Debian Installation :: No Internet On New Install / Get That?

May 20, 2011

New installation of Squeeze. No Internet. I have googled and browsed but all the responses seem highly complex, involving editing files. But elsewhere it says "In effect, the goal of NetworkManager is to make networking Just Work."

What should I do next?

I don't really understand these commands, but they always seem to be asked for code...

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Debian Installation :: Cannot Connect To Internet / Can't Install Packages

Jan 1, 2016

During the installation of Debian ( debian-8.2.0-amd64-CD-1.iso ) I couldn't connect to any mirror probably because the internet wasn't configured.

Thus, after the basic installation I wasn't able to install any packages ( trying to install sudo as root prompted me to insert the media disc - the USB drive I used wasn't detected going in an infinite loop ). Judging by the fact that I don't have a window manager installed.

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Debian Installation :: No Internet - Wheezy Install On Wiped Acer C720 Chrome

Feb 22, 2015

uname -a
Code: Select allLinux OpalMint 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.65-1+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux

lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net
Code: Select all01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter [168c:0034] (rev 01)
        Subsystem: Foxconn International, Inc. Device [105b:e058]
        Kernel driver in use: ath9k

[Code] ....

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Debian :: How To Install Packages Over Internet

Feb 15, 2011

I have face a lot of trouble to install packages in Debian 6 from CD and DVD . Is there is any way to install packages over internet ?

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Debian :: Net-install Cd Without Internet Connection?

Aug 7, 2011

I am planning to install debian in my pc,.I have xp in one partition and want to install debian in 4gb partition (+500mb for swap).PC: intel p4, 3.0ghz, 1gb ram i install debian from net-install cd without internet connection? If so, after installing the cd can i connect to internet using my usb modem (T-mobile/Huawei modem UMG1831). In case of ubuntu i heard of an app to switch the device between mass storage and modem. How in Debian?

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Debian :: Install Some Packages From The Internet?

May 31, 2010

I have installed Debian Lenny from a 5 DVD set I purchased some time ago as well as packages I needed over time but now 'synaptic' refuses to recognize the first dvd as number one although when I try it, it boots normally for an install that I then abort.I'd like to install some packages directly from the Internet, can anyone explain what I need to do or point me to instructions, I do not have much experience with the command line.My current kernel is 2-6-26.21

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Debian :: Install ETCH Over The Internet ?

Feb 17, 2010

I need to install Etch (not Lenny ) over the internet - but all my mirrors won't even entertain me. Is there a way to still install Etch over the 'net - as opposed to Lenny? I need Etch because of some specific software I am running - and I have to PXE boot (I've used the Etch netboot.tar.gz files).

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Debian Installation :: No Internet Or Sound From The Latest Installation?

Jun 11, 2011

Installed the latest stable of version of debian off of the website (amd64) (DVD version)
When I installed no network card was detected so I just proceeded to install without the internet access.When it booted up I didn't have sound either.So... is there any way to get my internet and sound to work?I have an ASUS P5G41T Motherboard with Atheros Eithernet and Realtek HD sound.

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Debian :: No Internet With Fresh Netinst Install

Apr 16, 2010

Recently, I did a netinst Debian install (on a C554US compaq presario), and while the net worked fine during install, I didn't seem to have a network connection (I use dhcp, mind you) or even an eth0 set up. I've used Debian before, but it was awhile back and I can't remember it all that well, but I DO remember having had net back then (previous version). I'm using Debian Testing, if that helps explain what might be wrong, and I can't help but feel it is my own mistake which caused it.

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Debian :: Install RT2870sta Driver Without Any Internet Access?

Jan 11, 2011

First time user who has just picked up a nice old Sony netbook to give Debian a try on. Only problem is, this little thing doesn't come with any form of Ethernet card or port, and has to rely on a USB D-link DWA 140 B1 Rev Dongle. This device identifies itself as the Type RT2870 device and when i do "lsusb", it comes out as RALink RT2870. Running the CD install of Lenny, Kernel 2.6.26-2-686, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this damn Wireless card working.

The Wiki tells me to look into Upping the kernel to 2.6.32, which unfortunately requires some form of internet access for the backports Also consulted and tried (unsuccessfully, the make command would not run properly) this guy's advice: [URL].... Do any of you kind people have any advice or things for me to try to finally figure out how to get this little laptop online?

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Debian :: Unable To Install Driver For Wireless Internet?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm newb to Debian OS. I have ASUS X51RL laptop. I'm not able to install driver for my wireless internet that's called Atheros Communications Inc. AR242X 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter.

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Debian Installation :: Did Not Recognize Internet

Nov 1, 2015

I recently installed Debian using the net install file through USB on my Lenovo z510 laptop. It did not recognize my internet so I continued my installation without it and ended up with a bare bones command prompt version of Debian. So to uninstall it I just deleted the partition and took up the space with Windows 10. So now when I boot into the boot list(uefi) I still see Debian listed, and when I boot into it I see grub-rescue command prompt. Now I downloaded the live Debian ISO and used pendrivelinux to put it on. When I look in my boot list the USB does not appear and USB booting is on + Secure boot is off. What should I do to fix this mess? In the end I want Debian dual-booted with windows 10 with Debian being with the GNOME 3.x desktop environment.

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Debian :: Install A Clipboard That Will Copy From The Internet And Paste In Office?

May 12, 2011

I want to install a clipboard that will copy from the internet and paste in office. I looked in the package manager and saw a plethora of clipboards.

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Debian Installation :: How To Check Internet Connection From CLI

Oct 29, 2014

freshly installed Debian-netinst, configured internet connection. Pinged Google - all transmitted packets were received, 0% loss.

Yet I am not sure if I have internet connection for what ever package I am trying to install using apt-get install package_name, I receive

E: Unable to locate package package_name

How can I check internet connection from CLI?

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Debian Installation :: Communicate With Hosts On Internet?

Aug 17, 2010

Trying to install Debian 5050i-386 ISO Image. Part way through I get the following error message: The network autoconfiguration was successful. However, no default route was set: the system does not know how to communicate with hosts on the Internet. This will make it impossible to continue with the installation unless you have the first official Debian CD-ROM, a 'Netinst' CD-ROM, or packages available on the local network. Of course I discontinued the install. How does one set a default rout?

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Debian Installation :: Squeeze Rc1 No Internet Access

Jan 22, 2011

I'm able to use apt-get and do updates.I cannot go to any webpages except same thing happened when I first installed linux mint debian 2010 on this same machine.Ethernet controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6105/VT6106S [Rhine-III]Lenny was installed on this machine and I was able to go to any website.Do you think this will be fixed when Squeeze is officially released?

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Debian :: Netinstall CD - How To Connect To Internet For Installation

Dec 18, 2010

I have internet connection - you need to open a browser & in the login screen enter your user name & password to get connected. The connection is via a ethernet cable. I have the netinstall cd for debian testing. How to connect to internet & get debian testing installed.

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Debian Installation :: Minimal Netinst Internet Access

Jul 30, 2014

Fresh install without a desktop environment, I only selected "standard software utilities" from the software selection step of the installation process, nothing else is installed thereafter.

I cannot follow these instructions [URL] .... because "auto" and "iface" commands not found.

iptables isn't installed, but I want to install nftables since it's what iproute2 is to net-tools.

And it doesn't even have NetworkManager either and so far I found out ifconfig (net-tools) has been dropped in favor of iproute2, although that is just what Wikipedia says.

[URL] ....

"apt-cache search iproute2" revealed there is only iproute.

I just checked, net-tools is also installed, but ifconfig command not found?

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Fedora Installation :: How To Install F15 Without Internet

Jun 29, 2011

How to install fedora15 without internet? I used grub4dos to start a local harddisk installation but it failed when asking me to confingure an network connection, which is hardware-equipped but not available at the moment. Anaconda said some software needed to be downloaded from internet, but I've already downloaded a full ISO. This happened right after selecting where to put grub (the step after preparing the hard disk). How can I install F15 without connecting to Internet??

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install VLC Without Internet

Mar 2, 2010

I am trying to install VLC player on OMAP based beagleboard[BB], which has Ubuntu 9.04 OS, without GUI [no X].There is no Internet connectivity on Beagleboard. I did not find any How-to for this case.I need VLC to receive a stream of data from an AdHoc network and display. Which are the essential libraries i need to install. and how do i do that.Do I need to download and install VLC on BB, as I do on Intel machines.Or, do I need to cross compile, as OMAP is an ARM based processor. if so, How do I do that.

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Debian Installation :: WiFi Connection Visible But No Working Internet

Oct 22, 2014

I manage to install debian on my flex 10 (lenovo), but now internet is not working, i can see the network, but even being able to connect to them i can't access the net...

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Debian Installation :: Unable To Connect To The Internet Through Any Wireless Connections?

Dec 13, 2010

I've been looking through the Debian wiki, searching past topics in the forum, and generally googling, but all to no avail. I'm unable to connect to the internet through any wireless connections, nor through an ethernet cable. I installed the latest weekly image of Debian squeeze. After installation, I found myself on the command line. I installed gnome with

apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment I also tried installing gnome-applets, gnome-netstatus-applet, and gnome-nettool, but I guess they were already installed. When I open System > Administration > Network in Gnome, there's no connections tab in the Network Settings application.

Here's what I think is the relevant portion of lspci -v

07:00.0 Ethernet Controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 137a
Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ23
Memory at c2000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
Capabilities: [40] Power Management version 2


I'm one of those people migrating from Ubuntu and in Ubuntu I had to add a 'rfkill -unblock all' command to my rc.local file for this laptop. Not sure if that's relevant, but thought more info couldn't hurt.

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Debian Installation :: Wired Internet - Won't Find Any Network Adapter

May 17, 2011

I just installed debian, durning the installation i opted not to connect to the internet since the large network cable was in the closet and i did not feel like standing up. Now i have finished installing and plugged the network cable in, expecting it to "just work", this is not the case. What needs to happen before the wired network connection starts working? also, the lspci output, appearantly it won't find any network adapter. I suspect this is the fault of my lazyness.


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Fedora Installation :: How To Install Mobile Internet On F12

Mar 20, 2010

I need your help installing this 3 mobile internet.This is what I have done so far,Click on Network icon then go to VPN Connection>Configure VPN.Then go to Mobile Broadband Add.In Number I input number assosicated with 3 Internet Username = my username which is associate with account Password.Unfortunately, this is not working.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Packages With No Internet / Is It Possible?

Mar 27, 2010

I have a general question: can I install packages in my Ubuntu, just using the live-CD but no network connection?

I broke my Ubuntu(9.10) and now can not log in, so I want to reinstall gnome, unfortunately I could not connect to internet, so I wonder if there is a way to use the live-CD as a source for the new software.

I would be really happy if I don't have to preinstall the whole system.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Old Apps On New One Without Using Internet

Aug 5, 2010

since last month i'm using ubuntu 10.04 and i have installed lots of apps and packages i needed on my old 20GIG hard drive and i'm very happy with it but now i had to use this 20gig hard on other old PC and erase it and install all the stuff again on my 500 gig hard drive dual boot with win7 but i don't have enough Internet bandwidth to download all apps again and i want to use my current apps installed on my old hard drive

i tried cloning with Acronis true image but i didn't work then i tried pasting my old hard /var/cache/apt/archives to my new installation but it didn't work neither. does anyone know how can i clone or use my already downloaded packages on my new installation?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 New Install No Internet Connectivity / Need That

Oct 5, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as a dual boot with Win/XP, using the text based installer. Installation seems to have completed OK and Ubuntu boots as expected - but Firefox cannot find any web-page.

How do I start look for the problem cause?

I should say that I previously had installed Kubuntu 10.04 (64 -bit). It was installed for a few months up to May 2010, but then it suddenly lost all internet connectivity after I hibernated the system. Win/XP continued to work with no error. Despite some months of help and advice from the Kubuntu forum, I was unsable to solve the problem. Indeed one piece of advice resulted in the overwriting of my Win/XP installation. I have now re-installed Win/Xp and decided to install 32-Bit Ubuntu - but I am back into the 'no internet connection' problem again. Win/XP works fine.

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Fedora Installation :: Install KDE From 14 DVD As Internet Connection Very Slow

Mar 19, 2011

I have Fedora 14 installed on my s/m with the default gnome desktop environment. Now, I want to install some KDE applications which I found to be very useful. I want to install KDE from fedora 14 DVD as my internet connection is very slow. It was a failure when I tried pointing the yum.repos.d/fedora.repo file to DVD to install using yum. Should I create a repository like what we do in RHEL to configure yum server(How to do it in fedora ???) Or is there any other method to install KDE repository on my system.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) For 9.04

Mar 15, 2010

Now i want to install IDM(Internet Download Manager) for my ubuntu 9.04... Where can i get this software??

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Retrieve Installer Metadata -- Internet Install CD?

Jun 13, 2009

I know that there have been a lot of messages (with repo correction info posted) for yum updates after install; but I'm trying to do an internet install of F11 and I'm getting the same message. Obviously I can't change a yum.conf file for this -- but it does give one the option to edit the location.

The default location is: [URL].. There's one other big flaw with the internet install -- it writes HD partition changes to the disk right after you set up the partition scheme; shouldn't it wait until it knows it can connect to the repository?? I had to boot to a Ubuntu live dvd to get on here to post this. I'm definitely not saving time using the internet install option.

I got online last night and found some of the info. on the yum updates issue, with different mirrors or repositores. So what I tried changing for the default repo / metadata location, using the edit option is:

I changed the word metalink to mirrorlist. I changed https to http. I tried using (etc) which is actually an rpm fusion mirror. I likewise tried (etc.) I gave up and went to bed, and this morning I just tried the$releasever/Everything/$basearch/os/ (and I also tried the above address substituting i386 for basearch and 11 for $releasever) -- no go with any of that. Same error message about cannot retrieve installer metadata.

All of the other messages I've seen on this issue have been about Yum updates; not installs. Hopefully the install DVD will show up in the next couple of hours; but I'd like to make this work if I can ??

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