is an old version of imagemagick i wanted to upgrade my system that still runs etch, and afterwards upgrade imagemagick. I can not see what version the current lenny imagemagick package has, but I assume it is newer then 6.3.7, no?

When i ugraded I found out that my apt-sources used stable rather than etch. So I already had a mix of lenny and etch I suppose. I then had > cat /etc/debian_version 4.0 Before I upgraded I changed my apt sources from stable to etch, updated the package-tools and did a dist-upgrade (for details, I followed these instructions). After restarting I have still 4.0 as debian version. Also uname -r is 2.6.17. How can I do a correct update?.

Also my services were not started (ftp,ssh, apache2), so I asked my hoster to start the ssh service. This morning everything was up again, but it seems like nobody there have had a look at this. How do I absolutely ensure that my ssh service is start at boot. It is a remote webserver, so I need at least this service to be running.

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Ubuntu :: DDR Ram ECC Registered Use In Desktop PC?

Sep 9, 2010

I was wondering if it would work as regular ram or would it just not work at all.For a MSI PM8M-V 7104 motherboard [URL]I got this PC as a street throwaway. PS was dead.

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Red Hat :: Yum Work In Red Hat El5 Without A RHN Registered Account?

Oct 25, 2010

I am trying to install Wireshark after I "untar"-ed it.This is the first time I am running RH on one of my PERSONAL PC's at home. Do I need to Register my Red Hat OS for "yum" to work? I got this RH cd from work.

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Debian Configuration :: Configure (start/stop/restart) Services (especially Apache2, MySQL And PHP) Using A Graphical Or Cli Tool?

Jul 23, 2010

I'm using debian 5 x64 with xfce.Is there a way to configure (start/stop/restart) services (especially Apache2, mySQL and PHP) using a graphical or cli tool? I tried to use sysv-rc, sysv-rc-conf, rcconf and rc-conf in the terminal but Bash didn't find them (Although Synaptic show that sysv-rc is installed).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Machine Id Is Different From Registered

Feb 23, 2010

My ISP doesnt provide a client for linux However theres a login form on the browser which they provide which helps connecting my account and logging in into it.Thus starting the internet. Now the problem is of machine id. Whenever I try logging in through Ubuntu it says "your machine ID is diff from the one registered with us"

This problem doesnt come with my WinXP. Are the machine IDs diff for Ubuntu and winXP? How can I make them same?to edit the ubuntus to make it same as winxp? I cant you internet on Ubuntu because of this!

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