Debian Installation :: LXDE Session Only Lasts 10 Seconds?

Apr 18, 2010

I have just upgraded to the latest testing packages with aptitude and now when I log in I get 2 error messages. One is "Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds. If you have not logged out yourself, this could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may be out of diskspace. Try logging in with one of the failsafe sessions to see if you can fix this problem." and then if I click on view details I get "/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup..." As long if I don't click OK the system (LXDE) is completely usable and the only thing that doesn't seem to be working properly is wifi - I think I was using network manager which doesn't seem to be loading. The other error message is: "GTK+ icon theme is not properly set This usually means you don't have an XSETTINGS manager running. Desktop environment like GNOME or XFCE automatically execute their XSETTING managers like gnome-settings-daemon or xfce-mcs-manager.

If you don't use these desktop environments, you have two choices:

1. run an XSETTINGS manager, or

2. simply specify an icon theme in ~/.gtkrc-2.0.

For example to use the Tango icon theme add a line: gtk-icon-theme-name="Tango" in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0. (create it if no such file)

NOTICE: The icon theme you choose should be compatible with GNOME, or the file icons cannot be displayed correctly. Due to the differences in icon naming of GNOME and KDE, KDE themes cannot be used. Currently there is no standard for this, but it will be solved by in the future." clicking OK brings up icons etc. and desktop background. I am using an SSD and when I set up the laptop I think that I made /tmp a folder on a ram disk (and maybe a few other temporary files as well). Could this have anything to do with these error messages? (one also pops up about battery empty when the battery is still @ 100% but that is less irritating)

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Ubuntu :: Splash Screen Only Lasts 2 Seconds?

Feb 27, 2011

So, today I've installed a new splash screen:


And after the burg screen (yes, I have burg installed too) and some other stuff while booting, the splash screen only appears like 2 seconds before the login screen.

Is there any way I can make it last longer?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wired Connection Lasts A Few Seconds Then Dies?

Jan 31, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 on my new Asus Eee PC 1215T, and I'm having trouble getting Internet access. When I first start up or reboot the PC, I'll have network access, but not Internet access. I'm connecting via a WAN at my university, and so the first thing you have to do is "register" the computer on the network (by visiting a certain website on their intranet) before it will allow you to access the Internet. Takes about 3 minutes to register it. I have enough time to *begin* this registration process, but I've tried several times and I can't get all the way through it before I mysteriously lose all network access. Unfortunately this is a brand new machine and came without any OS installed, so there's no way I know of to test whether this is defective hardware or not.

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General :: Change Default Session In XFCE (to Gnome , LXDE)?

Jan 1, 2011

I have got Ubuntu with Xfce installed, and I would like to change default session to Gnome, or LXDE (depending on if my computer would run it properly). Looks like there is no options button while logging in, or anything similar.

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Ubuntu :: Failsafe Terminal - Session Only Lasted Less Than 10 Seconds

Aug 8, 2010

when i did that, I turned it back on, and well I had this huge huge problem, i've made a few threads about it. So I had to go through a manual FSCK. I did all that and I do have the cd, although when I try to boot off of the live cd, it gives me a bunch of buffer errors, I have a thread or two about that problem too. So i can't boot off a live cd and fix it through that.

Now i've gotton to the point where I can get to the login screen, it looks normal and everything but when I log into a normal session it greets me with this Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds. If you have not logged out yourself, this could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may be out of diskspace. Try logging in with one of the failsafe sessions to see if you can fix this problem. View details (~/.xsession-errors file)

Code: /etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup... Setting IM through im-switch for locale=en_US. Start IM through /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/default. mkdtemp: private socket dir: Permission denied

So i have no idea what that all means but i did understand failsafe terminal. So when I go to the failsafe terminal to try and fix things, I'm completely lost. I don't know what to type at all. I'm a windows user most of the time.

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Ubuntu :: LTSP Global Default Session Change From Gnome To LXDE For All Users

Jun 2, 2010

I would like to make LXDE the default desktop for ALL USERS on my LTSP clients. There are about 60 users so far.On my server, LXDE is default for everyone.But on the clients, each user has to change to LXDE individually. How can I make LXDE default on all clients?I've been looking through the forums all day, but could not find an answer to this question, so hopefully we can get an answer and my title will help others.

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General :: Got Login Screen - But After Logging Shows Error As - Your Session Only Last Less Than10 Seconds

Nov 1, 2010

I have centos 5.3 i got the login screen but after logging shows error as-- your session only last less than 10 seconds . if you have not logged out yourself tyhis could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may out of disk space .try logging with one of fail session.

views details:

There is lot of space in hardisk and tmp.

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Debian Installation :: Possible To Install 8.2 Lxde Without LibreOffice?

Dec 23, 2015

Is it possible to install Debian 8.2 lxde WITHOUT Libreoffice? I have successfully installed it on an eeepc with a 4 gb ssd

But then removed Libreoffice to have room for files.

It works great! It would be nice to just install Debian lxde without Libreoffice, which I do not use, I prefer gnumeric and vim.

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Debian Multimedia :: LXDE - Remote Installation Through SSH

Jan 26, 2011

1.) Which is the the best open source remote desktop server which you recommend for Debian? And client for windows/linux platform.

2.) How to install LXDE + xserver and point 1. question remote server program through SSH?

P.S. I all ready did install of LXDE and xserver, but I don`t know how to test it, because I`m using ssh.

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Debian Installation :: LXDE Desktop System Can't Boot

Jan 30, 2015

I have made a based ARM Debian system by using the debootstrap tool, and installed the LXDE Desktop System by using the follow commands.

apt-get update
apt-get install lxde

However, The LXDE Desktop System can't boot when i reboot. What can i do next ?

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Debian Installation :: Setting Up Wireless In Lxde Livecd

May 3, 2011

I'm trying to setup the wireless in the debian lxde livecd but I'm not seeing how it is done.

I've searched a bit and found this page [URL] , which says to use the wicd program, but since I don't have internet there, I can't install the program!

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Debian Configuration :: Configure The Network During The Installation - Lxde AMD64 - Pppoeconf

Apr 8, 2011

I have got the following Problem: I installed the 64 bit lxde Debian version... I couldnt configure the network during the installation because I just have a dsl modem and not a router... so the configuration of the network failed.... after the installation I started debian... and was surprised about the lack of "basic system configuration"-software that had been installed... I couldnt find aptitude or whats the debian-Update-Programm called .... instead I found OpenOffice... HAE? then I tried to configure internet access..... so I started a terminal and tried to start pppoeconf... but the program wasnt found! ARRRGG! What am I doing wrong here.... Why are these system utilities like pppoeconf not always installed...

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Debian Installation :: Laptop Keeps On Suspending / Hibernating Every 30 Seconds Or So

Dec 30, 2015

I've just installed new Debian 8 from live CD, lxed. The problem is urgent, I cannot do anything on my laptop, the computer keeps on suspending/hibernating every 30 seconds or so.

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Debian Installation :: Can Not Install LXDE "Frequency Video Exceeded"?

Dec 22, 2010

when installing debian LXDE faced with a challenge - exceeded the frequency of the video (the monitor goes off and a menu appears with the words "video frequency exceeded"Tell me what to do for a successful installation? (Debian has been downloaded through the site card (POWERCOLOR HD4670 AGP)

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Ubuntu Networking :: Lxde - Wireless Doesn't Work In Lxde

Oct 27, 2010

I installed lxde, but my wireless internet doesn't work. I can switch back to gnome and it works perfectly. I tried wicd and manually connecting with the command line. Both fail while trying to get an ip.

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Fedora :: LXDE Spin Is Any Different Then LXDE Installed Repositories?

Dec 8, 2009

Is Fedora LXDE Spin is any different then the LXDE installed the repositories>?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: BBC IPLayer - Full Screen Only Lasts 10 Minutes

May 23, 2010

Just got my EeePC installed with the latest release of ubuntu netbook and have used update manager to get the system to the latest versions including the latest Adobe flash player.

I'm having problems with BBC iPlayer though. When I watch in full screen mode, it only lasts for 10 minutes then reverts back to the Firefox browser.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Read In The 1/4 Second The Error Lasts On Screen Before The Grub Prompt

Jul 14, 2011

This morning I ran an upgrade which upgraded the kernel from 2.6.35-28 to 2.6.35-30 on my Maverick system. I then departed for a meeting and came back to discover that my system had rebooted itself and only booted into an initramfs prompt.

Rebooting again shows a very brief flashing message of "error: unknown filesystem" alongside a few other errors I cannot read in the 1/4 second the error lasts on screen before the grub prompt. Neither kernel boot nor recovery mode options take me anywhere except to the initramfs prompt. I have searched and found a few threads on similar issues, but they all involve different fixes and suggest causes (such as dual booting on an ntfs drive, which I do not do) such that I am unsure where to go from here.

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SUSE / Novell :: OpenSuSE 11.3 Battery - Onlys Lasts A Little Less Than 2hours

Oct 28, 2010

I have a 6cell new battery for a Latitude D630, Battery should last aprox 4hrs but in OpenSuSE 11.3 it onlys lasts a little less than 2hours.

I ran powertop and this is what in shows:

Any idea on how to improve my battery minutes

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Debian :: How To Add To LXDE Repository

Nov 10, 2010

Does LXDE have a repository (source.list) like all the other versions (Gnome, KDE, etc.)?How to add to the LXDE Repository

1: Download Synaptic Package Manager apt-get install synaptic
2: Open Synaptic Package Manager--> Settings--> Repositories
3: Click 'Add'

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Debian :: Can't Set Background Image In Lxde?

Jun 18, 2010

I installed debian testing with lxde.Now set the background image.Default background color is black.If i right click on desktop,nothing happens.

What to do?
ii lxde 0.5.0-3 Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment


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Debian :: How To Automatic Login In Lxde

Jun 18, 2010

Can't set automatic login in lxde.Where is that option to do it?

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Debian :: Can't Use Sound Hot Keys In LXDE

Dec 22, 2010

For some reason I can't use my sound hot keys (Mute=FN+F9 - Down=FN+F10 - Up=FN+F12) in Lenny LXDE but I can use them in GNOME my computer sucks so I can't use GNOME.

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Debian :: Panel Bar In LXDE Went Missing.

Jul 10, 2011

New install, rebooted to find out that the panel bar on the bottom went missing.Even though i can install a new bar, is there a way to bring the original bar back?

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Debian :: Set Font Settings In LXDE?

Aug 6, 2011

i have LXDE installed on top of GNOME under deb squeez, i notice slightly different shape and font hinting/rendering quality in both of them.i'm not sure if what im doing is right or wrong but since i cannot find the way to configure font settings in LXDE i try reconfiguring with sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config still font rendering quality and shape under LXDE is different with one in GNOME, take a look at two screenshots below, both are using same font and size:


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Debian :: Enabling Autologin In LXDE Not Working

Nov 30, 2015

I'm running Debian + LXDE in a VirtualBox. Here are the details:

Code: Select all➜  ~  hostnamectl
   Static hostname: debian64
         Icon name: computer-vm
           Chassis: vm
        Machine ID: #############################
           Boot ID: ###########################
    Virtualization: kvm
  Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux stretch/sid
            Kernel: Linux 4.2.0-1-amd64
      Architecture: x86-64

I really would like to jump into my desktop environment when I start my machine without the need to enter my user name and password. Apparently this is very easy to do. I added the following lines to my /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Code: Select allpam-service=lightdm

And also added my user to the autologin group

Code: Select allgroupadd -r autologin
gpasswd -a username autologin

As you can imagine, it didn't work. Otherwise I wouldn't be here... I also tried to install Slim and enable autologin adding the following line to the /etc/slim.conf

Code: Select allauto_login = yes

That didn't work either!

Am I missing anything? Enabling autologin in LXDE?

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Debian Multimedia :: 7.0 - LXDE Freezes On Startup?

Jan 6, 2015

I installed debian 7 lxde from lxde cd. It freezes on logging in (i.e keyboard doesn't work,desktop freezes and only mouse pointer works.But,I can't select or view anything.Only mouse pointer can be moved.).

But,If I do not login with the display manager and login (my username and not root) via another terminal like tty3 or tty4 using alt+ctrl+F3 or F4,everything works fine.

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Debian Multimedia :: Installing GTK Themes On LXDE?

Mar 19, 2010

i have Debian 5 with LXDE installed on my desktop computer. i have everything set up, but i can't figure out how to change the GTK theme.

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Debian Multimedia :: Missing Features In LXDE?

Mar 27, 2010

I am testing LXDE on my test-laptop and it looks quite nice and fast. I am thinking of switching DE from Gnome.

My question: are there features in Gnome that are missing in LXDE? I can not think of any, so far. The only thing I miss so far is a possibility to edit the menu, as the menu is huge

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Debian Multimedia :: LXDE Cant Change Governor

Nov 13, 2010

I have issue with cpufreq frontend in LXDE, I cant change governor. I am in powerdev group. Maybe I dont have permission to change governor with this plugin. I am using Debian Squeeze. Please what can I do, I can change the gowernor: cpufreq-set -g ... , but I want to do that like normal user in cpufreq frontend in LXDE.

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