CentOS 5 :: Installed 5.5 From DVD And Hangs With GRUB

Dec 5, 2010

I'm not sure what's going on with this install, but I started with a fresh install on a 250GB IDE disk, assigning /dev/hda1 to linux, and the rest (/dev/hda2) to swap. when it tries to boot.. I just get GRUB hang. Should I have installed a small FAT32 partition in the first sectors of the disk for the bootloader?

The bios in this machine is very old (Dell 410 precision) and Dell offers no updates, so I suspect this has something to do with how the old bios is trying to boot, but ?? not sure how to fix it. try lilo, or alternate bootloader???? Just looking for a fix to the boot problem. I would prefer to boot from the disk, booting from cd/floppy/pxe not so desirable.

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CentOS 5 :: Grub Doesn't Automatically Boot OS After Install, Hangs At Grub Prompt?

Mar 21, 2011

I have used CentOS for a while and have never run into this issue. I searched all over and didn't see a similar issue anywhere, I did an install of CentOS as a server (no GUI) with only the base. Partition is /boot ext3, size of 100MB. The rest of the drive is partitioned as / with ext3. This is being done on a CompactFlash card of 32GB in size. The BIOS sees it as an IDE drive.

When the install completes and the system reboots, the grub stops at the grub> prompt. There is no menu for OS options. If I do the following commands:
grub>root (hd0,0)
grub>kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-194.el5 root=LABEL=/
grub>initrd /initrd-2.6.18-194.el5.img

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CentOS 5 :: Centos 5.2 Installed On /dev/hda3, Won't Boot, Cant Find Grub Stage 2?

Nov 10, 2009

I just upgraded by box from Fedora Core 9 to Centos 5.2. Finally!I have a 500GB SATA drive, it's partitioned into three equal size slices, hda1 through 3. The old Fedora was on hda1, I installed the new Centos on hda3. I instructed the installer to write the MBR to /dev/hda, not /dev/hda3. Fdisk says I have sector 0 unused.First, the system wouldn't boot - it just looped through the BIOS, rebooting over and over again. The BIOS sees the disk, but it never loaded Grub. I tried re-running grub-install /dev/hda, and not I get a Grub Error 17 after stage 1.5 loads.

I can boot from rescue OK, the grub.conf man menu.lst look fine, it's pointing to "root (hd0,2)". It's either the BIOS that can't find the MBR, or the MBR can't find Grub.When I looked at the disk with fdisk after the install, hda1 was still marked bootable, hda3 was not, so I swapped bootable flags but that has not made a difference. I also appended the new grub to the old grub thinking I could get the MBR (if it is there) to load the old grub and thence find the new Centos, but that didn't work either.Mobo is an old Shuttle AK35.Any ideas? Did I mess up by not telling the system to put the MBR on /dev/hda3? Is there a way to fix this without reinstalling?

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5 :: Installed CentOS But GRUB Not Loading / What To Fix It?

Feb 5, 2011

I installed CentOS on an HP server with 5i RAID controller (so it's hardware RAID) and installed GRUB to the MBR. However, it boots straight to Windows XP without seeing the GRUB loader at all.

Configuration is this.

Windows installed on RAID0 drive
CentOS installed on a separate RAID0
Windows fileshare on RAID5

I'm guessing that since the RAID controller doesn't "see" separate drives in each array, that I'll need to do some "fudging" to get it to work, like maybe using Windows' pathetic loader to load GRUB and go from there, but I have no idea how. Do I have to make the drive "seeable" by Windows first by assigning it a drive letter under Windows Disk Manager, and then add it to the bootloader ini file?

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General :: CentOS 5 Installation - GRUB Installed On USB Drive

May 23, 2010

I installed CentOS via unetbootin and USB stick. Unfortunately, I can not now start my system w/o my USB usb drive.

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Ubuntu :: Check What Version Of GRUB Installed - The Program 'grub' Is Currently Not Installed

Dec 18, 2010

I wanted to check what version of GRUB I have installed. I went to terminal and typed grub --versionI got this message back: The program 'grub' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install grub

I am running Ubuntu 10.10 alongside windows xp pro. When I turn my pc on I have the option to boot to ubuntu or xp and at the top of the window it says that the version of grub running is "GNU GRUB Version 1.98+20100804-5Ubuntu-3" how I shold go about installing GRUB 2 or just leave it as is.

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Debian :: GRUB Refused To Be Installed / Grub Loader Error 15

Feb 4, 2010

I tried to install Open Office following a guide in OpenOffice.org but after several attempts debian refused to boot properly. I decided to re-install Debian 5.0. When we came to the installation of the boot loader GRUB refused to be installed. I stopped the installation expecting to go back to the beginning. But now it tries to boot saying:Grub loading stage 1.5.

Grub loading, please wait...
Error 15

This is an old Toshiba 3110 with Windows 98SE installed which I have successfully customized and do not want to loose. What can I do to get back into W98SE and then re-install Debian properly?

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General :: VL 6.0 STD Installed - But Hangs On Boot

Feb 7, 2011

I have succesfully installed VL6.0 on my desktop (together with other and recently used 5.8 and Sw12.0) install successful but upon booting (i have included 6.0 in my 5.8's lilo) it just stops on a point where in it says:

I am not sure if this is a mem failure (though all of my linux boxes runs properly)

I have re-installed it.. encountered the same. .

As i have checked my SW12.0's dmesg, same line appears but it boots..



And my ISO image is good as per the md5sum. . .

1. installed successfully
2. LILO installed in boot record of /dev/hdc12 --where 6.0 is installed
3. added 6.0 in my current LILO (VL 5.8)
4. ALL BOXES (sw12.0, vl5.8, zw4.6.1) are loading except VL6.0

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Ubuntu :: System Hangs After Installed Gnome-do

May 1, 2010

In Lucid Lynx, if you install gnome-do, then the system freezes at startup. The only solution is to uninstall gnome-do.

any workaround to this? I really like having gnome-do launcher

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CentOS 5 :: Centos Installation In Vmware Hangs At Selinux-policy-targeted?

Jun 14, 2010

i am trying to install centos 5.5 x86_64 as a guest OS in vmware server 2.0.2 using netinstall iso. Installation runs fine until the point, when it tries to install selinux-policy-targeted-2.4.6-279.el5.noarch, the whole virtual pc hangs at this.any ideas? i tried to google few things about this, but i have found nothing. this has happened 3 times in row, whole virtual pc always hangs at the same package. i dont have any other problems with vmware, gentoo runs and installs fine in it.i would prefer to do installation using netinstall.iso, it would take a lot of time to download all cds or whole dvd and all i require is a very basic set of packages.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 Hangs On Boot When Installed As XenServer Guest?

Jun 7, 2011

I created an OpenSUSE 11.4 PV guest on XenServer 5.6, and about half the time, it fails to finish booting. it starts all the services, and fails immediately before it would display the login prompt. I've spent hours googling for this problem, and can't find any reference to it anywhere, meaning that I may be the first to experience it.

has anyone else done OpenSUSE 11.4 on XenServer 5.6 and had this problem? were you able to resolve it, and how?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freshly Installed System Hangs On Boot?

May 8, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix on an acer Aspire One D250, specs below: Processor Name: Intel Atom N270

Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
Graphics Card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Storage Capacity: 160 GB

I had to resize the win partition, making a new partition for Ubuntu of about 15GB. I then installed the system. Everything went without problems. I was able to boot once, and verified that everything worked as intented.

However, after that, 90% of the times I reboot the bootup process hangs at a blank screen (with a blinking underscore), immediately after grub selection. If I select "recovery mode" in grub I can see the bootup messages, but the process hangs, all except one time, right after:

[2.304418] ata2: DUMMY
[2.304487] ata3: SATA max UDMA/133 abar m1024@0x58344000 port 0x58344200 irq28
[2.304584] ata4: DUMMY

and does nothing more. There are no error messages or hints to the source of the problem, to my eyes.I've noticed that sometimes even the loading screen of the live cd will hang indefinitely, leaving me no choice other than a hard-reboot.

The rare times that the system does boot normally, everything works normally. I've tried installing using both the ext4 and ext3 filesystems. I couldn't find anything like this on the forums. Am I doing something wrong? Do you need more details?

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Fedora Installation :: Installed F On Ati Radeon HD 5145 - Setup Just Hangs Up Some Times

Jun 14, 2010

I have an urgent major problem. I tried to install F8, F9, F10, F11 and F13 live but all gave the same problem, which is I can't install the OS.the problem is Fedora can't communicate with ATI Radeon HD 5145.....the setup just hangs up some times hangs when it tries to run anaconda....

Now F10 X86_64 was installed normally, but after the first reboot.. it gone crazy...and started to display rubbish...going to init 1 and trying to run the GUI I got error server X.

Also ubuntu didn;t work too

My laptop is
Toshiba Satellite L650-10M
Intel CoreTM i3-330M Processor (2.13GHz , FSB:1066MHz , 3MB 2nd Level Cache)
Memory 2,048 MB DDr3 RAM (1066MHz) System Memory
320GB Hard Disk sata
ATI mobility Radeon HD 5145 , 512MB dedicated Up To 2,810MB Graphics
Wireless technologies 802.11 a/B/G integrated Wi-FiTM ;Bluetooth

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CentOS 5 :: CentOS 5.4 Hangs Just Before Desktop Loads?

Apr 1, 2010

My Dell poweredge server running CentOS 5.4 and booting kernel-2.6.18-164.15.1.el5. All boot processes seem okay and the graphical screens for CentOS operate, but just before the desktop loads the screen goes blank and the arrow/cursor is being circled by small spheres. This remains indefinitely. While the arrow is being circled, here are the results of 'getinfo.sh device'

Quote:==================== BEGIN uname -rmi ====================
2.6.18-164.15.1.el5 i686 i386
==================== END uname -rmi ====================


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CentOS 5 :: Udev Hangs After Upgrade To CentOS 5.4?

May 7, 2010

I have encountered the same problem as indicated in this post: "udev hang after upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4"[URL]... I'm testing the upgrade path to centos 5.4 on several virtual machines prior to upgrading our production systems. I have upgraded centos 5.2 --> centos 5.4 and centos 5.3 to centos 5.4. In both cases udev hangs after the upgrade. The following message is displayed on the console: "Starting udev: Wait timeout. Will continue in the background [FAILED]"

I found another related post: "udev hangs on boot for a long time, suspect pam_console_apply"[URL]..So, I booted by VMs using the "udevdebug" option to grub and received the same error message - "udevd-event [###]: run_program: Waiting ## seconds for output of '/sbin/pam_console_apply /dev/..."

In my /etc/ldap.conf file "bind_policy hard" is commented out. I added a line "bind_policy soft" as described in the post and my VMs booted fine. NOTE: This problem is not encountered with a fresh install of CentOS 5.4 and the "bind_policy hard" option in the /etc/ldap.conf is commented out as in the upgraded systems. What is really causing this problem and how do I get it addressed? I have a couple hundred systems to update from various releases of CentOS 5 to the latest current version 5.4. It would be nice to get this bug squashed..


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Fedora :: Hangs While Loading (After Grub)?

Jun 21, 2011

After I shutdown my laptop while it was updating it's downloaded packages via yum update I faced an error saying " Duplicate packages..." in next yum updateSo I did the following tasks from package-cleanup --dupes # listout duplicatespackage-cleanup --cleandupes # clean up duplicatesIt erased around 600 packagesat was about 6Giafter restarting my fedora hang while loading and completing Fedora Logo..

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Ubuntu :: Sometimes Hangs On Boot After Grub?

Jan 9, 2011

Sometimes when my machine tries to boot ubuntu it works SOMETIMES, but most of the time it hangs on a certain driver/message. I've disabled the silent splash to show you guys where it freezes.


Marking TSC unstable due to TSC halts
Switching to clocksource hpet
thermal LNXTHERM:01: registered as thermal_zone1
ACPI: Thermal Zone [T22] (67C)


And then it stops there. I think ATA_PIIX is some ubuntu ata driver, but I don't know why there since my hard-drive passes all the S.M.A.R.T tests.

Keep in mind it SOMETIMES, but not very often, boots.

Edit: This machine was used with Ubuntu 8.10 before, and possibly 9.04, but that was before they introduced Audio for Intel HDA's Sigmatel. This is also a clean install.

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Fedora Installation :: GRUB Hangs After The Upgrade?

Jan 22, 2010

I've attempted to upgrade my FC9 machine to the latest Fedora 12. I downloaded the iso image onto DVD and booted from the DVD into the installer GUI. Everything proceeded flawlessly until I tried to reboot from the new installation on the hard drive.When rebooting, the word GRUB appears and the system hangs. I've rebooted in rescue mode and the grub.conf appears to make sense, although I can't say that I understand all the entries. Based on some research, I suspect that the problem is ocurring even before grub.conf get read.

Can someone give me a tip on where to begin? I don't expect a detailed answer, but I don't even know where to get started. As far as I know, I have no unusual hardware configurations. No RAID, no booting from USB. The system is old (bought around 2002), but has plenty of memory and storage. One possible clue: my USB keyboard would not work during the installation phase, and I had to replace it with one that plugged into the PS/2 port. USB mouse seems to be fine.

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Ubuntu :: Booting Hangs At Grub Menu?

Jan 19, 2010

not related to this thread [URL]

On a few VMs. Sometimes, when powering them on I get the GNU GRUB menu...

GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4
Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic
ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode)
Memory test (memtest86+)
Memory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200)

But there is no countdown for a default boot. It just hangs here. Indefinitely. Until I make a choice by pressing the enter key with "Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic" highlighted (default). I don't know if this is because the VM may not have been shutdown properly or what the case is, but this is unacceptable as I need these systems to continue to boot and get back on line regardless of the reason they were powered off.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.4 DT Hangs While Configuring Grub-pc?

Aug 14, 2010

I'm installing Ubuntu 10.4 DTE on an Acer netbook. The netbook came with Microsoft Windows installed and I'm adding Ubuntu via wubi on a USB thumb drive.

I'm almost done and it is configuring grub-pc. The last line is: Setting up grub-pc (2.98-lubuntu7) ... Then it hangs.

On the web, I find numerous bug reports about my situation, but no work arounds. What do I do?

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Debian Installation :: Setting Up Grub-pc (1.98+20100804-14) Hangs

Mar 30, 2011

Durring the upgrade from lenny to squeeze everything went fine but grub2 fails to configure

Setting up grub-pc (1.98+20100804-14) ....

and it hangs, even freezes there...

Is it safe to restart the server, will grub1 still function if I do ?

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Software :: GRUB Boot Of XP Hangs At Flashing Cursor?

May 19, 2010

I installed Fedora 11 today, because I'm really looking to replace Windows. I've been running a Fedora 11 webserver at home for over a year, but this is Linux, which means that I spent about 8 hours on it over a year ago, and then only logged in once or twice since. :P

So after the install, I booted to a GRUB prompt and no menu. After searching around, I changed my BIOS settings to Large for the hard drive, and got the GRUB menu to load, and now I'm posting this from within Fedora 11, and after some good healthy exercises with the soundcard, xvid drivers, and a few other things, it's great.When I load XP from Grub, I just get a flashing underscore and no progress.XP is installed in the first partition, and has been there for a few months. Here's my grub.conf:



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Fedora Installation :: Grub Loader Hangs With Blank Screen?

Jan 25, 2010

I installed fedora 12 to a 4GB flash usb flash drive. When I reboot and select windowsxp, grub displays a blank screen and hangs up.

[root@localhost Terry]# fdisk -l
Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160000000000 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19452 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x41ab2316
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System


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Ubuntu Installation :: Use An Arrow Key To Move Downwards In The Menu - Grub Hangs

Jan 17, 2010

I saw a similar thrad, but can't find it anymore. Anyhow it was not resolved. So I take the liberty to post this in a new thread: I have installed ubuntu 9.10 on a laptop in dual boot configuration (other OS is WinXP). grub starts and I can hit enter to boot Ubuntu. However as soon as I use an arrow key to move downwards in the menu, grub hangs. In this condition I cannot boot any other OS, not even the "safe" version of Ubuntu.

Any idea what is the cause of this? It is a fresh installation and I read in the other thread that reinstalling grub or re-running grub-update had no positive effect. Does anone know how I can install grub 0.97 ? Where do I find it?

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Ubuntu :: Grub Screen Hangs At Loading Stage 1.5 - Error 25

Jul 20, 2010

I started my laptop this morning with no problems. It was doing a file system check which I quit (pressing C) after about 30%. The only problem I had was wired networking didn't seem to be working (though wireless was). No problem: this happens sometimes and a restart fixes it. After restart: the GRUB screen hangs at "Loading stage 1.5" for ages before issuing Error 25. Try a restart. Same thing. And again. I'm on Lucid 10.4, no other OS installed, Toshiba laptop that up to now has had no problems with the last two versions of Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Hangs After Boot Menu Appears In 10.04?

Nov 24, 2010

i have ubuntu 10.04 and xp installed in two different hard disc partitions. everything was fine until i came from vacation and found that after turning on my pc it gets hang as soon as the grub menu with duel boot option appears. i cant do anything at that stage, just nothing.keyboard doesn't work also. here one thing to be mentioned that for last few days my pc used to hang frequently in ubuntu 10.04 and then i had no option left but to restart my pc.

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Hardware :: System Hangs After Grub Screen Ubuntu 9.10 32bit

Feb 3, 2010

So I just did a fresh install of 9.10 32bit on my media pc, booted right up the first couple of times however it choose to stop doing so for some reason. When it boots I see the words "Grub Loading" flash on the screen and then it just goes to a black screen with the white flashing line in the upper left hand corner...

the system was running well and I'm not sure what exactly changed... I just went to reboot it and it wouldn't come back online.

Also worth noting is that it is also failing to boot from a LiveCD for me, I get the screen where I select how I want to boot from the disc, I select "try Ubuntu with out any changes to my computer" and then after that it hangs again.

I'm fairly certain the hardware is good as it never had any issues like this on Windows 7 and I can still boot properly from a Windows based disc.

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Ubuntu :: Installed Debian In Pendrive Nd Lost Grub. No Grub If Pendrive Is Not Connected?

Mar 13, 2011

So here is my situation..i was using win 7 and ubuntu 10.10 in my dell studio 1555. and i wanted to try out debian so i installed debian in my pendrive. so the grub was modified. when the computer starts it shows debian,ubuntu and win7 no problem.. but if i remove the pendrive, nothing comes up. it shows grub rescue>..

so now i cant start up unless i plug in the pendrive. what to do now to solve this problem?? i want to restore my grub to the previos state.

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CentOS 5 :: Package Installed But Not Installed?

Apr 3, 2009

I am trying to put up my own Quake2 server to play with my friends. During this installation process I have encountered rather confusing issue. First I downloaded the Q2 server binaries in RPM package and tried installing it:


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CentOS 5 Server :: Installed CentOS 5.3 On A Machine, And Need A Samba Version 3.2 Or Higher?

Jul 8, 2009

I've installed CentOS 5.3 on a machine, and I need a Samba version 3.2 or higher. Since 3.4 is out, I thought I'd grab that. But, "yum list|grep samba" gives me only version 3.0.33. Is there a package of Samba I can grab that will upgrade the 3.0 installation so that I don't have two laying around? If not and I need to compile from source, do you have any suggestions for what arguments I should give configure? I'm not used to Linux coming from the BSD world

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