Debian :: How To Make Shortcut On Desktop From Applications Menu

Jul 9, 2015

How can i make shortcut on desktop from Applications menu? If i right click an application from Applications menu, the application launches, Can't make shortcut.

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Ubuntu :: Shortcut In Applications Menu Doesn't Run Correctly?

Apr 28, 2010

I've added Warsow.i386 (0.5) to my Applications > Games menu as a shortcut, but whenever I try to run it, my screen goes black for a second and then returns to desktop. Running the same file from its folder in /home runs the game fine.Is this common problem with shortcuts or is it just me and the game?

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OpenSUSE :: Create A Shortcut Either On Desktop Or In The Game Menu?

Mar 11, 2010

newbie here..loving suse...but a question on package management...I have to run the etracer command in a shell to launch the program "extreme tux racer" for my son. it does not show up in a menu do i create a shortcut either on desktop or in the game menu?

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Ubuntu :: Make Keyboard Shortcut Open SYSTEM In Main Menu

Jan 24, 2011

When I assign a keyboard shortcut to open the main menu, it always opens the "Applications menu" by default. Is there a way to make the keyboard shortcut open the "System menu" by default?

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Ubuntu :: Make A Proper Shortcut On Desktop?

Jan 26, 2010

I have been trying to make a shortcut to my downloads folder on my desktop but I only seem to be able to create "link to downloads" folder. I thought this was just the same thing as a shortcut but when I run some programs from the folder they do not work correctly. They only work from the real 'downloads' folder and not the 'link to' folder

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Ubuntu :: Make A Desktop Shortcut Of Xterm?

Jul 19, 2011

Unless there is some better way to quickly open xterm?

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General :: Make A Desktop Shortcut In XFCE4 ?

Jun 19, 2010

I installed opera10 and I can start it from a shell script from the opera folder but when i try to make a desktop shortcut it does not work. Either from xfce or by right clicking and choosing to send it to the desktop as a shortcut.

I did not install opera system wide, only under one user. Do I need to set some kind of path or link or something?

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OpenSUSE :: Make A Shortcut In A Desktop That Executes A Program?

Nov 12, 2010

even though this is a simple task I always have problems to do this.I want to execute the following#!/bin/bashjava -jar JabRef-2.6.jaror in other words this is the command I use in konsole to make the application to launch.Then usully I try to create a desktop in the icon either by using a. create link to locationorb. create link to application.where I select as file the file that contains the two lines of code I posted above (see again below)
"#!/bin/bashjava -jar JabRef-2.6.jar"I do this file executable by using the chmod +x.Sometimes I think this works while others like now I only receive the cursor bouncing for sometime before it dissapears

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Ubuntu :: Make Windows Key Open Applications Menu?

May 9, 2011

I've switched to Xubuntu and the procedure is obviously different How can I make my Windows key open the Applications Menu in Xubuntu?I found the keyboard shortcuts in the Settings menu but I see no option for adding a shortcut. It only shows the existing shortcuts.

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Debian :: Create A Shortcut In The Menu?

Apr 3, 2011

I installed the software "Stellarium" from a installer I downloaded, but no shortcut was added to the menu. How can I create one? My desktop environment is LXDE.

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Fedora :: Gnome Applications Menu Right Click Not Working / Make It To Work?

Jan 27, 2010

I cannot right click with my mouse on the gnome applications menu to get the properties/edit menu option. This is on F12 on 64bit.
Instead I get: "help, remove from panel, lock panel". I dont have this problem with anything else on the top bar.

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Turns out I have to install package alacarte and then go to System > Preferences > Main Menu

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Ubuntu :: Make Own Desktop Applications In System?

Jun 19, 2010

Are there any tutorials for this? My sister wants a really easy application that pops a random quotation every time she presses on an icon (probably appearing in the panel). I'm fairly experienced in programming, but i've never done desktop apps for ubuntu.

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Debian :: Jessie Shortcut To Get Desktop

Jul 4, 2015

Is there any shortcut to move to desktop ? On debian wheezy there was "CTRL+ALT+D" .

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Cinelerra - It Didn't Make A Shortcut In My Main Menu, And Typing "cinelerracv" Returns "command Not Found?

Jan 12, 2010

I'm trying to install Cinelerra because it has a plugin to do chromakey. I found a .deb and installed it, but now I don't know how to start the program. It didn't make a shortcut in my main menu, and typing "cinelerracv" returns "command not found"Did I install it wrong, or not at all? What should I try next?

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Debian :: Failing To Edit Applications Menu

Jan 16, 2011

Decided to swap from ubuntu to full blown debian - and glad I did - just feels right using debian to me. Anyways. On my desktop im trying to edit my "Applications" menu" so that it includes "Programming" and "Other" sections of the menu. So i righclick "Applications" goto "Edit Menus" and try to checkbox the "Programming" & "Other" menu options. Alas as soon as I check them - the tick dissapears again - and there is no way for me to edit the menu. Its my system I have full access.

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Debian :: Applications Menu Editor For Wheezy Xfce

Oct 31, 2015

With Jessie, I use Menulibre. It's not in the Wheezy repos that I see, However. I read of Alacarte, but it seems to have a list a mile long of other stuff that "needs" to be installed with it.

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Debian :: Root Terminal Will Not Load From Applications Menu

Nov 16, 2015

I am using sid and come across the error that a root terminal will not load from the applications menu after it's been opened and closed?

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Debian Multimedia :: Editing GNOME3 Applications Menu

Sep 29, 2015

I am running debian 8 with GNOME3.14 with the Applications menu extension and i want to know how to edit the listings and all that stuff ... Also is there a support IRC?

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Debian Multimedia :: Applications Menu Rearrangement For Sub Menus?

Apr 18, 2011

There is a plethora of apps in the Debian distro -great stuff! Problem is, there is too much to display efficiently in the menus system as currently deployed. I'm thinking particularly of the Science section. Is there a way to rearrange the menus, so that there are sub-menus, such as Astronomy,Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc?

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Debian Multimedia :: Main Menu Won't Work On Some Applications?

Jun 10, 2011

Recently our Son showed me Xscreensaver which he has running on his Debian Squeeze machine. Since I really like what you can do with it and since I use Squeeze as well, I figured that I'd try out the Xscreensaver on my system. Compiz is already working and I haven't had any 3D related problems yet. Anyway, so I install xscreensaver from the software center ... then I go to the main menu ... sure enough it's there alright. Then I place a checkmark in the box to activate/display that feature in the main menu ... but after a second or two the checkmark just vanishes. This happens over and over, even after rebooting.

I thought that a logged in user has full privileges over the items that appear in the main menu? Am I missing something? I don't know of any other (root) method to access the main menu with the apps ... Everything else reacts fine, just the folder for the xscreensaver can't be checked.

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Debian :: Create A Shortcut In The "start" Menu To The Executable?

Mar 21, 2011

try to keep file system organized on XP instead of C:program files*everything goes blindly here I use C:MEDIA*category*application_name.So where in Debian on the hard drive are programs actually installed to? There's a couple programs that the sites merely gave me zip files instead of installers that were also not like in the package manager so I'd like to know where to extract those files.Also how do I create a shortcut in the "start" menu to the executable?

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Ubuntu :: 90% Of The Applications Install - Last Release - Do Not Show Up Later On In Applications Menu

Jul 24, 2010

I feel shy asking this question but, 90% of the applications I install in Ubuntu (last release), do not show up later on in the applications menu, so I cant run them. I know it seems silly, but I can't find the way to handle this inconvenience. Is there a place (like Start> All programs in Windows), were I could find and run all the programs I install?

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Ubuntu :: Erasing Applications From Installed Applications Menu?

Jun 5, 2011

I was wondering if there was any way to remove icons from the installed applications menu?I recently attempted to install's Zork Anthology using Wine and when I de-installed, the icons for those files were still listed in installed applications. Is there anyway to delete them manually?

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Ubuntu :: Edit Applications Menu To To Hide Games They Stay On The Menu?

Jul 8, 2010

When I edit my applications menu to to hide games they stay on the menu. Everything else hides when prompted.

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Debian Multimedia :: Remove KDE Applications Without Removing Entire Desktop

May 9, 2015

I've installed Debian GNU/Linux, from a Testing NetInstall ISO, then after setting up the system, I've installed the KDE desktop.Well, I like to have a system with the applications I want, not the applications that the system wants for me, I mean, that's the point of GNU/Linux, isn't?

Thus I want to remove some applications from KDE, let's say KWrite. I know it's a good text editor, but Kate is way better, at least for me, and... I should have the authority to decide what applications I want on my system, I think you got the point.So I installed Kate, and when I try to remove KWrite, APT asks me to remove nothing but this applications: kde-baseapps kde-plasma-desktop.

I don't understand why do KDE forces me to get rid of the entire desktop... when I'm just trying to remove a single application, and a replacement it's already installed.

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General :: Windows - Find The Shortcut Keys Of All The Applications?

May 7, 2010

Is there any website that has complete list of all the shortcuts of applications/softwares of Windows, Mac, Linux Platforms. If Atleast for popular and veryuseful softwares.

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Ubuntu :: Opening Multiple Applications With One Keyboard Shortcut?

Aug 21, 2010

I would like to open multiple applications with one keyboard shortcut but don't get it running. When I add (open "System" > "Preference" > "Keyboard Shortcuts"; clicked "Add" ) a new shortcut and enter many commands in the "Command" field e.g. "gnome-terminal & xeyes" only the first application is started. I also tried to set up a shell script that contains the application calls and then use "gnome-terminal -x "sh /path/to/the/" but then I get the error message "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal".

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Ubuntu :: Custom Keyboard Shortcut Not Working For Some Applications?

Dec 21, 2010

i am trying to set some custom keyboard shortcuts using compiz in the commands section...but it is not working. For example , i want to use kaffeine and i am using as command the word kaffeine. When i use it in the custom commpand of compiz it is not working at all. Just to be sure that the command is indeed "kaffeine" i execute it via terminal using the word "kaffeine" and it is executed normaly. I am 100% sure that the command is only for terminal use and as general launcher. The same behavior is observed for other applications. The strange thing is that when i want to put a custom keyboard shortcut in compiz for a python script then the command "python" is working!

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Debian :: Formulate A Rule In The DSL-grub, To Make Boot From The Existing Menu?

Mar 14, 2011

I have an old version of DSL installed, followed by XP. On a further partition I installed Debian 6. Installation of Debian went smoothly, including the final detection of the other two OS for Grub. I had expected that the Debian-version of Grub would override/overwrite the one that came when I installed DSL.
It did not - when I boot, Grub comes up with the old DSL menu, in which Debian is not included.

From what I've been reading about Grub, there's two "fases", first in MBR, that points to the second part where the actual boot-commands are given, in my case stored in DSL.
When I open the Grub config-file in Debian, both DSL and XP are correctly listed.

Now I'm not sure what to do - I'm a bit hesitant to try and point grub-fase-1 to Debian (if I can write the correct lines at all, I'm very insecure on that) - if that fails, I cannot boot at all. But I'm not really sure either how to formulate a new rule in the DSL-grub, to make Debian boot from the existing menu.

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Fedora :: How To Add Shortcut In Right-click Menu

Apr 22, 2011

Create new shortcut in right-click menu. for example i want to add an shortcut of openoffice in menu.

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