Debian :: Conky - Full Screen Config / 2 Conky Configs?

Jun 13, 2011

Said that all the config i find put all the info in one place of the screen, in this example on the right side:


or like conky colors where you can put in either side, or other complex examples that use folders with images..that at least i need one day to study all the variables it has...

What i want is something simple, in my black background i dont want images and effects, only white simple text.

My problem is: i want for instance my specs above, my log info in the middle, my music info bellow (above my clock) and in conky config i'm hitting my head in the wall....

For instance if i use my facebook script to appear in the midle how the hell can i put my music info bellow without ruined the facebook in the i need 2 conky configs?

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Ubuntu :: Use Full Length Of Screen For Conky?

Oct 8, 2010

I am trying to get conky to use the whole length of the screen instead of just have.This is my conky file. PLease help.


Conky 2
background yes
use_xft yes
xftfont HandelGotD:size=8


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Ubuntu :: Conky Quirk - How To Get Conky To Start Normally Without Having To Do Manual Restart Everytime Login

Jun 26, 2011

I have conky installed and set up as a startup application, however everytime I log out and back in conky creates itself as a new window:

How can I get conky to start normally without having to do a manual restart everytime I login?

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Ubuntu :: When Type "conky" In Terminal It Returns With Conky: Invalid Configuration File

Feb 1, 2011

when I type "conky" in terminal it returns with Conky: invalid configuration file '/home/user/.conkyrc' Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** : This program is calling the Imlib call: imlib_context_free(); With the parameter: context being NULL. Please fix your program. I've tried completely uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling, still same error?

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General :: Conky's Config / Error Border_margin Is Deprecated, Please Use Window.border_inner_margin Instead?

Jan 6, 2010

I'm using Conky in my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. I have an error message like this:


Conky: border_margin is deprecated, please use window.border_inner_margin instead
Conky: one or more $endif's are missing
Conky: desktop window (1a00065) is subwindow of root window (10d)
Conky: window type - override

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OpenSUSE :: Failed: Conky Hardcore "Conky Transparency With KDE (3 And 4)"

Jun 19, 2010

I have a problem with conky. It draws a black background instead of using pseudo-transparency. I ofc tried to achieve this with feh but to no avail. All the instructions here failed: Conky Hardcore! Conky transparency with KDE (3 and 4)


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Ubuntu :: Conky Slow To Run - Appear On The Screen?

Oct 24, 2010

I've been running Ubuntu 10.10 since its became available and have recently dialed in my conky config. All has been working just fine. I usually leave my system running 24x7 and will reboot it or shut it down from time to time.

I have conky running via a command line (manual) and as soon as I enter 'conky' it will run immediately. However, this morning I rebooted my system, ran conky in a terminal window as I usually do...nothing the usual script shows up in the terminal window, but conky didn't appear on the screen. I've not changed backgrounds, changed my .conkyrc file, nothing. I removed conky and reinstalled it and pulled a new .conkyrc from a backup. I could read the original just fine, but thought perhaps the . file had something wrong. Still the same results...conky didn't appear on the desktop. Here is what is really weird.

After about 3 or 5 minutes, conky appeared on screen and is running fine except its no longer pulling my external IP number via:

Why its taking conky so long to appear on the screen?

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Ubuntu :: Conky Floating Above Bottom Of Screen?

Mar 10, 2010

After seeing this conky profile I decided to try my hand at making something similar, as my conky profile looked pretty unappetising.All my conkyrc file does at the moment, is display an image and I seem to be falling at the first hurdle. I would like the image to be flush to the bottom of the screen however it floats about 100px above the bottom of the screen.Screenshot attached and conkyrc file below. Does anyone know how to fix this?

use_xft yes
xftfont Liberation Sans:size=11


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Ubuntu :: Conky, Move To Middle Of Screen?

Jul 30, 2011

What is the command to use to move conky to the middle of the screen and also have this every time it starts up?

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Ubuntu :: 'alignment Top_left' Move CONKY To Another Screen?

Oct 12, 2010

I use 2 monitors and Conky defaults to the top right of my right-hand monitor.I'd like to move it to the top right of the left-hand monitor.

'alignment top_left' moves it to the left-hand monitor, but obviously the left-hand side. I need it on the right.

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Ubuntu :: Conky Is Black \ Put A Screen At The Bottom Of The Post?

Oct 16, 2010

I just installed Kubuntu 10.10 x64. I copied de .conkyrc from my Ubuntu install, where it worked fine, to my Kubuntu install. But now, it's quite awfull. I've put a screen at the bottom of the post.[URL]

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Ubuntu :: Screen Freezes On Loading Conky File

Nov 13, 2010

Every time I load my conky file, the screen just freezes. I have tried different conky script but still not working. I also provide some screen shot to have better idea whats going on. [URL]. This is the script I am using right now:

# set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background
background no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 2
out_to_console no .....

# Default colors and also border colors
default_color white
default_shade_color white
default_outline_color white
# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
#alignment top_left
#minimum_size 10 10
gap_x 15
gap_y 70
alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
#alignment bottom_right
# Gap between borders of screen and text
# Add spaces to keep things from moving about? This only affects certain objects.
use_spacer no
# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
no_buffers yes
# set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase
uppercase no
# none, xmms, bmp, audacious, infopipe (default is none)
xmms_player bmp
# boinc (seti) dir
# seti_dir /opt/seti
# Possible variables to be used: .....

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Debian :: Add Conky-all In Sources.list?

Dec 14, 2010

I wanted to add conky-all to my sources.list

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Debian :: Conky Making DNS Request Infinite Loops

Sep 14, 2015

For some reason my Conky is making my machine do infinite DNS requests to the last host I'm connected with. For example, if I visit it'll start the infinite DNS request to this host. If I close the navigator it stops. If I try to connect to it starts the DNS requests. If I disconnect it stops. Why is it happening?

That's my script:

Code: Select allbackground no
update_interval 1
total_run_times 0
own_window yes
own_window_type desktop
own_window_transparent yes

[Code] .....

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Debian :: Remove The Black Area Behind Conky Without Using Compositing?

Mar 29, 2010

I am NOT willing (nor is my IBM T41 for that matter) to make from source the new conky 1.7.2, so can someone give me a deb file for squeeze that I can install to my system to replace my current 1.7.1 conky? I really want to use lua scripts. (Specifically: [URL])

how to remove the black area behind conky without using compositing?

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Debian :: Background - Xterm Or Conky - Put Instance In From Openbox

Feb 4, 2011

I want to put some info on my all black background, for instance i do a lot of vpn connections, so it would be cool that i do startx and a xterm console was on the background (without the window ofcourse) with the tail -f /var/log/messages or my dropbox status and so on Like tilling....but on background...i hate wallpapers


now a problem to do the command line above and put it for instance in from openbox i need to do it as sudo and give the will not work

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Debian :: Conky And Custom Calendar - Display Holidays On Their Respective Days

Sep 28, 2010

I want conky to display holidays on their respective days. I would be using a Catholic calendar. Do I make an .xml file of the dates and feasts? How can that be accomplished?

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Debian Multimedia :: Dzen2 & Conky Fail To Show Icons And Colors?

Dec 27, 2010

I have some problem with dzen2 & conky to show icons and/or colors.In my i3-wm config file i have:exec conky -b -c ~/.conkyrc | i3-wsbar --command "dzen2 -dock -x %x -l"and my conky is correctly displayed on i3-wsbar.But if in my conky I put something like:

^fg(#B64403) mem: $memperc%
^fg(red) mem: $memperc%


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Debian Multimedia :: Conky Execp / Execpi To Parse Output Of Scroll Variable Generated From Shell Or PHP Scripts

Sep 11, 2015

I am having a hard time getting conky execp/execpi to correctly parse output of the scroll variable generated from shell or PHP scripts.

Code: Select allDebian 8.0
Xfce 4.10
Conky 1.9.0-6

This is a simplified minimal conky configuration file used to show the same problem:

Code: Select allalignment bottom_middle
background no
border_width 1
default_color white
default_outline_color white
default_shade_color white
double_buffer yes

[Code] ....

Here is the output I'm getting:

Code: Select all          ABC       /*doesn't scroll, UNEXPECTED, shows 10 spaces before ABC*/
          ABC       --||--
abcdefghijklmnopABC /*doesn't scroll, WORKS AS EXPECTED as scroll length is 25 which is longer than text "abcdefghijklmnop" */
abcdefghijklmnopABC --||--
abcdefghijklmnopABC /*WORKS, everything before ABC scrolls 5 characters at a time*/

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Obnoxious Bar In Smplayer - Full Screen Isn't Full Screen And There Are Black Edges On Both Sides Of The Screen

Jan 25, 2011

This obnoxious bar has just appeared in Smplayer at the top of the screen. It stays there even when I go full screen. Now full screen isn't full screen and there are black edges on both sides of the screen. I have not be able to figure out how to hide it. I do not need or want this onscreen display. How can I configure Smplayer to make this go away? How can I get my 16:9 full screen aspect ratio back? I have done nothing to mplayer or smplayer as far as editing any or changing any configuration files. I tried several videos and it displays on all of them. It was not there last time I used Smplayer.

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Fedora :: Can't Get Conky To Start

May 13, 2010

I'v installed conky (from the repo) on my Fedora 12 x64 box, and i'm very pleased with it. However I can't get it to start at login.I'v tried shell scripts that include a delay (i tried delays of up to 30 secconds), and there is no change.

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Ubuntu :: Conky Stays On Top?

Aug 14, 2010

I've tried other solutions, but none work for me.Here is my .conkyrc

# - Conky settings - #


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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Conky On Top

Sep 3, 2010

how do i make this conky not to be on top of others on startup? i have to killall conky then activate conky to use it normally.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Compile Conky 1.8.1?

Oct 22, 2010

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 and i thought I'll just compile the latest version of conky.
So i did:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-audacious=yes --enable-iostats --enable-curl --enable-rss --enable-weather-metar --enable-weather-xoap --enable-imlib2 --enable-lua-imlib2 --enable-lua --enable-lua-cairo --enable-wlan All good. I finally install everything and manage to get configure to finish but once I type make it exists in the middle.

mv -f .deps/conky-ccurl_thread.Tpo .deps/conky-ccurl_thread.Po
gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -DSYSTEM_CONFIG_FILE="/usr/etc/conky/conky.conf" -DPACKAGE_LIBDIR="/usr/lib/conky" -pthread -[code]....

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Get Started With Conky

Nov 24, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu and I came across Conky.I was fascinated with this software and installed it using terminal codes. At first it rand with the default config file loaded. then i PC shutdown due to a power failure. now conky does not start and after searching over the net i found out that my conky config file is missing. I pasted the conky config fiel yet to no avail.

It gives me this error while running it in Terminal

Conky: /home/shazzy/.conkyrc: 30: no such configuration: 'on_bottom'
Conky: /home/shazzy/.conkyrc: 63: no such configuration: 'border_margin'
Conky: use_spacer should have an argument of left, right, or none. 'no' seems to be some form of 'false', so defaulting to none.


Here's the link to the site. I'm not sure how do i set this up as my conky config.

Link to ConkyConfig

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Ubuntu :: Why Does My Conky Look So Ugly?

Dec 23, 2010

I've been trying to set up Conky and everytime I try to put in new code that I've copied and pasted I always get it to look super crappy for some reason..Also why is it going to the bottom left instead of top right?

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Ubuntu :: Conky - How To Configure

Mar 30, 2011

I would like some help with Conky. I have no Idea how to configure it and all the guides are soo confusing to me. I would like it to be clear, have some basic PC info about my computer and show me the weather.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 And Lmsensors With Conky?

May 10, 2011

does anyone have cpu temp,gdu temp,fan information working in 11.04? if so you tell me how you did it. I have cpu temperature working just not the rest.

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Ubuntu :: Conky Disappears After A While On 11.04

May 24, 2011

When I run Conky on Ubuntu 11.04, then after some time it suddenly disappears (isn't drawn anymore on the desktop). With 'ps' I can see that the Conky process is still running, it just isn't drawing itself anymore. I don't know what exactly triggers Conky to disappear. Does this have something to do with Unity?

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Ubuntu :: Get Conky To Run At Startup?

Jul 8, 2011

Im trying to get Conky to run at startup. I created a file called in etc/init.d that looks like this:

### Starts up Conky ###
sleep 30 && conky
Then did this to get it into startup:


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