CentOS 5 :: Dont Have Permisions To Edit Plain Text File ?

Jul 24, 2009

I dont have permisions to edit plain text file.

When I run:

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Fedora :: F14 Gnome Text/plain Versus Text/html File Type

Apr 2, 2011

I put a text file on my desktop and added a couple lines of text with gedit. File type shows text/plain. Double-click opens the file in gedit which is what I want. I'm using the file to temporarily hold some snips of code that I copy from file to file, but when I copy some html into the file and save it, now file properties show it's text/html and a double-click opens the file in firefox, which isn't what I want. Is there some way to keep the file type from changing itself?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Convert Plain Text File To Html File Without Using Perl?

Jun 9, 2010

I am looking for some source package which will convert plain text file to html file without using perl.

I mainly need to do this on an ARM platform, so if I get sources I can cross compile it.

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Ubuntu :: RDP Extensions And Plain Text File Types

Jul 15, 2010

Basically, I have a selection of .rdp shortcuts to various machines, but they are considered the file type "plain text document (text/plain)" so if I change it to open with to tsclient, all of that file type opens with tsclient. And if I change it to gedit, all the rdp files open with gedit. Is there a way to create a custom file type dependent on the extension rdp, or is there a way to set tsclient to open by extension rather than filetype?

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General :: Cannot Run CGI On Apache - Get The File In It's Plain Text Format

Jan 31, 2011

I'm trying to run a CGI file with Apache2, but when I navigate to it, I just get the file in it's plain text format and not actually parsing the file. What do I need to configure?

I've tried this Code: <Directory /var/www/>
AddHandler cgi-script *.cgi
Options +ExecCGI
</Directory> And I've tried this Code: <Directory /var/www/>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny

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Ubuntu :: Remove Duplicate Lines In Plain Text File?

Apr 14, 2010

i have a big file of random numbers i generated at some point in time, after working with it with different things(how fun that was)... i want to remove duplicate lines and i'm not sure i'm doing this right

heres the command

sort random.txt | uniq -u > rand-shorter.txt

the file is pretty big, everything on a new line. i found the command on a web site so i'm sure its correct(bit of a command line in linux newbie)

can anyone confirm if this will remove lines duplicate lines (keeping one copy) and dump what is left in a file named rand-shorter.txt?

EDIT: i think its actually working, just taking a reallllly long time (on an old pen 4 from 2000)

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Software :: Removing Line Terminators From A Plain Text File?

Jul 31, 2010

Linux kernel, Slackware 12.0.

I would like to know if it would be easy for me to get a program which, given a plain text file as input, discards the line separators and writes the rest as its output. And let's put in the case of a file that has been mangled to the point of having CR,LF (carriage return, line feed) in some places, only CR in others, and only LF in still other places. That is, the three possible combinations used in systems as a newline char (the 1st is, or was used by m$- dos, the 3rd one by Unix and I know systems where CR is the line terminator).

After all, all the program has to do is, every time it finds a char belonging to the set {CR, LF}, cast it away.

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Ubuntu :: Plain Text File - Enable The Zoom Button On The Keyboard

Mar 21, 2010

I just downloaded a Plain Text File that contains (what appears to me as) code that will 'unlock' functions of my MS keyboard, now what do I do with it? Here is a preview of some of the contents of the file from the beginning of the text.


.....and so on with different items. My goal in doing this was to enable the zoom button on the keyboard.

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Server :: SVN - Password File For Svnserve Encrypted Rather Than Store The Usernames / Passwords In Plain Text?

Apr 23, 2010

Is it possible to have the passwd file for svnserve encrypted, rather than store the usernames/passwords in plain text?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Edit A Text File To Delete All Commas In The File?

Jan 4, 2011

i want to find a command line way to edit a text file to delete all commas in the file. i do not want to replace them w/ anything.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Samba Share With Login And File Permisions?

Feb 23, 2010

I have a folder on my linux server and I want to be able to share files to windows users in this manner :

1. Require login with username and password when accessing file share.

2. Files created by logged in users become owned by them (I can create local accounts for this matter to all the users).

3. Depending on permissions files created by other users can be read only by logged in user.

I thought of going in samba way for this but I'm not familiar with samba enough to make something like this. If any other sharing method is required I can go for it since I'm doing this from a scratch but that only if its not possible with samba.

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Ubuntu :: Edit A File In Text Line Mode?

Oct 21, 2010

I just modified the grub file in 10.10 in order to see what the text line boot is like. Well now I want to go back, but when I try to gedit /etc/default/grub it gives an error that he couldn't display. How can I edit the file to go back to gnome??? I am on macbookpro 6.2 tripleboot Mac OS 10.6, Win7 and Ubuntu 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: ODT To Plain Text Through Terminal

Jan 7, 2010

I've been using openoffice.org a lot recently and I was hoping that I'd be able to cat the contents of the file solely through the terminal.What's the best way to do this? My thought is to use a command in a terminal to convert to plain text and cat the file.

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Ubuntu :: GPG Encrypt As Plain Text?

Jan 16, 2010

With the gpg command I used to encrypt files so they saved as plain text (the encrypted files were viewable in a plain text editor though were a encrypted nightmare)

I just forget the option in the gpg command to do this and I can't find it in a hurry either in the man file

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Ubuntu :: Application For Formatting Plain Text?

Jan 14, 2010

Does anyone know of a application that will use plain text, but allows the customizatino of width and lenth of the number of characters?

Looking to set my footprint to be 78 characters wide (by) 59 characters high.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: HTML To Plain Text Converter In C?

Jul 27, 2010

I am looking for some source package which will convert html fileto text file without using perl.I mainly need to do this on an ARM platform, so if I get sources I can cross compile it. I need the source package in C

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General :: Disk Based Text Editor To Edit File Larger Than Memory?

Aug 2, 2010

I am using Ubuntu and looking for a good editor to edit a file that is > 4GB. I just need to put content at the end and beginning of the file. I suppose I could use something like

cat "text to add" >> huge_file

To append to the file. Is that the route to go? What about prepending? In general, what is the best route if I wanted to edit somewhere in the middle?

I've tried VIM and it fails miserably. I assume emacs and nano would be even worse. What else is there? I assume to accomplish what I am looking for, the editor would have to be specifically designed for this by not keeping the entirety of the file's contents in memory.

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Ubuntu :: All Files Show As Type Plain Text?

Apr 14, 2011

I somehow managed to screw up my lucid lynx system so that all files show up under Nautilus properties as Type Plain Text. When I double click a file, any file, the system tries to open it as plain text with gedit. Everything worked correctly until yesterday when I tried to install a new version of PyQt4. If I reboot with an old (karmic) version of Ubuntu and bring up Nautilus Properties on the same file (my data partition can be opened in other OS's) the files show up with the correct file type (PDF, ODT, etc) So the problem is not in the file itself, but rather in the lucid OS, which is mis-interpreting the file type. As I said I somehow messed it up when installing the new version of PyQt4.

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Programming :: Printing HTML Content As Plain Text?

Sep 16, 2009

My code perl code is as below.I want to print the contents of file "/dir/Myfile".But problem is that the file "Myfile" contains html content as below.

<TP_INFO> <Mail> </Mail> </TP_INFO>

So the IE treats it as HTML content and doesnt print the content present in the tags.Can any one help me to print HTML content as plain text?

sub PrintLog
print "Content-Type: text/plain


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Ubuntu :: Can Force Evolution To Print Plain Text Instead Of HTML

Sep 27, 2010

When I print receipts from certain company's emails, they span three pages or more bloated with images, links and overly large text. I can view the message in plain text by setting the preferences to only display text instead of html, but it doesn't affect what is printed. I still get the full HTML page printed. Is there a way to force evolution to print in plain text instead of HTML?

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Programming :: BASH Scripting: Hide Plain Text Passwords

Jun 15, 2010

I was wondering if there is way to hide passwords in bash scripts. For example: I have to write a script to export a full ldap structure, and I'm using the ldapsearch -y passwordfile, where password file is a plain text file that contains the password. Is there a way to hide the password from that file?

I was thinking to remove the r attribute from the file and before the script is lunched to put the attribute back, but is not a good solution, the same with immutable attribute.

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Programming :: Decrypt Some Plain Text Which Was Encrypted Using The Function Crypt()?

Jan 4, 2010

Is there anyway to decrypt some plain text which was encrypted using the function crypt()?

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Debian Configuration :: Cron Sending Emails With Plain Text Password?

Sep 5, 2011

Since we switched our server to Squeeze, I'm receiving emails from the cron about a mysql error (...can't use locks with log tables). But this is not the issue I want to talk about here. The issue is that since the executed command is: /usr/bin/mysqlcheck -uroot -pmypassword --all-databases --check-only-changed --silent which is a command that was automatically added to the cron by the mysql package (I believe), the password is sent in clear text in the email's subject. In my sense, this is a serious security issue (sending root password in email subject...)

I don't know at what level it should be corrected, but it seems to me like it should be corrected in the Debian distrib, shouldn't it ?

And for now, how can I hide the password in the emails I receive ?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache2-svn Mime - Tell Apache To Treat Script Files As Plain-text?

Apr 5, 2010

I've got an apache-svn server up and running fine but I'm struggling with an irritating problem. I need the apache server to display .vbs, .cs., vb., .sh, .pl., .c, .h, .cpp, etc, etc files in the browser. Whenever our users click on a script they get a download dialog instead of the script being displayed in the browser as plain/text. I have added:

Code: AddType text/plain .vbs Into /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mime.conf but it seems to be getting ignored. how I can tell apache to treat script files as plain-text?

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CentOS 5 :: How To Edit Php File

Nov 3, 2009

I have installed Centos on my pc. Then I installed Emacs for text editing. when I brows on www folder and try to open a php file it opens but I don't have permission to edit the filehow can I open a file with Emacs with edit permission?

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Ubuntu :: Edit File Inside It, Open It, Edit A File, Then Remake The Bin File?

Mar 3, 2011

I have a linux.img image for ubuntu.I want to edit file inside it, how can open it, edit a file, then remake the bin file?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Can't Edit /etc/bashrc File / Make It Possible?

Apr 20, 2010

I am having a lil headache with it.
Some time ego i edited my /etc/bashrc file to add some aliases and colours for my ssh console.
Today i had a need to change few thing but for some reason i can't edit or delete this file any more.

I am logged as root.

rm bashrc
cannot remove, operation not permitted

chown and/or chmod fails as well with "not permitted" errors.

ls -Al | grep bashrc
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2514 mar 31 13:05 bashrc

Any ideas what's going on?

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CentOS 5 :: Unable To Edit/delete File - Operation Not Permitted

Mar 31, 2011

I'm having a problem where I'm unable to delete a file, even as root. Any attempts to remove or otherwise modify the file result in 'Operation not permitted'.

# rm d91c6a6e_2a2d7_out.xml
rm: remove regular file `d91c6a6e_2a2d7_out.xml'? y
rm: cannot remove `d91c6a6e_2a2d7_out.xml': Operation not permitted

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Ubuntu :: Pidgin "paste As Plain Text" Set To Default

Sep 9, 2010

where the file is that allows me to change CTRL+V in Pidgin from "paste" to "paste as plain text"? According to a changelog, it should be possible somewhere. I've seen about five different files referenced on various forums, but haven't been able to locate any of them on my computer.

Another thread mentioned appending the following bit of code to the gtkrc file:

bind "<ctrl>v" { "paste" ("text") }

I found the file in /user/share/themes/Default/gtk-2.0-key/.When I open this file, it's empty. I added the code there, but it didn't work. The only other locations I found that file were in the other theme folders, but I use the default.

I'm running Ubuntu Netbook Remix v9.10, and the latest build of Pidgin (2.7.3).

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CentOS 5 :: Stalling, Freezing And Just Plain Locking Up With 5.4 And Gnome?

Feb 1, 2010

I've been having problems for a while with my pc at work and after a bout with a similar desktop I figured out that it somehow relates to the kernel updates from 5.3 to 5.4. I have two machines with identical motherboards (Asus M3a32-mvp), cpu ( athlon 64 X2 6400) and memory (8 gigs Corsair) with different video cards.

My desktop at work started with Centos 5.2 and was kept updated to 5.4 along the way. The other PC is my desktop at home and it started out at 5.3 and stayed there until recently mainly because my wife mostly uses it so I just never got around to doing updates.

Here is the problem, a while back the work PC started doing weird things, it would stutter, freeze up, sometime the mouse cursor would freeze into a cross hair and sometimes completely lock me out where even the keyboard wouldn't work so I had to kill power to reboot anf get control back. I eventually discovered that if I still had keyboard access I could jump to a console window, log in and killall nautilus or killall gnome-panel and I might get things back to normal for a while. I can even log in with another machine to use the killall commands if the keyboard locks up. I checked TOP during these episodes to see what was killing the system, I figured something was running a muck and gobbling up processing time or memory but nothing shows that appears to be off.

Like I said the home system was on 5.3 and not showing the stuttering problems so I even considered that the video card drivers might be causing something, that is until I tried to update the home system and got the same issues.

I had a hard drive failing at home so I figured I'd back up the data and reinstall the main system on a new one so I could start over with a clean system. This time I started from 5.4. Almost imediately I discovered the freezing problems after the complete install so after trying a few things I wiped and reloaded, couldn't mess around too long with it as the wife was really complaining about not having a PC, a 5.3 version. Bingo, now the system functions perfectly, no stuttering or freezing up. I then used yum updates to updates everything but the kernel. This also seemed to give me a system without freezes so I stopped there with the home machine.

Just to be clear the home pc used the standard yum repositories defaulted in the setup i didn't add any so it isn't a 3rd party repo causing the problems with the home machine. So it looks like the updates from 5.3 to 5.4 regarding the kernel seem to be causing me problems.

It's getting so bad at work I'm planning on wiping and reloading a 5.3 version and going from there but that's alot of work so I'd really like to just fix what is going on with the 5.4 version.

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