Debian :: Ebay UK Crashing Browsers?

Sep 6, 2011

So far I've tried it with Iceape and Midori. It crashed both of them. Also crashes Iceweasel and causes flash to crash on Chromium.

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Ubuntu :: All Browsers Keep Crashing

May 7, 2011

i've got an annoying problem. on a regular basis my browsers keep crashing out on various websites. videos, newgrounds, etc. one moment i'm doing something, the next thing, it just froze. firefox 4, opera 11.10 and chrome 11. each crash is different, but they crash never the less. firefox freezes and when i try to close it, the whole screen turns to a blank light blue. after a moment a message pops up to allow it to be forcefully terminated. opera is similar. chrome is different. you just cannot shut it down for quite some time. i'm guessing it has something to do with flash, but i'm already running the latest version with the help of flash-aid.

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Ubuntu :: All Browsers Still Crashing On 11.04

Jul 31, 2011

I am still in progress of testing 11.04 on my HP probook 6550b. This is basically rather current and standard intel based notebook with M520/2.4ghz and intel HD graphic i5. 11.04 runs on it either with unity or classic, but regardless of which gui I use, browsers do crash all the time. Tried firefox with default extensions, then seamonkey and then chromium. Nothing works really. I am not able to run any search in this forum for example, this will make any of the browsers crash. The kernels I tried are standard 32bit as well as -pae variety. Everything seemed to be more stable on real 64bit ubuntu, but number of software does not work here, so not real alternative. Any experience with browsers permanently crashing on 11.04? Example of crash readout of the firefox:


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Ubuntu :: Flash Crashing All Browsers

Mar 27, 2011

i am using 64-bit ubuntu 10.04 and recently upgraded my drivers to catalyst 11.2 (ati mobility radeon 5470). lately my flash has been crashing constantly, to the point where i've uninstalled it so i can use the internet. the browser eventually recovers on websites like facebook and the worst culprit, gmail (videos is hopeless), and does so immediately if i "killall npviewer.bin" - firefox will go unresponsive for about 30 seconds then recover, and depending on the website it will go unresponsive again - on gmail this only takes a few seconds. it happens in firefox, epiphany, and chromium. i think this problem looks familiar and there was some fix by editing a text file somewhere, but i can't find that problem i remember anymore so i can't check.

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Ubuntu :: Various Web Browsers Crashing / Screen Freezing

Oct 22, 2010

Firefox 3.6.11, Chromium 6, Google Chrome 7, they all crash or freeze on me and I can't figure out what is going on. I'm on a fresh/clean install of 10.10 with all updates installed. I've tried reviewing all the logs in /var/logs/ but didn't find anything unusual although I might have missed something. I'm using the proprietary nVidia driver for my video card (GeForce FX 5500 - 173.x drivers) so I'm not sure if that may have something to do with it or that it may be my NIC card? I've gone to the NIC card manufacturers website (Realtek) for updated drivers, but the site says the drivers are built in to the kernel and there is no download available. It seems as though the only time it crashes or the screen freezes (sometimes with the lights blinking on my keyboard) is when I'm browsing the internet.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Not Starting Properly - Web Browsers Crashing

Feb 14, 2010

i have a problem with firefox not starting properly, it not just that i installed chrome a few weeks ago this does the same. so i try install all the browsers i know there all the same, they just flash up then disappear

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Fedora :: Solution: Browsers Constantly Crashing After Latest Update?

Jun 13, 2011

I ran an update last night just before I went to bed and shutdown my laptop.This morning, I turned on the computer and clicked on a link in an email. Firefox started but crashed almost immediatly. The same happened with Epiphany and Chrome. The only working browser I had left, was Opera.I started Firefox from the terminal, and saw this:

$ firefox
GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'apps.gecko-mediaplayer.preferences' is not installed


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Debian :: Cannot Login In Ebay Anymore

Dec 7, 2010

sorry, I dont know abt systemsoftware at all. My neighbour that installed the pc here,
has moved away abt a year ago. I cannot login in ebay anymore. I can get the lists, but as I need to login, for buying of checking my messages, it starts connecting, but than hangs and does not come any further. I found a tip, to upgrade the browser, but HOW ?

I mostly use iceweasel, but chrome and conquerer do the same

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Debian :: Security Status Of Web Browsers

Dec 16, 2015

In the Release Notes for Jessie, it is stated that webkit browsers do not receive security updates in a timely manner and so are not secure. It is recommended that one uses a gecko-based browser or Chromium for 'general' web browsing. Yet I haven't read anything about this elsewhere and I'm guessing a lot of people don't read the Release Notes, so perhaps it's only something I would only need to worry about if I worked for MI6?

Anyway, Chromium and Iceweasel are becoming far too sluggish for my computer. I would want to experiment with Konqueror, Midori, Epiphany and Opera, but don't want to do anything insecure. I'm of the understanding that without Mandatory Access Control, exploits in applications often allow attackers to access all of the user's files; I want to avoid that.

On the Opera page on Debian Wiki, it says 'Opera is a non-free (proprietary) software. It isn't supported by Debian. It's probably wiser to use a supported web browser ! '.

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Debian Configuration :: Browsers Cannot Go To Internet?

Sep 3, 2011

I've installed debian and configured the network: I do ping to the gateway and it connects, I ping one distant server directly with the IP and it can see it (but not with ping [URL]), but when I try to use internet it says that maybe the url is wrong, but it is not.

And when I try to update (apt-get update) it give me a bunch of errors :
W: Failed to fetch ... elease.gpg Could not resolve ''
W: Failed to fetch ... ion-en.bz2 Could not resolve ''


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Debian Hardware :: HW Acceleration For Browsers

May 25, 2014

I just installed Debian Stable on an old HP Mini 110-1033CA netbook. glxinfo indicates that I have Intel 945GME graphics. xserver-xorg-video-intel package is installed but neither google-chrome stable nor Firefox 29 appear to be able to use hardware acceleration. "about:support" and "chrome://gpu" both show that hardware acceleration is unavailable.

How can I get my graphics hardware working?

Code: Select allnathan@hpmini:~$ glxinfo | grep OpenGL
OpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GME x86/MMX/SSE2
OpenGL version string: 1.4 Mesa 8.0.5
OpenGL extensions:
Code: Select allnathan@hpmini:~$ lspci | grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

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Debian :: VirtualBox Not Running - Browsers Not Working

Jun 11, 2011

First I wanted to install the proprietary software Virtualbox-PURE cuz there is usb support, I need.

Added the Repository and installed it (virtualbox-4.0) and dkms.
Here is my sources.list
$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
# Debian Hauptrepos
deb [URL] squeeze main contrib non-free

# Debian Update-Repos
deb [URL] main contrib non-free .....

The result of all is:
virtualbox is still not running. I use experimental branch flash is not working now. flashplugin was installed, I restarted my browsers, not working. I tested it with opera, chromium and iceweasel.

My questions are:
How I ever can go back to stable?
How can I make virtualbox run?
How can I make flash run?

I'm using debian squeeze with gnome 2.30.5. When you need more infos or results of commands I give it to you. 2 days of work and nothing is running.

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Debian :: Graphical Browsers Cannot Browse The Web Pages?

Jul 12, 2011

Every thing was running ok in debain squeeze, but last time when i boot the system and connected to the Internet with the dialup connection, the graphical browsers like firefox and epiphany stop working and cannot open the web pages, the error is " Problem loading page", other clients like nslookup, ping, ftp clients and text browser lynx working ok.

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Debian :: Java Plugin For Amd64 Browsers?

Mar 30, 2010

I'm having trouble getting a working java plugin on my Debian Squeeze Amd 64 system. I've tried some of the suggestions from the forums on linuxquestions (specifically, but am not having any luck yet.I've installed the sun-java6-{bin,fonts,jre,plugin} packages via Synaptic. When I try to check java on Sun's website, the applet seems to hang.Here's what Iceweasel says on aboutlugins:

Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_18
File name:
The next generation Java plug-in for Mozilla browsers.


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Ubuntu :: Best Browser To Use With Ebay

Jul 25, 2010

I have gotten onto ebay and they never know anything as they are MS lovers. They can't answer as to why Firefox in a linux enviro won't work properly. What happens is i go to set several things like a postal charge or weight of the parcel and then i save the listing but it doesn't save. So many things just don't save when i edit the listing a dozen times it still won't. I downloaded Opera last week and tried that out but that seems to also have problems. It won't let me use the 'return' function on the keyboard when i writing a description in ebay and i suspect it is not saving other things too. As Opera and Firefox are probably the other browsers i have used so far in my 3 years experience with linux i am not sure what to try next. I don't sell that much on ebay so i thought there might be some other ebay sellers on here that can tell me what browser works for them?

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Ubuntu :: Trying To Get Ebay Desktop

Feb 5, 2011

i had ebay desktop in an old version of ubuntu , but now i can't remember for the life of me where and how i got it....can someone refresh my memory?

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Debian :: All Browsers Crash In Squeeze In Combination With LDAP

Jun 1, 2011

I have a problem with Debian Squeeze. I have installed Squeeze and after that I installed LDAP according tho this guide: [URL]. When I log in and try to start Epiphany or Iceweasel nothing happens. I tried installing Chromium, but this program starts with the message "Chromium didn't shut down correctly". After some waiting it comes with another messages saying "Page(s) unresponsive. I also noticed that Open Office won't startup, other programs don't seem to have a problem.

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Block The Background Video On Browsers

Mar 26, 2016

The solution for Firefox/Iceweasel at the bottom.

By the way, have you present those websites that have a background video on their divs, wow those are really cool than annoying, I have been looking for a while this morning to find a solution without success so how to block these videos on Firefox and Chromium?

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Ubuntu :: Selling On Ebay Using Konqueror?

Apr 12, 2010

I am trying to stick to using only one browser (Konqueror) instead of having to switch to firefox for listing items on ebay. The problem I am having is that Konqeror does not display the wysiwyg editor for listing my item. I usually just copy and paste my template in, but the html tab is not showing up either. If I start my listing in firefox and then open it up in konqueror it displays the wysiwyg just fine, so I am not sure why it couldn't just work from the get go. I have tried changing browser identification but had no success.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Upload Pictures To Ebay

Aug 11, 2010

i can't even get that far on the ebay website. i've been using ubuntu on this computer for years, it all seems to be set up correctly, i have flash installed and can view videos, i have java installed and can view applets.go to url... and click the link on the top right that says sell. log in if you have to, enter a keyword, choose your category to sell in and go to the next page. on this page there's a picture section and the header says, "bring your item to life with pictures." next to it there's a link which allows you to show/hide options for where the picture comes from so you can upload one, link to a website, plus other options. i click the link to show the option for uploading a picture and it just brings me to the top of the page. each time i click that link it just brings me to the top of the page.

i thought maybe it was trying to open a popup window that got blocked but there's no notification in the url like there usually is, it just moves me to the top of the page and that's it.

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Debian Multimedia :: Urdu Font Characters Appear Disjointed In Browsers

Oct 1, 2010

I'm on a Debian Lenny system. I recently installed scim to use the Urdu language and have gotten it to work by following the instructions on this website.

Everything works except that Iceweasel and Epiphany don't display the typed Urdu fonts properly. The characters are there but sometimes they don't join properly.

This problem doesn't occur with other programs such as OpenOffice, etc.

How fonts should be displayed (eg. OpenOffice): [URL]

How fonts are displayed in Iceweasel: ہ ا ں

How do I make Iceweasel and Epiphany behave properly? The characters remain disjointed even if I select the traditional keyboard method of entering text (i.e. via the Keyboard Indicator GNOME applet [India>Urdu]).

I have the appropriate locales installed:

locale -a

I've noticed that even though these characters appear disjointed in Iceweasel or Epiphany, they appear normal when I look at the entered text, via Firefox in Windows. That's strange.

The Character Encoding is the same in the browsers on both OS s - UTF8. So clearly this isn't a character encoding issue I guess. There appears to be a problem with the way Urdu fonts are rendered in the Debian version of Firefox (gecko engine issue maybe?).

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Ubuntu :: Wont Upload Photos To Ebay?

Feb 25, 2010

Ubuntu wont upload my photos to Ebay but they will in puppy linux? Is there any fix for this?

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Debian Multimedia :: Upgraded To Jessie From Wheezy - Sound Plays On Everything But Browsers

Dec 25, 2014

I just installed wheezy and upgraded to jessie. I had previously gotten sound working in wheezy by installing the flashplugin-nonfree and flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound packages, after configuring my headset in system settings. However, now I can't get sound to play in firefox. I've installed flashplugin-nonfree, flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound, and pulseaudio, still without luck. The volume is turned all the way up in alsamixer, sound tests play fine, and I can play music in VLC without any problems. This leads me to believe it's not a problem with drivers, but with some package I'm missing that will allow firefox to play sound. Sound wasn't working in the default video player either, before I installed the flash plugin. Is there something I'm missing?

Also, sound doesn't play on Konqueror either (KDE browser), which seems to indicate it's a problem with flash and not with firefox itself. After removing the flash plugin and installing pepperflashplugin-nonfree to ensure the pepper plugin was used instead of flash, sound still would not play in chromium, so I reinstalled the flash plugin and still don't have sound in any browser.

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Security :: Most Secure Distro For Online Payments To Ebay / Amazon

Jun 22, 2010

Currently using linux mint.While it's nice I have the feeling all those bells and whistles must be exposing a large attack surface. What is the most secure distro known to man, but which is still capable of making payments to amazon and ebay?

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General :: Ebay Obd2 Interface Not Working Cant Even Find Usb Driver In Ubantu Netbook?

Oct 20, 2010

i bought an ebay usb obd2 interface and i could not get it to work in ubantu netbook i want to use my laptop to use when i fix a car to be able to read the codes well i just installed ubantu i never used linx before but for some reason i got it to install on my laptop i allways used xp but i am sick of the crashing and read that ubantu was very good way to use linux.

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Debian :: Bebian Box Keeps Crashing?

Apr 27, 2010

I have a vpn server and dhcp server installed on my debian box.All wired and wireless authenticate through the server.Each day the system crash, the only way to recover it is to restart the box.To be honest, I don't really know how to start.I started my new job recently and Linux is my weakness... yikes*

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Debian :: Browser Crashing After Some Time Of Use

Aug 25, 2014

I'm not sure what the problem is but any browser i have crashes after some time of use, I've tolerated it for some time but its just too much of crashing, I have installed opera and chrome and both of them crash too..

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Debian Hardware :: Computer Keeps Crashing / Why Is So?

Jun 26, 2011

My Computer Keeps Crashing And I don't know why.

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Debian :: Browser Is Crashing After Each YouTube Video

Nov 18, 2015

If I watch a video on YouTube, the browser crashes when I try to change to another webpage. Typically, the video will play through but a few have crashed midway. It always crashes on changing the webpage after a video starts (whether it finishes first or not). There is no error message. I have searched the forum for 'iceweasel crash' and didn't see anything quite matching my own problem. I did look at related posts and none of them solved my problem. I'm not sure if the videos are HTML5 or flash. Perhaps a mix of both.

There's no problem with browsing regular pages, even if they have video advertisements in a sidebar. This seems to only be happening on YouTube. I have turned off all browser extensions and plugins with no improvement.

I've searched the internet and seen where there was a security problem with Flashplayer a month ago and the symptoms (if hacked into) sound similar to what's happening to me but I am using the latest version of Iceweasel and this bug is supposed to be fixed.

My Debian install is only about a week old and was a clean install to a formatted partition. I've added a few minor apps since install but nothing that would effect this. I also installed nVidia's proprietary graphics drivers. I can watch dvd movies, MP4's, .flv files, etc with no problems.

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Debian Multimedia :: Evolution Silently Crashing / Fix It?

Mar 22, 2011

I am running the testing version and am fully up to date. When I try to run evolution, I get the following errors in a terminal. When I launch it normally, I don't see any messages, it just never loads.
$ evolution code...

What can I do to debug this and get it working again?

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