Debian Configuration :: Kernel Panic: Power/level Is Deprecated?

Jul 13, 2011

I am currently having issues with system freeze when unmounting portable hard drives. This happens almost every single time. Normal USB sticks are fine and do not produce the freeze. I am using kernel 3.0.0-rc6, however the issue also persists when switching back to 2.6.39. This is the error message i get when freeze occurs, reverting to terminal output:

WARNING! power/level is deprecated use power/control instead
Jul 13 18:26:49 destiny kernel: [ 6196.892776] Call Trace:
Jul 13 18:26:49 destiny kernel: [ 6196.892803] [<ffffffffa008feec>] ? scsi_setup_blk_pc_cmnd+0x15/0x104 [scsi_mod]


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Debian Configuration :: Kernel Panic After Upgrade

Nov 2, 2015

I have a system that was upgraded from Debian 7 to 8. Unfortunately it is not able to boot from the new kernel 3.16. Only the old 3.2 kernel is able to boot. I could transfer a backup, install it in Virtualbox, redo the upgrade and I can reproduce the error..The last error before "panic" is this line

Code: Select all 59.073579] Freeing unused kernel memory: 216K (ffff8800017ca000 - ffff880001800000)
Loading, please wait...
[   59.226154] systemd-udevd[53]: starting version 215
[   59.326564] random: systemd-udevd urandom read with 4 bits of entropy available
Begin: Loading essential drivers ... done.
Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount ... /init: .: line 210: can't open '/scripts/init-premount/ORDER'
[   59.552148] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00000200

The directory is indeed empty. I have reinstalled

Code: Select allapt-get install -reinstall initramfs-tools

and rerun initramfs

Code: Select allupdate-initramfs -c -u

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Debian Configuration :: Kernel Panic - Not Syncing / Segfault At Init

Feb 19, 2016

I recently tried to install php5-gd package on my debian vmware server and it failed at libc6 - i386.

Afterwards every command other than CD caused a Segmentation fault and the server would no long boot, showing the following error

[ 4.808086] init[1]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp bff4645c error 14 in init[8048000+8000]
[ 4.808372] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
[ 4.808442] Pid: 1, comm: init Not tainted 3.2.0-4-686-pae #1 Debian 3.2.65-1

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Debian Configuration :: Kernel Panic: Cannot Open Root Device

Jun 7, 2010

I am using a kernel with no initrd. I have had this kind of panic before. Usually it means that the kernel can access the hard drive because the driver for the controller or filesystem isn't built into the kernel.

The kernel is 2.6.34 vanilla.

My IDE controller is a Silicon Integrated Systems SiS 5513, and I built the driver for it into the kernel BLK_DEV_SIS5513=y

My /boot (hda1) is ext2, and everything else is ext3


My grub entry (hda2 is my root partition) kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2

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Debian Configuration :: Have A Kernel Panic And ( Mouse + Keyboard Blocked ), Can't Use Anything?

May 30, 2011

i immigrate to Debian Squeeze. So, for each time i want to start debian i have a kernel panic and ( mouse + keyboard blocked ), I can't use anything.Here is my kern.log pastebin

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Debian Configuration :: Boot Kernel Panic After Upgrade To Backport 2.6.39

Aug 21, 2011

I am running Debian squeeze. A while ago I upgraded my kernel to 2.6.38 from backports. Just now I thought it would be good to upgrade to 2.6.39 from backports. Upgrade went fine, but after rebooting I get a kernel panics rightaway.

"No filesystem could mount root, tried:"
"Kernel panics = not syncing: VFA: Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(0,0)."

This is the first time one of Linux installations halts/panics on booting, so I don't know what to do now. I tried booting the recovery entry from the grub boot menu, but same result.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Kernel Panic Following Bad Power Cycle

Apr 20, 2010

I have a client who has for the last four years been running a Red Hat 4.1.18 Server with absolutely zero problems. Yesterday somebody had a problem with one of the attached Windows PC's and some genius decided to reboot the server. By genius I mean idiot and by reboot I mean pull turn off the power to the box.

When they tried to reboot, they get a kernel panic. This is what the screen says;
Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.
audit(1009912323.849:0): initialized
Red Hat nash version 4.1.18 starting
File descriptor 3 left open
Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...
/dev/hda: open failed: No medium found
No volume groups found
File descriptor 3 left open
/dev/hda: open failed: No medium found
No volume groups found
File descriptor 3 left open
/dev/hda: open failed: No medium found
No volume groups found
mount: error 6 mounting ext3
mount: error 2 mounting none
switchroot: mount failed: 22
umount /initrd/dev failed: 2
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

The server runs the database for their entire POS system so they are now dead in the water. I'm stuck, I've never come across this before. What do I do to recover this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Power Failure During Upgrade To Lynx - Kernel Panic?

May 2, 2010

I learned yesterday that doing a massive upgrade on my system while moving was a BAAAD idea.The upgrade process was going along just fine, it was all downloaded and was actually installing that last time I saw it. I unplugged my laptop to move a bookcase out, and completely forgot to plug it back in. After I got back from moving a load, I found my computer was off. I tried to boot up, and I got an error that kind of freaked me out. It reads as follows:

Code:kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)I'm able to get to grub just fine, and my windows partition loads up just fine, but any of the linux kernels fail similarly when I attempt to load them.I'm sure that I can fix this, I just have no idea how. Probably has something to do with a live cd.

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Slackware :: What Missing In My Kernel Configuration - Panic

Oct 4, 2009

I have gone through all the kernel config options repeatedly, but everytime I get the same error after running my configured kernel.

To begin with, after unpacking the kernel I get Undefined video mode numer: 305 and then a selection of video modes appears.

Why are the standard settings in my lilo 1024x768x256 (vga 773) not accepted?

VFS: Cannot open root device "808" or unknown block(8,8) Please append a correct "root"=" boot option; here are the available partitions: Kernel panic- not syncing :VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block(8,8)

My partitions are ext2, and this format (as well as other formats) are compiled in the kernel.

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Programming :: Accessing SPI From Kernel Level And User Level

Jan 6, 2009

I want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages for accessing spi(serial peripheral inerface )from kernel level and user level. like methods of doing it, speed ,memeory utilization etc

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Debian :: KERNEL PANIC When Cron/anacron Is Runnig?

Apr 6, 2010

I just turn of the services, but there is something wrong about it...How to locate the problem? Maybe its some script in /etc/cron.*? Ive tried running them "manually" but nothing special happened. Is there a log for cron-scripts (or what are they callled)?The kernel panic says something like this: "Kernel panic not syncing, fatal exception in interupt, iwl4965 - irq_tasklet".So it seems to be in the iwl4965 driver, but also strange as it is connected to ana/cron.

It hapens very unregularly sometimes just a minute after starting ana/cron, sometimes it can go longer. It wasnt always like this, first it just happened when I played Warcraft on wine and i thought that was the cause (it might not even be the same problem, but i think so), but then it happened at other times also, so I fiddeled around with the startup services and found that disabling cron and anacron (its about the same thing I figure) keeps the trouble away. Well, its not a big problem, but I just wanted to see what the problem is, Also, is the cron-script doing anything of importance

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Debian Configuration :: Exiting Run Level 1 (Single User Mode)?

Feb 11, 2010

I'm running Debian Lenny. When I exit run level 1 (single user mode), the system automatically continues into run level 2. I have browsed the init scripts and have yet to determine how this "magic" is performed. I would be grateful if a local guru would point me to how the scripts automatically proceed into run level 2 when exiting run level 1

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Debian Configuration :: Using Kdump-tools For A Forced / Staged Panic

Apr 23, 2016

I'm having some issues creating output from kdump-tools. (Initially to diagnose some system freezes when using wine, but now I can't a staged panic to work and provide proper output.)

I initially started following what is stated at this link: ... ian-jessie

Where basically the author says:

Code: Select allapt-get install kdump-tools crash kexec-tools makedumpfile `uname -r`-dbg

to get all relevant tools.

Then in /etc/default/kdump-tools edit the following to :

Code: Select allUSE_KDUMP=1

in /etc/default/grub I edit the following line to the following :

Code: Select allGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet crashkernel=128M"

followed by update-grub. Then I get the pleasure of rebooting.

once I'm back in my system, I do the following.

Code: Select allecho 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq
echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

The system freezes, but does not dump any relevant information or reboot. It just hangs.

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Debian :: Kernel Panic On New Install - Computer Goes To Black Screen

Feb 27, 2011

I recently installed Debian squeeze on one of my older pcs. I have had this computer for a long time with windows so I know there is no hardware issue. About half an hour after being turned on in Debian the computer goes to a black screen and the num lock caps lock and scroll lock keys flash.

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Debian Hardware :: T420 Random Reboot / Kernel Panic

Sep 14, 2015

I have had a serious problem with my laptop recently. I have been having unexpected reboots and kernel panics and I don't know why. I can't tell if it is hardware or software, and what is causing it.

It has happened on multiple power bricks from different outlets and locations, my slice battery and my main 9-cell battery.

I am running Debian Testing/Stretch with Kernel 4.1 with XFCE4 on a Lenovo T420 with 16 gb of ram, a i5-2540m, USB3 Express Card, OCZ SSD, an intel 7260 ac wifi card and Ericcson F5521GW 3g card. I also have a modded bios for the wireless cards, and I have had that for over half a year without any problems.

I have no clue what the cause is from the logs.

I also booted into Windows for a bit, then it blue screened, but I don't know if it was because of a driver I had tried to put on earlier for the 3g card, because Linux was out of commission and I needed 3g. The driver didn't work, gave a code 10 or something and gave me a blue screen that said something along the lines of device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. Windows also won't boot anymore.

I'm not worried about Windows though, and what I really need is Linux to work, being that this was the first time I booted up into windows in several months.

Memtest runs fine, and passes all tests.

Right when I turned on my computer after one incident, I wrote a script to check the CPU temp and write it to a file every second. Once the computer turned off, I read the file and it said the CPU was at 39 degrees. Not something to turn off over.

I cannot find any indication of a problem in /var/log/kern.log. kern.log was extracted from the computer right after it rebooted randomly. Find it here: [URL] ...

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Debian Hardware :: Lenny/squeeze 64bit Kernel Panic On >4gb Ram?

Apr 27, 2010

i recently buy an MSI 770-45 motherboard with 4gb (2x2gb) Gskill 1600Mhz Ram. The CPU is an athlon2 x4 620, everything tested and working fine except i can`t get lenny or squeeze 64bit linux running because of kernel panics when creating ext3/ext4 partitions during install or running fsck on the system i installed on another PC and moved to this one. The boot shows a screen related to IOMMU problem saying must enable it in bios but no option related to it and no memory remapping also. The question is how i can get IOEMMU working with 4gb of RAM (if i remove one of the two modules everything is fine). I`ve tryed ioemmu=memapper/off/noagp/soft and any thing i found on the web, moving to test debian installation was my last hope really before starting to use the 32bit one, i am planning to add more RAM which with this version is just can`t be.

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Debian :: Boot Fails With Kernel Panic After Moving To A New Partition

May 16, 2010

Because I am using one of the new WD disks I am trying to aling my root partition with the real sectors, as described here: [url]

So I copied all files to a temp location, deleted my partition (/dev/sda3), recreated it a few cylinders later (same name) and copied the files to the newly created partition. I updated UUIDs in grub's configuration as suggested in this thread:[url]

But now it fails to boot with the following error:


I checked the filesystem on this partition and its fine. I tried to recreate the initramfs from Knoppix:


But it didn't change anything.

How can I either fix it or install a different kernel on this drive so I could boot into it and re-install my default kernels?

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General :: Debian Lenny 2.6.34 Kernel Panic - Not Syncing VFS - Unable To Mount Root Fs On Unknown-block(0,0)

May 17, 2010

I have attempted to install kernel 2.6.34 and 2.6.33 kernels with this Debian howto [url] Everything worked without any errors until I went to boot into the new kernel. When I receive this kernel panic output Kernel panic - not syncing VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

It also spits out something about being unable to access ext2 FS. I googled this symptom and have seen that it is fairly common, but everyone's error seems somewhat unrelated. I used the same kernel configuration as the one that is currently working, to keep things simple.

And here is what my menu.list looks like:

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Debian Configuration :: Cannot Get Ksh To Have Super Tab Completion Power

Oct 27, 2010

I cannot get ksh to have super tab completion power. Is it possible? I would like

apt-get in<tab>
apt-get install icewe<tab>
to auto complete

I am using lenny and ksh93

edit: Another problem. If I set ksh as /bin/sh I get errors during boot. Is it just me? Is it possible to set ksh as /bin/sh?

edit2: One more question. ksh does not seem to tab complete symlinks Is it just me? Any way to get it to recognize symlinks?

and my .kshrc
# Environment variables.
export PAGER=more


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Debian Configuration :: Searching For Power Miniserver?

Jan 20, 2011

My ASUS Wl500g Premium v1 (with NSLU Linux) now working not only as router, but SSH/OpenVPN-client.Now I want mini-server on Debian for1. Torrent-client;2. Samba-server;3. vsftpd/OpenSSH/OpenVPN-servers.I've already chosen this:Intel "D525MW" (Atom D525-1.80Ghz, iNM10, 2xDDR3 SO-DIMM, SATA II, D-Sub, SB, 1Gbit LAN, USB2.0, mini-ITX)2 * SO-DIMM 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM SEC (PC8500, 1066Mhz, CL7) original2 * 1000Gb Hitachi "Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA332" (SATA II)and I'm searching for a case (that can take on board 2 HDD 3.5) and powerfull RAID-controller.

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Debian Configuration :: Increased Power Consumption On Kernels >= 2.6.38?

Jun 29, 2011

According to Phoronix [URL]... aspm&num=1 (which seems to only test Ubuntu kernels) the problems should affect all users of the affected kernels, including Debian's, but that article provides a fix. I don't remember anyone here mentioning lower battery life and increased heat on their mobile platforms, though.

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Fedora Hardware :: Power Consumption In Runtime Level 3?

Mar 21, 2010

I'm very curious about something. I like to use my command line as much as possible. So, most of my work and usage of my computer revolves around the command line. In such a case I could work without having to use any graphical interfaces. My only current limitation is WLAN connection isn't working for me, but that belongs in another thread and something for me to do for now.

My question is, Is it worth it in terms of battery life to work in level 3 when running a laptop on a batter? What sort of extension to the life would one expect?

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Debian Configuration :: Is It 64bit Kernel Or 32bit Kernel Optimized For Amd64 Architecture?

Jan 24, 2010

I recently installed debian squeeze 32bit on a second partition of my amd athlon 64 X2 dual core machine.Currently it is using linux-image-2.6.32-trunk-686 kernel.But linux-image-2.6.32-trunk-amd64 is available.on the repository.Is it a 64bit kernel or 32bit kernel optimized for amd64 architecture?

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Debian Configuration :: Update My Kernel From 2.6.32 To 2.6.38 - Error - Unable To Boot Into The Kernel

May 13, 2011

I am using DEBIAN 6.0 and I wannna update my kernel from 2.6.32 to 2.6.38. Every time, I do it but after the installation & rebooting into the new kernel it gives me error "UNABLE TO BOOT INTO THE KERNEL".

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Debian Configuration :: Nvidia Kernel Module With Custom Kernel

Jan 24, 2010

I have a problem with my custom kernel when I want to create the Nvidia kernel module.After this finished I installed the image and headers and created the Nvidia kernel module. Everything worked fine.However, if I remove the linux-source from my home directory then I can't create the kernel module.Even though I have the headers for the kernel installed.

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Debian Configuration :: Power Usage (laptop Battery) And Zen Interactive Tuning?

Jun 17, 2015

Since according to the kernel

Code: Select alluname -a
Linux t 4.0-5.dmz.3-liquorix-amd64 #1 ZEN SMP PREEMPT Debian 4.0-12 (2015-06-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux

incorporates Zen Interactive Tuning and this

[URL] .... wrote:Tunes the kernel for responsiveness at the cost of throughput and power usage.

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Debian Configuration :: Where Hard-disk Power Management Can Be Found In Squeeze

Feb 19, 2010

I am trying to figure out where the harddisk power management can be found in Squeeze. Before it was in the scripts under /etc/acpi, but in Squeeze it's not. I'd like to be able to change the hdparm -B value from 128 to 200 when using battery.

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Debian Configuration :: Gnome-power-manager Prevents Suspend Key From Working

Nov 19, 2010

I decided to upgrade my Asus Eee 900 from Lenny to Squeeze, to fix some issues that I was having. I did a fresh install using the beta1 netinstall cd image, and now my system is mostly working as I'd like it. Overall it seems quite good, and it even boots much faster than it did with Lenny.

I've encountered a problem, though. The suspend key doesn't work. I installed the package 'hibernate', and now the system can suspend via a command (which seems to work properly, although I haven't tested it extensively). I've noticed that the squeeze system doesn't have a command that my other Lenny systems do, 's2ram'. And I've noticed also that a package, uswsusp, which seems to be related to this kind of thing, can't be installed because it's not in the repositories: Package uswsusp is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package 'uswsusp' has no installation candidate

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Debian Configuration :: Power Management Utility Screen Go Black After 10 Minute

Jan 1, 2011

I disable that from the gnome power management utility screen go black after 10 minute. It's very annoying since I cannot watch a movie in that way!

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Debian Configuration :: Gnome Power Manager Display Setting Not Respected?

May 19, 2011

Despite having the Gnome Power Manager set to put the display to seep after 30 minutes, it always happens after 5 minutes. The display will go blank but still lit, and then it powers off after the 30 minutes. Surely, if I set it to 30 minutes, the display should power off then, and not just blank after 5? I have no screensaver packages installed so it's nothing to do with that.

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