Debian Configuration :: How To Browse Files / Music After Connecting IPhone 5s To PC

Dec 28, 2015

I want to browse files (including music) on my iPhone5s from my PC, which is running Debian 8.2 "Jessie" with MATE desktop environment.

I ran Code:

Select allsudo apt-get install bluetoothctl in the command line, then after I run Code: Select allbluetoothctl,

I did this:

Code: Select allpower on
devices  # To get the iPhone's MAC address
scan on
agent on
discoverable on

I can connect Debian and my iPhone just fine, but where do I go from there?

How do I browse my iPhone's files from Debian?

I've also posted this on Unix Stackexchange [URL] ....

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Ubuntu :: Connect Iphone And Browse Files On It Out Of Box?

Aug 1, 2010

Can I connect an Iphone to Ubuntu and brows files on it out of box? Or do I need any program for that.. Now I mean axessing files from the memory/mem-card not the phone itself..

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Ubuntu :: Browse And Copy Files To Iphone 3G?

Jan 17, 2010

I simply want to move files between my jailbroken iphone 3G and my Karma desktop.Is there an easy way to achieve this. I don't really want to use Virtualbox with Win installed into it and thereafter Itunes.I don't need or want to sync anything - just move the odd files around.I installed ifuse but all I can see is the DCIM i.e picture folder when I connect it to the desktop.Right now I have to email the file to the iphone and save it like that but this is just a workaround

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Debian Hardware :: IPhone 4 - What Is Solution For Syncing / Adding Music

Aug 7, 2010

Just curious if anyone is using an iPhone 4 and, if so, what is your solution for syncing/adding music etc?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connecting 10.04 With Windows 7 - Transfer Files Like Music - Documents - Pictures

Jun 20, 2010

I want to connect a laptop running ubuntu 10.04 to a laptop running windows 7 via direct connection in order to transfer files like music, documents, pictures, etc. I have an ethernet cable that I thought I would need in order to do it. Is that even possible?? If so, how would I go about doing that?

Now, I have tried to share the files wirelessly but for some reason when I pick up the workgroup on the ubuntu laptop and enter the password in order to connect to the windows laptop it says my password is wrong, when I know for a fact that it is not. I know I can transfer files with a flash drive and what not but I want to try to get this working.

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Ubuntu :: Browse Iphone File System?

May 30, 2011

I am running 11.04 ubuntu and when i plug in my iphone i can browse its file system just fine with gui but i dont seem to be able to find it when i try to find it using command line.When i plug iphone i can see it in my Desktop but when i browse Desktop from command line it is not there.

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Debian Configuration :: Cannot Browse Internet While Torrenting

Jul 28, 2015

After doing updates to get current with Debian Jessie, I've noticed very annoying network problems going on.

This all happened while also setting up a media server box which led me to much confusion, much of what is described here [URL] ....

I've started this new thread to try to diagnose and properly take care of this specific problem alone:

Browsing the internet becomes very slow, unbearably to the point everything keeps loading up forever. This only happen while having a torrent application opened, the effects are almost immediate, closing the application and browsing resumes as normal.

How about throttling back torrent? This does not work, it even doesn't even need be at top speed. With bare minimum connections and speed will still lead browsing to a crawl.

Even so, every other device on the network is un-affected, router and other PCs continue to browse and respond very well, making it a specific on the computer in question (but also happens on my other debian jessie machine).

Can I even reach the internet? Yes I can, and this is the weird part... I can ping, solve DNS and almost everything else without issues, the only thing affected is actually browsing the internet.

I'd even setup DNS cache with dnsmasq to see if it could speed things up. Disabled ipv6, and trying pretty much every method I could find.

Having pretty much ruled out dns problems and internet connectivity, I'm at a loss for what to look for and try. Only symptom I can describe now is that the browser will start to load up webpage but never completes... but only while torrent is active.

My current setup:

I'm on Debian Jessie, a desktop with eth manually connected. Using dnsmasq for dns caching. Disable ipv6 on the network (by the way, it keeps disabling it self I dunno why).

Running KDE with ktorrent as the client. The same thing happens on my setup media box, also Debian but with deluged running instead.

Browser in question are Firefox and Chrome, both have issues with this.

Turns out it was just a setting in my own router, that apparently limits numbers of connections made, meaning while torrent is working other connections were sure dead.

But it also happens when lots of connections are being made in other ways too. The router in question is Humax HG100R-L2, provided by my ISP. The setting is in the firewall section called IP flood detection.

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Debian Configuration :: Unable To Browse Network

Dec 16, 2015

When in Thundar (on XFCE - Debian 8.2) and I click the "Network" icon in the left sidebar the following message is displayed.

Failed to open "/ on". Specified location is not supported.

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Debian Configuration :: Cannot Browse Web When Network Eth1 Is Enabled?

Mar 30, 2010

Like the forum for #1I'm using debian 5.0 with a modem to connect to the internetand eth1 to network my home computers. When I try to browse the internet with Konqueror, I have to disable eth1 then wvdial just to browse the internet. How do I fix this?Note: My resolv.conf has my primary DNS address in it, for my ISP (nameserver and so on.

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Debian Configuration :: Nautilus Can't Browse Local Network

Apr 21, 2010

I have a new Debian 5.04/ppc install on a G5 tower and it's not able to browse the local network. The clean install could see the network, then I installed the Samba server, and it hasn't worked since. Samba server never really worked, and I'm guessing I messed something up. I've reinstalled network-manager, and removed / reinstalled samba.

I have a small home network (6 machines) running wired and/or wireless, pc/mac and linux.This machine can PING other machines by name and IP address.This machine can PING itself by name and IP address
Other machines can PING this machine by IP address only, not by name.Nautilus network browser only shows the "Windows Network" icon, which, when clicked, shows an empty window.I've got networking up fine on all my other machines but this one is stumping me.

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Debian Configuration :: How To Browse Partition On Network Windows Machine

May 31, 2010

I have a external harddisk attached to my linux PC.I have a laptop having windows 7 on my network.I want to to be able to open up the folder in the external harddisk(linux partition) and check the files from my laptop. People suggest samba. But I am not able to configure correctly. Please excuse me and give me few detailed instructions.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Add Music To IPhone 4

Jan 17, 2011

I know a few months ago no one had figured out how to add music to the new iphone with linux. Anyone have any luck on this yet?

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Ubuntu :: Transferring Music From IPhone?

Feb 11, 2011

OK I have a problem, well I think it's just ubuntu because this has done this in 9.04 and 10.04 and still in 10.10. When I go to drag and drop the music files from iPhone to my music folder, the files transfer, but they don't transfer with the name of the song. They get transferred with a name of 4 digits like this "BVFG.MP3" (example).

I am not going to go through all 1,200 of my songs and rename them one by one that's ridiculous.

Here's a screen shot. That is actually More by Usher, but it doesn't say Usher obviously.

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Fedora :: Transfer Music From Computer To The Iphone?

Mar 19, 2011

I need to know what software is able to conect Fedora 14 and Iphone ?I need to transfer music from my computer to the Iphone.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Loading Music To The IPhone?

Apr 16, 2010

This is not directly for me since I don't have an iPhone. it opens automatically with DigiKam he said and that's the only available option in the device manager. All he can do is download photos from the phone. He is running openSuse 11.2 with KDE 4.4.2.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Transfer Music To IPhone?

Jun 4, 2010

Since we both run ubuntu, we've run into some problems; we can't get any music on the iPhone. I've installed ifuse and can browse the contents but i cannot transfer any music in a way that the iPhone frecognizes it and is able to play it. I've seen a couple of comprehensive (very long) guides to sync iphone wireless w ubuntu, however im only interested in connecting the iPhone with usb and copy music to it is there any quick/easy way to do this? (Rhytmbox is compatible w iphone it seems, it recognizes it as an iPod but cant sync)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sync Music To Iphone?

Oct 7, 2010

Im reading everywhere that Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 supports sync of Iphone BUT when I try, I have no success of syncing mp3:s from Ubuntu to my Iphone.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: IPhone Cannot Play Music?

Oct 21, 2010

I have a rather strange problem and it surfaced just recently. Most likely it has something to do with switching from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 10.10.

When I upload music to my iPhone 3gs with iOS 3.1.3 (7E1 it shows in iTunes, however the phone skips over the music. This does not happen to songs I uploaded via rhythmbox two weeks ago.

For a test purposes I deleted the old songs from the iPhone and tried to put them on again. Now I cannot listen to them as well. At least I know it has nothing to do with the used mp3 coding.

I even can use the iPhone as a harddrive for that music and play music from their through rhythmbox.

The song list shows the right sizes on the iPhone.

It is save to say that the data is transfered and the music database is updated. So there must be a strange error in detecting the length of the songs which would point to a problem in updating the iPhone database. However, I cannot be sure, because the phone is not reporting any errors.

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Ubuntu :: Iphone 4.2.6 - Copy Music From Machine

Jun 22, 2011

Iphone 4.2.6 and ubuntu. I have upgraded to natty and have Banshee running and am able to mount my iphone and see my files etc in a file browser. I can even see my music on the iphone inside Banshee. It lets me copy music from my machine to the iphone but never shows up on the ipod on the iphone. I can browse the folders and find the music but its saved as libgpodxxxxx.mp3. The xs are numbers. They are all in folders on the iphone called itunes_controlmusicfxx where x again are numbers. They play fine from the iphone if you highlight them in the file manager or in banshee.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Syincing Music To Iphone 4 16 Gb?

Aug 13, 2011

cant seem to sync music to my iphone 4 on unbuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu One :: Can Browse The Music Catalogue In A Browser

Aug 1, 2010

1) Can I browse the Ubuntu One music catalogue in a browser? Or is using Rhythmbox or Banshee a requirement?Shouldn't people be able to buy the music from any OS, using any software (browser, music player with browser)? (accessing the music store through any browser is really a minimum... Maybe I was just unable to find it.)

2) When I click on "my downloads", it doesn't open any browser window and stays stuck on "Connecting you to the Ubuntu One Music Store...".There is no way to reload the page or go back inside rhythmbox.

Note: I'm using Lubuntu with chromium.

3) Why isn't the music also offered in open formats like OGG or FLAC?

4) Are there any plans for a similar service offering videos (movies and TV series)?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: IPHONE 3G - Sync Music With Natively

Feb 11, 2010

Take a look at this blog I found while searching for methods to sync your music with Ubuntu Natively!!!! AND it works! Take a look at the screenshot attached. STOKED. Below is a link with instructions: [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: IPhone And Rhythmbox - Can't Seem To Make Any Changes To That Music

Jul 4, 2010

So I've seen all the buzz about the new libimobiledevice supporting iphone well enough to get it working with rhytmbox "out of the box".

I've achieved photo sync, internet tethering, and ssh access, but I don't know about music access.. there doesn't seem to be anything happening between rhythmbox and the iphone.

Rhythmbox regocnizes the phone and plays the music on it... but I can't seem to make any changes to that music.

The phone occasionally says "sync in progress" but I haven't pushed any "sync" button as there doesn't seem to be any or any settings for automatic syncing...

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Fedora Networking :: Connecting IPhone 3Gs To Netbook Using F?

Apr 24, 2011

I am trying to connect my iphone 3GS to my netbook using Fedora 15, tethered via a USB cable. When I first plug it in, it recognizes it as a digital media player and pops up a dialog asking what I want to do, recognizes it as media with digital photos on it and pops up another dialog asking what I want to do, mounts the documents folder on the iphone and opens an file manager window, and adds an eth1 interface dynamically. The network manager recognizes it as a wired connection and tries to connect to it. This times out and the interface is left off.

This is so close to just working right out of the box. I really commend the Fedora team for this release. I am thinking of submitting this as a bug, but just want to ask here first, is there there something I don't know about the iphone which makes it unable to connect to eth1? Mentioned here was an ad-hoc network connection, is this mandatory for connecting to iphone through the USB cable? Ideally it would just connect to the cellular network and pull an IP, but I'm a newbie with this and am not sure about the level of security that affords me.

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Networking :: VPN Connection - Not Able To Browse Other Sites When Connecting To VPN

Apr 30, 2011

The problem that I have been struggling with is while connecting to VPN server, I can't connect to other sites.

I am on 11.04, but this have been happening on 10.10 as well.

On Win7, I was able to browse the VPN and the other sites at the same time without any issue.

I also tried by checking ON the "Use this connection only for resources on its network" option (under IPv4 settings tab) but doing that is allowing me to browse all sites except the VPN site. The method that I am using is "Automatic (VPN)".

Need your help to solve this issue.

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Debian Configuration :: Connecting To A Windows Pc And Using Printer

Oct 17, 2010

I have finally given up trying to get to a printer on my windowsXP pc to work with my linux box and need some assistance. The printer is a hp photosmart c5500 series. My linux box is running lenny and I have installed the cups and samba applications. The linux box is networked to the win pc on a win network using a eth0 link. The link works as I have internet and e-mail connections. I have configured the smb.config file as follows:


I have run the tests in the samba checklist and the connection is apparently working. Pings to the windows pc,, the notebook, and the linux box all return the proper results. The "smbclient -L w.x.y.z" return shows the windows shares that includes the above named printer. When I try to connect the printer using the kde cups wizard or get into the c drive on the windows pc I get the NT_status_access_denied message. I get the same return when I try the "smbclient //username:passwd@wincomputer" I downloaded the appropriate drivers from HP and tried the lpadmin comand and instructions in the Debian mini-Howto but get the return of "lpadmin: No such file or directory" when in fact all the files exist and have correct permissions etc. I have a Ubuntu OS running on a notebook computer (dual boot with windowsXP) with a wireless link to the same router that accesses the printer without a problem. The smb.conf file I am using is based on that I found in my Ubuntu OS but apparently something is different.

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Debian Configuration :: Connecting To Hidden SSID Over WPA2

Jan 24, 2016

I've been searching and trying to correct this problem for nigh on 12 hours. I would like to note that I know that hidden SSID are not necessarily much more secure. I have no permission to change the settings where I am. I'm running Debian Jessie. I have no way to get the server a connection other than the WiFi dongle I'm using. I have installed the correct WPA_Supplicant and Wireless Tools for my architecture/distro/version. I also have solved a sub-problem I had earlier; that the drivers for my WiFi dongle come with the kernel, but the firmware does not. That was remedied.

I can see my SSID in my iwlist scan. (iwlist scan | grep ESSID). My current /etc/network/interfaces looks like this:

Code: Select allauto wlan0
     iface wlan0 inet dhcp
     wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
My current /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf looks like this:
Code: Select allnetwork={

The original .conf was created by using wpa_passphrase "hundley_1" PASSWORD >

/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf I know for a fact that the security key is correct. I edited the .conf produced to what it is now.

Usign ifup wlan0 and ifdown wlan0 to start and restart the connection yields an error. The gist of the error is:


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Debian Configuration :: Access And Connecting To SAMBA Are Too Slow

Mar 29, 2016

Let me introduce myself, my name is Carlos Alegría from Chile and I'm System administrator for a educational Institute. We use samba+ldap, for login accounts and file sharing but we not use samba with PDC.

Long time ago at the 2009 year, I was Installing the same system and this worked perfectly. But on our summer the hard disk of server has broken, so i was need installing all the system again. So the problem is with SAMBA, when i connect to the network resource, this is to slow, and when i try transfer files are slow.

My sistem is on Debian 8 Jessie and the Samba Version is 2:4.1.17+dfsg-2+deb

Code: Select all[global]
   workgroup = LABORATORIO
   netbios name = Shinigami
   server string = debian


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Debian Configuration :: Network Manager Crashing When Connecting To VPN

May 2, 2011

After today's squeeze update the nm-applet (it updated it to version 0.8.4-1) crashes when trying to connect to my vpn (pptp). I'm pretty new when it comes to this so I'm not sure what to do. I tried looking at the log file (applications--> system tools-->log file viewer) but I don't know what to make of it.

Heres the log file before it crashes:

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Debian :: Can't Rip Music To Files

Jan 20, 2011

I can now get Ripit to run, but right after its got the artist and track data and displayed it, it then says it can't write to the error log on my output path.However ripping and encoding of the music seems to happen as it goes through all the tracks, but at the end the same error message appears and I get a message saying the time to rip = 0 and the time to encode = 0. When I look at the output directory there's nothing there.For the output directory I initially had the file output as /home/westers/music - that's my username and I have the directory music created, but I still got the error message.

I then thought the problem was because /home/westers/music is setup to use a USB attached hard drive as it's disk drive and so I should actually be pointing the output to this drive because the drive is mounted to /home/westers/music. When I change the output to /dev/sdb (the hard drive name) I still get the same error message.I know the drive has mounted properly because I can see it has on the desktop.fpermission is set as the default, although I can't find any info about what the default options actually mean (google, the man page and the readme don't say what the options mean).So how can I get my music to be saved to the usb hard drive such that /home/westers/music can see it?I'm ripping the music to a flac file if that makes any difference.

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