Debian :: Boot Hangs - Waiting For Root Filesystem

Dec 9, 2010

I installed Debain Lenny as a dual boot with ubuntu 10.10. Chose not to install Grub legacy in the mbr or in any partition because I thought grub2 could handle it. All went well, updated grub2 in ubuntu and it found Debian, but when I try to boot into Debain it hangs at - waiting for root filesystem. I've searched, but can't fathom why this is happening, much less how to fix it without just reinstalling it.

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Debian Installation :: Sqeeze / Wheezy Boot Fails Waiting For Root Device

Jun 20, 2011

I've installed squeeze and wheezy on an old Toshiba Satellite 210 CS laptop with 48MB RAM and a 20GB IDE harddrive.Grub2 won't boot at all and stops with a "error: cannot allocate real mode pages". The solution to that is to use the grub-legacy package.The boot then fails with "waiting for root device" and drops to an initramfs shell.

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Debian Installation :: 5.05 Boot Up Error "Gave Up Waiting For Root Device" (Won't Boot)

Jul 11, 2010

When I boot off of Debian Kernel 2.6.26-2-686. This is what happens. It stops at attached scsi generic sg5 type 0 After 4 or 5 minutes it comes back and says.

Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline) Check Root= (did the system wait for the right device) Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev Alert /dev/sdd8 does not exist dropping to shell /bin /sh: can't access tty; job control turned off If I boot off Debian Kernel 2.6.26-2-686 (single user mode) Then use Control-D it boots fine.

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Debian :: Checking Root Filesystem At Boot?

Sep 15, 2010

I have switched recently from Ubuntu to Debian and overall I am enjoying it. However I was just wondering, does Debian, like Ubuntu check the filesystem at boot periodically or if damaged, because it is doing neither in my case? How do I get it to do this

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Debian :: Waiting For Root - Cannot Mount Volume

Jun 23, 2010

Not sure how this came about but the box rebooted itself for some reason and refused to get past this stage. I went into grub and changed hde1 to hda1 but that did nothing. The disk is unreadable by another Debian box, it gives the error "Cannot mount volume". Also unreadable in Windows via programs such as ext2toifs or Linux Reader.

If I boot via the CD and bring up the recovery console I can browse to my data, seems all intact but cant mount a network share to move it off, also tried making a .tar of all my stuff and FTPd' it across but I only received a massive corrupted file. How to get my stuff of this drive or ideally make it boot?

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Hardware :: Boot - Gave Up Waiting For Root Device - Initramfs - For Ubuntu 9.10

Jun 21, 2010

ubuntu 9.10 is not booting shows Gave up waiting for root device.", (initramfs). how to boot normally from this problem. The problem is coming from installed system.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error During GRUB Boot :: Gave Up Waiting For Root Device

Nov 30, 2010

just installed ubuntu 10.10 on my external usb hdd from my 8gb flash drive doing this on a laptop, my primary hdd (internal) is running windows (230gb of 250gb used) so i got an external hdd (2tb) and I decided to install ubuntu on it


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Ubuntu :: And 64bit - Gave Up Waiting For Root Device (Boot Args (cat /proc/cmdline))

Jun 18, 2010

I had to reinstall 10.04 because I got an error, waiting for root device. And I figured I knew why I got this error: I changed my xconf.cfg (or whatever the file is in /etc/x11/) -- So this time I downloaded the 64 bit, because I have a 64 bit computer, so though, might as well get it! I've narrowed the problem down to this:

After I install nvidia settings (the x server or whatever?) And change my view to TwinView (I have my laptop monitor and an external monitor), and save the config file, this happens. I will do some more testing, but here is the whole error message: Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:

- Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)
- Check rootdelay= (did the system not wait long enough?)
- Check root= (did the system wait for the right device?
- Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/bcb49367-8554-4116-8e4d2b39d92415cf does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

BusyBox v1.13.3 (Ubuntu 1:1.13.3-1ubuntu11) built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

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Ubuntu :: Boot "waiting For Root Device" - Post Install

Mar 4, 2011

i have a working Windows 7/xp dual boot prior and post to having installing ubuntu, after installation i removed the usb thumb drive then preformed a reboot. when i got to boot loader where i normally pick Win7/Xp/Linux and pick linux it then runs grub. I get the boot loader screen, select Ubuntu 10.10 "Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:

- boot args (Cal /proc/cmdline)
- check rootdelay= ( Did the system wait long enough?)

From booting back of live usb


i tried hitting e and changing (there was more before this)linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sdd1 ro quiet splash which kicked me back to same point saying it could not find it at sdd1

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Ubuntu :: Boot - "Gave Up Waiting For Root Device"

Oct 31, 2010

I'm trying my first install of Mythbuntu and I'm getting this same error. I am able to complete the install and even boot into the OS using a LIVE cd but after installation & reboot I get "gave up waiting for root device." I downloaded the info script and ran it - the results are attached but I haven't a clue what to make of it - other than my drive is sda and the OS is on sda1.


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Ubuntu :: "Gave Up Waiting For Root Device" On Boot?

Nov 22, 2010

I know this has problem has been discussed several times but it always seems to be on an older ubuntu version which doesn't have the same solution as mine. I'm currently running Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 x64.When I'm trying to boot ubuntu I get this error message:

Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
- Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)


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Hardware :: "gave Up Waiting On Root Device" On Boot

Nov 27, 2010

I know this has problem has been discussed several times but it always seems to be on an older ubuntu version which doesn't have the same solution as mine. I'm currently running Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 x64. When I'm trying to boot ubuntu I get this error message:

Code: Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
- Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)
- Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?)
- Check root= (did the system wait for the right device?)
- Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/{my hard drive's uuid} does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

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General :: Error "gave Up Waiting For Root Device`/ Can't Boot Kernel"

May 23, 2010

I needed to use CIFS for accessing a NTFS network share. I decided to include CIFS in the kernel and tried compiling and installing it. Now when I (try to) boot in my new kernel with CIFS support, I get the message: gave up looking for root device.

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Ubuntu :: Apt-get Hangs At Waiting For Headers

Jan 25, 2011

For two days I've been trying to update and install packages on a Lucid 64-bit system. It's a fresh install and I've never had any problems with any apt-get commands before in the two years during which I've installed Ubuntu on everything I own. It just hangs at 0% [Waiting for Headers]. I can provide more information if needed.

I suspect his may have something to do with it: (copied from terminal output)

Err [URL]

My sources.list:

# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release amd64 (20100816.1)]/ lucid main restricted
deb-src lucid main restricted #Added by software-properties
# See for how to upgrade to
# newer versions of the distribution.


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Debian Configuration :: Slow Boot Waiting For DHCP On Wire?

Mar 23, 2011

Up until very recently I've had a wired network, and at boot I'd see messages about DHCPREQUEST and DHCPOFFER and stuff as it set up the wired network.

Now I've just got wireless working instead, but it still tries to use DHCP on the no-longer-existing wired network. So it says "DHCPDISCOVER on eth0..." and waits for a bit, then again and waits again, and all the time the boot is waiting for a reply to its DHCP requests and it's not going to get one. It doesn't seem to do any harm, because once it's given up and proceeded with the boot then the wireless does seem to work fine, but I'd like to speed up the boot a little by cutting out this needless waiting. Has anyone got an idea how I can stop it? I tried in Preferences-Network connections and in Administration-Network, and in System Tools-Network tools, and also from the network icon in the task bar, but I can't find anything which lets me configure the wired network eth0 or disable it or disable the DHCP.

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Hardware :: Fedora Boot Failed: Can't Mount Root Filesystem.

Jan 12, 2010

My Fedora 12 System was failed when booting.The message like that : mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/my_vol missing codepage or helper program, or other error. In some case, useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so Can't mount at root filesystem. [drm: drm_mode_rmfb ] *ERROR* tried to remove a fb that we didn't own. Boot has failed, sleep forever. I guess something wrong with my hard disk, so the bootloader can't recognize the filesystem type.

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Software :: Reliable - Fast Filesystem For Root And Boot Partition?

Feb 10, 2011

I need a reliable+fast filesystem for root and boot partition. It will be used in Debian x64. So far I only tried ext3 and ext4. What do you reccommend? (this has been probably asked many times, but I need updated information)

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Can't Mount Root Filesystem - Boot Has Failed - Sleeping Forever

Jan 9, 2010

I've downloaded Fedora 12 and decided to try and install it on my old laptop which is currently running Ubuntu 9.10 with no problems.

When I boot from the live cd, it starts to load with the 3 bars on the bottom, one on top of the other, one is white, one is dark blue, the other is in between those colours in the spectrum somewhere....

Anyway, the load bars complete and "Fedora 12" turns white, then the following output populates:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'DM_Snapshot_Cow' (<----- repeated a bunch of times) can't mount root filesystem Boot has failed, sleeping forever.

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Fedora :: Wireless Connection Hangs On Waiting For Authentication

Mar 20, 2011

Has anyone else been having problems with their wireless network connections since the network manager updates? I have two different networks that I connect to and have in the past had no problems since figuring out what files were missing and had to be either created or corrected and copied into the correct locations. I have tried everything I know to get my secondary wireless connection working to no avail(currently connected through my neighbors unprotected network), from deleting the connection, rebooting and recreating it, editing the files and copying them back into the correct locations and nothing works.

I have even had many crashes while using network manager. Using system-network-config eliminated the crashes but still does not allow the connection to connect. It attempts to connect and just hangs on waiting for authentication after prompting for the WEP key and clicking OK. What in the heck is going on since the devs created all these updates and have once again broken the most important aspect of any usable system, the network? I'm running F14 and KDE 4.6.1.

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Debian Configuration :: Copying / Moving Root Filesystem To Another Partition?

Mar 4, 2010

My root filesystems flooded so I'm trying to move it to another (bigger) partition but I'm not sure of the best method. I just tried to use "dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sda6" to copy it but all that did was give me a brand new partition with no freespace available presumably because the filesystem is smaller than the partition. Is it possible to make the filesystem bigger?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Unknown Filesystem Type 'reiserfs' Could Not Mount Root Filesystem - Exiting To /bin/sh

Mar 27, 2010

When I try to boot to OpenSUSE I get the following error during boot-up: unknown filesystem type 'reiserfs' could not mount root filesystem - exiting to /bin/sh$

This only started happening quite recently - before this I could boot to Linux quite happily.

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Debian :: Gnome Hangs After Closing Root Terminal

Apr 21, 2015

Running Gnome on Jessie. Have had Gnome hang a few times over the past few months. The hangs seem to be related to having open and / or closing a root terminal. It has happened on a Gateway AMD Phenom II tower and on my Gateway NV59 lappy with Pentium P6200.

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Debian Installation :: Mount Root Filesystem Failed: Device Or Resource Busy

Jun 16, 2010

I've upgraded my squeeze box to linux kernel 2.6.32-5. But it shows mounting "here is the uuid of / " on /root failed: Device or resource busy while booting.Here is the menuentry of linux kernel 2.6.32-5.


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Debian Hardware :: HPLIP Installation Hangs After Root Password

Jul 1, 2015

I have tried to install the newer version of hplip on Debian 7.8 because the standard version does not support my printer.

So I proceeded the installation according to the instructions in, but the installation hangs after I enter the root password as this image: [URL] ....

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Debian Hardware :: When Boot Plaptop Whith Memorycards In Slots Boot Hangs

Aug 28, 2010

When I boot up my laptop whith memorycards in the slots the boot hangs at "Wating for /dev to be fully populated", "Activating swap" or somewhere in between.If I take out the memorycards so the slots are empty, the laptop boots just fine...Its a CFCard and a SDcard in a PCIMAslot.Does anyone have a clue?Its not a big problem just very annoing to have to take out the memcards all the the time.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Permissions - Still Waiting For Root Device (OS X)

Jan 9, 2010

I installed ubuntu on my MacBook Pro, and now I get the infamous "still waiting for root device" when booting mac os x. I couldn't find any solutions that worked (macbook pros don't have a BIOS, or any drives that are easily removable). Anyway, so I have ubuntu working, and I need some files from OS X before I would consider reinstalling, etc. So I mounted the drive, went to users, etc. and it says that "I don't have the permissions necessary to view the contents of ****".

I did chmod 777 /media/os x/Users/* but that led to "Could not access: No such file or directory" (there's a space between os and x, I think it counts it as two commands or something and I can't rename the drive). Any way to give myself the permissions to access my files, or maybe just to copy over the whole hard drive to my main computer, or maybe somehow solve the "still waiting for root device".

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Ubuntu Installation :: Gave Up Waiting For Root Device

Oct 18, 2010

this is my first setup of ubuntu. And I�m quite familar to Linux allthoug it�s been a while since my last setup. Anyway, my system is brand new and consist of the following parts:

AMD Athlon X2 240e on MSI 880GMA-E45 (SB850)
All drives connected by SATA using onboard SB850 ordered by:
1 LG BluRay optical drive
2 WD Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB
3 WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB
4 WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB
5 WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB
6 WD Caviar Green WD15EARS 1,5TB

I set the SATA controller to AHCI because I want to set up a software raid (level 5) on the three 2TB-disks. The first disk (1TB) should be the ubuntu boot disk (no raid). The last one (1,5TB) is currently not connected - it will be added later. First I struggled booting the ubuntu server 10.10-CD (x64) from the bluray drive - after succesfull starting the setup procedure it told me that it cannot access the drive. It seems that drivers are missing. No problem - I connected an usb dvd drive to the system and gave it a try.

The boot order was set to usb-dvd, then bluray, then the first harddisk (1TB). Setup seems to run fine using the usb dvd drive. I�ve chosen the first disk (shown as /dev/sda) for the installation. It was automatically configured as one big root-partition and a small swap-partition. Grub was installed on the MBR of the first disk. But after restart GRUB tells me "Gave up waiting for root device" and "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/whatever does not exist. Dropping to a shell!". Obviously the boot loader cannot find (or access) the volume containing the kernel.

I made some research and found some other people complaining about some mixup of hdaX and sdaX devices on SATA devices - but these statements where from 2007. Another point is that the USB optical drive is my boot device while the installation runs, but not afterwards - does this matter? I also tried installing Ubuntu server 10.04, but is behaves the same. Please keep in mind that the goal is to have ubunto server 64bit running on this system - that�s it. No dual boot is needed. And there is no data on any disk that should be taken care. It�s a very new system. Where should I start to fix this issue? What�s wrong with the current linux boot loader using SATA disks connected to SB850 SATA controller?

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Ubuntu :: Waiting For Root Device - Dropping To Shell

Nov 29, 2010

I was upgrading online through my android phone's easytether app. My phone rang, and I was bounced offline. When I came back the upgrade did not resume, and when I tried to start over, dpkg and whatever was busy so I closed all my windows and tried to reboot. This is where I ended up: Here is a screenshot:

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Installation :: Ubuntu 8.1 - Gave Up Waiting For Root Device

Feb 7, 2009

I did an installation of Ubuntu 8.1 on my laptop. I ran the live CD first to check that everything was ok and got no problems. But when I try to boot I get this error:

Boot from (hd0,0) ext3 e194- long number
Gave up waiting for root device.
Alert /dev/disk/by-vvid/e194- long number

I tried a different hard drive with the same results. So I installed XP and everything worked fine. This makes me believe that all of the hardware is ok and I have some config screwy.

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General :: Remount Root Filesystem As Read/write After Modify Readonly-root File?

Dec 21, 2010

My linux distro is CentOS 5.3. Today I edited /etc/sysconfig/readonly-root and set "READONLY" to yes, now my /etc/sysconfig/readonly-root file is like this:

# Set to 'yes' to mount the system filesystems read-only.
# Set to 'yes' to mount various temporary state as either tmpfs


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