Debian Multimedia :: Checked Auto Login After Installation And Now Can't Get Rid Of It?

Jun 18, 2011

I have recently installed Debian Lenny with KDE3. I foolishly checked Auto Login after installation and now I can't get rid of it. The KDE Login Manager window seems to offer the option of turning off auto login, but it does not work. I have tried useradd and userdel but this only makes things worse.

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Debian Multimedia :: Stretch Xfce Lightdm Auto Login

Oct 14, 2015

I'm tried lots of autologin lightdm document. Bu i cant success for auto login.

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Auto Enable Numlock On GDM Login Screen

Jan 23, 2016

I'm on Debian testing Gnome 3.18 and I searched, tried, searched and tried... no way! numlock will always stays off whenever I reboot and reach login screen.

.... I checked bios settings > numlock is on
- installed numlockx
- added those lines to /etc/gdm3/Init/Default (if [ -x /usr/bin/numlockx ]; then /usr/bin/numlockx on fi)
- checked dconf gnome /settings-daemon /peripherals /keyboard remember-numlock-state: true

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Debian Configuration :: Auto-login And Auto-connect To Networks

Jun 3, 2010

I press On-button, Debian boots, logs in and automatically connects to the Wireless network AND! to my local pc via LAN. It runs an ssh server, so I can ssh into debian over internet and communicate with the local pc (send a magic packet).Here are my problems:

1) I don't how to log in automatically. This and this doesn't work.
2) I need a network tool that can manage multiple connections and has a reconnect feature. With the default network manager I cannot even connect to more than one network simultaneously although I have two network devices of course.

And I guess I can run all that in console mode, right?

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Ubuntu :: No Login Sound Checked At Startup Applications And Found GNOME Login Sound Is Enabled?

Aug 7, 2010

I hear no login sound when I login to my ubuntu. I checked at startup applications and found GNOME login sound is enabled. The command used there is

/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login"

Its not only this, but there is no other sounds enabled - for mouse clicks etc

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Debian :: Auto Login On Boot

Mar 19, 2015

I am new to Debian and I have been trying to find a way to auto login to a users account upon Debian booting. Is there a way to auto login to the root account upon a Debian boot? Is it possible to do this with GNOME installed as well as Minimal?

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Debian :: Auto Login As Root In Debian Lenny?

Oct 2, 2009

is there a way to auto login as root? login in window preferences won't allow me to select rootPS before anyone starts on the me bad, I'm a programmer using it on a closed embedded system, and need to link to others software, and need to be root

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Ubuntu :: Have In System-->Administraytion-->Login Screen Setting Checked 'Log As Azyx Automatically'?

Apr 8, 2011

I have in System-->Administraytion-->Login Screen setting checked 'Log as Azyx automatically' so then the computer boot up I don't need to type password.But when my laptop have going to suspend and wakeup I have to type my login password. How do I change so I don't need to do that?

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Debian :: How To Do Auto Login With Gdm3 On Jessie

Jul 4, 2015

How can i do auto login with gdm3 on debian jessie?

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Debian Configuration :: Lightdm Auto-login Error

Dec 18, 2015

I'm working on embedded debian. I do configuration to lightdm for autologin. My device start with autologin but sometimes I see login screen. ı will try it more than 20 times. 17 times its do autologin 3 times not do autologin and show login screen.

Autologin error log.URL...
Autologin log.URL...
Lightdm.conf. URL....

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Ubuntu Security :: Ecryptfs Doesn't Auto-decrypt With Auto-login

Jan 6, 2011

I recently installed 32bit maverick and wanted to make it login automatically. I tried enabling auto login from Admin > Login but that didnt work and I was still prompted for my password. Then I went to Users & Groups and changed the password option to Do Not ask for password at login now after I reboot, the user list is shown (only 1 user) and it doesnt ask for password after I click on my username.

However, then it gives a few errors (as i vaguely recall):

1. cannot load .ICE directory in my home directory
2. some error 256 about a gconf-sanity-2 file
3. nautilus cannot load my home directory etc

and then it gets stuck without loading anything (blank wallpaper). i ve tried navigating to my home directory using Alt F2, gksudo nautilus and my home dir contents are encrypted by the ecryptfs (there is a readme.txt file and a shortcut). i have tried to decrypt but it doesnt work... i ve also tried to start/stop gdm, and startx but nothing works. if i stop gdm, then the prompt doesnt recognize my password and keeps on rejecting the commands i enter... I think this has something to do with the home dir not being decrypted due to the dont ask for paswd option... how can i disable the dont ask for pwd without the gui (i can access my / by booting through an external usb).

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Debian :: Checked Top And Found 'nobody' Running Find

Feb 21, 2011

I saw my disk doing some strange activity. Checked top and found 'nobody' running find. Looked at who but saw no one strange (Ive had breakins before when I was foolish with a password)

So two questions: When does find run under user nobody? In ubuntu Ive seen updatedb running automatically but not in debianWhat are the ports check and other security measures I need to take? (eg not running sshd unnecessarily)

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Debian :: Number Of Repos That Are Checked Has Dropped?

May 18, 2010

I'm new to Debian and I have just installed it on three machines. To begin with they checked about 60 or so repos when doing an update. Then quite quickly this dropped to 48. I have removed the DVD media from the sources list after installation but that was before I saw this drop. It happened after an update as far as I can tell. I didn't think anything of it at the time. By the time all three were set up they were all only checking 48 repos. However I also have a VM, for trying out new stuff, and whilst that has been updated it still remains at about 60 (currently 59).


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Dual Monitor - Same Image On Both Monitors Stays Checked ?

Feb 15, 2011

I have a problem finding the resolution that will fit my secondary monitor(24). If I check "Same image in all monitors" I can only choose resolutions that laptop can display. I don't want laptop monitor to work when I'm using secondary monitor(I close the lid)...

If I want to uncheck "Same image in all monitors"(just to find the right resolution)...the system tells me to log out and back in again. When I do that, there's the same image on both monitors and the checkbox was automatically checked again...

I have an Asus N71J Series laptop. Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB

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Software :: Debian Ppc Install Iso When Checked Says - Invalid No Of Alocation Blocks

Feb 5, 2011

The debian 5.0.8 ppc cd (regular and xfce) say invalid no of allocation blocks when checked. And when burned and booted with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low cant load all of the addiotinal installer components, and wont retry. Is the debian cd supposted to be like that or is that a problem with it, i tried burning it twice and it had errors loading installer components both times when i booted them. Are my cds just the problem?

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Debian Multimedia :: Pidgin Will Not Auto Connect

Mar 20, 2011

I just installed Debian on my main desktop and I'm having issues with Pidgin auto-connecting. I have three accounts enabled (2 AIM, 1 GTalk), but the problem occurs even if I only have one account enabled.If I explicitly enable (or disable then re-enable) an account it will connect without issue. However, when Pidgin is launched, or if network connectivity is interrupted, no accounts will connect. No matter what, it is always reporting the status as "Waiting for network connection.Google turned up several related issues from a few years ago, but nothing with an applicable solution today.

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Debian Multimedia :: Compiz Is Not Auto-starting

May 16, 2011

compiz is running just fine with compiz --replace, but it still not starting automatically with gnome.

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Ubuntu :: Run Application Before Gdm (login Screen Or Auto Login)

Feb 22, 2010

I have program that work like Fedora Firstboot it's run only one time after finish installation. I have two questions to ask.

1. How can I start this application before gdm start (login screen or auto login)

2. How can I start this application in fix display resolution (800x600)

My method now is

(This is a part of script , this script execute from /etc/init.d/myfirstboot , I create symlink to /etc/rc2.d/S1myfirstboot for start it before anything)

gdm-stop # first time I use /etc/init.d/gdm stop
export DISPLAY
/usr/bin/Xorg :1 &


I don't understand why first time firstboot start the system will auto loging in but not complete yet and then my script is start and it's work does not fine I think that is another user is already login , but if I re run my firstboot again and again (by setting something that can revoke my firstboot and restart) it's work before auto login and every things is ok!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Checked The Version Number Read 11.04, But No Changes?

Jun 16, 2011

I booted up my Ubuntu VM today expecting to upgrade to 11.04 and play with the new desktop, but to my surprise when I checked the version number read 11.04. It's definitely the old interface though.

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Debian Multimedia :: Auto Mute Speakers When Headphones Plugged In

Nov 26, 2010

Debian squeeze 64 bit, gnome. Can't find a solution. Debian Multimedia :: Auto mute speakers when headphones plugged in

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Debian Multimedia :: Screen Settings (resolution) Reset To Auto Daily

Sep 3, 2015

I'm a relatively new Debian user, having come from Ubuntu. I recently bought a Dell micro-server to function as my Kodi media player. I installed an nVidia GeForce 210 to output to my Pioneer home theatre amplifier. The amp takes all my inputs (eg. Satellite set-top decoder, PS3, Kodi etc) and outputs to the TV. I installed XFCE as my desktop environment so that I could still interact with it via VNC.

Everything is working great except for one exceptionally annoying problem! Every day, I find that I am having to VNC into the desktop, load up nVidia X Settings, and change my screen resolution from Auto to 1920x1080 because it has lost the display configuration and the screen is blank. I presume this happens when the amplifier switches from one input to the next. It doesn't matter if I save the configuration to my X11.conf file or not - it still resets itself.

Before, this setup would run for months without any intervention (Same amplifier + HP microserver + Ubuntu + LXDE + ATI video card), so I'm pretty confident that the issue is either Debian, XFCE, or the nVidia card.

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Debian Multimedia :: Compiz Refuses To Auto Start Properly (with Gnome)

Apr 16, 2011

How to get compiz to auto-start. What seems to be the generally accepted method (from what a few google searches and the debian wiki tell me) of using gconf-editor and changing the window manager from 'gnome-wm' to 'compiz' in desktop > gnome > session > required_components doesn't change anything. The only method I found that did not involve using a terminal and running 'compiz --replace' every time I boot the computer was to add compiz and fusion-icon to the gnome startup apps, but this causes unwanted flickering (it starts metacity and then replaces it with compiz, ie it's simply automating what I would do with the terminal). Autostarting the fusion-icon alone does not start compiz, although it allows me to start it from it's menu if I right click the icon. Note that I sometimes use fluxbox as well, so starting it on boot isn't really an option either.

Perhaps this can be useful :
Installed: 0.8.4-4
Candidate: 0.8.4-4
Installed: 2.30.2-3
Candidate: 2.30.2-3

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Reproduce With The 32bit (x84/i368) Disk. Just To Note, The ISO's And Disks Have Been Checked With Matching MBR?

Mar 16, 2011

I'm just starting out with Ubuntu 10.10 on the desktop, (got VPS experience) and I'm running into an issue when installing Ubuntu 64bit. One that I'm unable to reproduce with the 32bit (x84/i368) disk. Just to note, the ISO's and disks have been checked with matching MBR.

I'm able to run the live CD on both versions perfectly. However when I press next after the 3th step of installation (The one in which you can choose whether you want to install updates and 3th party software or not), the Ubuntu 64 bit version stalls. Ubuntu doesn't freeze or anything, but it just doesn't seem able to go to the next step. (Partitioning)The odd thing about is that I can access the step perfectly on the 32bit disk. Now here is the question..... What could be the clarification for this issue and would it be possible to resolve it? (If so, how?)

P.S. Attached you can find a dxdiag output of the laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 7520G.

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Debian Installation :: How To Auto Entry X Window (XFCE 4)

Jul 9, 2011

How to auto entry the X window (xfce 4) on debian 6 base system. I install Debian 6 only Base system, then install xfce4 use:
apt-get install xfce4
I can type "startx" entry the xfce4. I want auto entry the xfce X window, when the computer is started. How can I do it?

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Get TinyWM To Run At Login

Sep 26, 2015

I was following the instructions on: URL... However, I also tried to install xorg and other packages with no luck trying to get tinywm to run at login.

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Debian Multimedia :: X/KDE Crashes After Login?

Apr 23, 2010

KDM starts up fine, graphics drivers (fglrx) are loaded correctly, but as soon as I login over KDM and KDE desktop starts loading, X crashes, restarts KDM, and I get sent back to the login screen.I am running a stock debian/lenny install (with 2.6.26-686 kernel) and no error messages in my Xorg.0.log.

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Login Into The System

Sep 14, 2010

I am running debian unstable on my netbook lenovo s10-3t. after updating system yesterday i can't login. when i turn laptop on i get gdm login screen. when i enter my username and password it is loading for 30 seconds or so and then i get back to login screen. alt+ctrl+Fn doesn't work after that (but works before). there is no errors in x server log (cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE gives nothing). in xsession-errors there is something about "_Polkit". also before fatal io error 11 i have nautilus-gdu extension going to be initializing. i tried to remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf and get new by X -configure, but there was no change in behaviour of gdm. i also tried to add new user, but again, no changes.

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Debian Multimedia :: XOrg Auto-detect Failing To Detect Max Screen Resolution

May 29, 2011

I've installed Squeeze 2.6.32-5-amd64 on my laptop (Alienware M17X R3, Intel i7 Sandybridge, ATI Technologies Inc Broadway [ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6800 Series])The screen is 17", with maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. After a default install of the operating system, the maximum resolution I can select is 1280 x 1024.My research so far has suggested that I need to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and provide xorg with the necessary resolution.

Again, by default, the xorg.conf file is not created. This leads me to believe that xorg is scanning my hardware at startup and providing me with whatever it thinks is appropriate. I tried following these instructions to generate an xorg.conf file. This process created an xorg.conf file under /root/.

When I copy this xorg.conf file to /etc/X11, I get a blank (i.e. black) screen. Deleting this file restores the default resolution 1280 x 1024.This system is dual booting with Windows 7. Under windows I am able to get a 1920 x 1080 resolution, so I know my hardware is up to it.At this stage I have yet to install the drivers for the Radeon graphics card.What are my options regarding configuring xorg to give me a higher screen resolution?

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Debian Installation :: Upgrade Etch To Lenny: No Version Bump, Auto-start Services?

Feb 24, 2010

On my debian web server I curently have ImageMagick 6.3.7 08/07/09 Q16 since this is an old version of imagemagick i wanted to upgrade my system that still runs etch, and afterwards upgrade imagemagick. I can not see what version the current lenny imagemagick package has, but I assume it is newer then 6.3.7, no?

When i ugraded I found out that my apt-sources used stable rather than etch. So I already had a mix of lenny and etch I suppose. I then had > cat /etc/debian_version 4.0 Before I upgraded I changed my apt sources from stable to etch, updated the package-tools and did a dist-upgrade (for details, I followed these instructions). After restarting I have still 4.0 as debian version. Also uname -r is 2.6.17. How can I do a correct update?.

Also my services were not started (ftp,ssh, apache2), so I asked my hoster to start the ssh service. This morning everything was up again, but it seems like nobody there have had a look at this. How do I absolutely ensure that my ssh service is start at boot. It is a remote webserver, so I need at least this service to be running.

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Change Login Background

May 28, 2015

I recently installed Debian 8 with the Xfce Desktop Environment. I don't like the background in the login screen and want to change it. After some Googling I discovered that the path to the background is stored in the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf.

Unfortunately, whenever I change the background field I'm left with a black background during login. (Yes, I triple checked that I spelt the path correctly). Does the login background have to meet some criteria I don't know about, like being a certain resolution?

EDIT: Here's the content of /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf:
Code: Select all#
# background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. #772953)
# theme-name = GTK+ theme to use
# icon-theme-name = Icon theme to use
# font-name = Font to use
# xft-antialias = Whether to antialias Xft fonts (true or false)


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