CentOS 5 :: Symantec Autoprotect Disabled?

Aug 6, 2010

My symantec 10.1 autoprotect on top of a Linux ES 3.0 server shows disable on the task bar and I am unable to restart it with the services any suggestions for a newbee

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CentOS 5 :: Centos 5.4, Firefox And Adobereader Plugin, Disabled Input Fields?

Dec 4, 2009

we are using firefox-3.0.15 from the CentOS-Repository and the adobereader plugin from the adobe-repository. We have a curious problem with adobereader-plugin in firefox.When a pdf document is displayed via the plugin, i.e. within a tab in firefox, all input fields are disabled. I cannot enter a search string or fill in fields. The cursor and page up/down keys are also disabled. But when I configure firefox to open pdf documents with the external acroreader, everything works fine.

Additional notes:* We are just migrating from SuSE. Some user profiles are working as expected without problems. Unfortunately, I was not able to figure out the important files: I traced all of firefox' file operations on the user profiles, but there are no significant differences between working and non-working profiles (I just compared filenames, not content).* the same adobe-plugin works with firefox 3.0.15 from mozilla.org* I also set up a clean i386-Centos 5.4 from original CD, SELinux disabled, updated and created standard user. I only added the adobe-repository. The same effect, no search avaible.

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Ubuntu :: Compile Symantec AV Against Kernel?

Apr 13, 2010

Has anyone successfully compiled Symantec AV Autoprotect against the current Ubuntu Kernel?

I am using the kernel 2.6.24-27-generic. I'm following these instructions for Symantec Autoprotect: http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ent-security.nsf/docid/2009081214270148

and when I run the "build.sh" I receive the error message code...

Is there another option or really what am I doing wrong?

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Software :: Uninstall Symantec AntiVirus From Red Hat 4?

Mar 19, 2010

I have Symantec AntiVirus Program w/Scan Engine installed on a Red Hat Linux 4 server and I need to completely remove it. I haven't been able to find the documentation anywhere online that describes how to do this. I tried to ask the question on the Symantec forums but it kept asking me to choose a product, even though I already did.

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Ubuntu :: Where To Get Savfl(symantec Antivirus For System)?

Apr 17, 2011

From where can i get savfl(symantec antivirus for Linux)
i followed some places but i failed finding the setup link

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CentOS 5 :: Disabled FakeRaid Still Getting Recognized

Feb 9, 2009

I can't get CentOS to stop seeing my drives as a fakeraid, even though I disabled the raid settings in the bios. Therefore, I can't install. Previously, this box was running Vista 64 bit. I have an nVidia mainboard and two 500 GB sata drives. The mainboard offered raid support, so I enabled it. Windows saw the drives as a single raid0 drive and installed on it flawlessly. Never had a problem. Two days ago, I finally got off my horse and decided to get rid of windows and install CentOS. I left the raid intact, installed CentOS on the fake raid. Upon rebooting, GRUB wouldn't load. Booted up a live disk, fdisk saw the drives separately but couldn't read data from them.

Tried a second install, same problem. Wiped out the the data on the drives using gparted. Tried a third install, same problem. Did some research, found out that my raid was really a fakeraid and that a better option for my needs is a softraid. Disabled the fakeraid in the bios. Booted up the installer. It still loads the nvidia /dev/mapper driver. It still sees the drives as a fakeraid. Wiped out the drives using gparted. Booted up the installer. Still sees the drives as a single /dev/mapper/nvidia_lkjwer drive. Installed Ubuntu to see if I'm crazy, or if it's centOS. Ubuntu installed w/o a problem (on a single drive). Enabled, disabled, tweaked every freaking possible bios setting. Still sees the drives as a fakeraid.

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General :: Symantec AntiVirus Update Will Not Download Virus Definition Files?

Jan 27, 2010

can't seem to get my Linux AntiVirus Live update to download virus defs from my Windows Symantec Update Server?Windows workstations can update and download without a problem?When I run LiveUpdate from the side it errors out with "an error has occurred (code=-2,001)" Also, I'm not sure where the Linux defs are to be placed on my windows side for download from my linux workstations? I've found a couple good articles but everything I've tried hasn't fixed my problem? If I download the virus defs locally to each linux box I can update the virus defs without a problem, not a good option when I have several Linux boxes.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Frequency Scaling Disabled Due To Cpu Bug?

Nov 16, 2010

would ask how to fix this warning that comes when i start my centos 5 virtual machine that run under windows 2003 std, previously it run smoothly with linux centos 5.

Centos 5 Virtual Machine
VMware workstation 6 for windows
Windows 2003 STD

Centos 5 Virtual Machine
VMware workstation 6 for linux
Linux Centos 5

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CentOS 5 :: Adding Users With Disabled Logins?

Mar 16, 2011

I have recently installed CentOS on my server and I am trying to install a Teamspeak server as well as a web server using ISPConfig. But, for installing a Teamspeak server I wanted to create the user account "teamspeak" to run it so my files under root are not accessible for security reasons. I was wondering if there was a way of creating the user teamspeak with a disabled login, I know in Ubuntu to do this you do: adduser --disabled-login teamspeak

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: USB Keyboard Disabled After Lengthy Screensaver Period?

Aug 31, 2009

Screensaver mode was engaged in KDE via Control-Alt-L. Then after a while the screen when blank. I was able to get the login screen by moving my mouse; however, the keyboard was somehow disabled. It would not transmit any input. I hit cancel with the mouse and the keyboard could not bring up the login dialog box. This doesn't happen if the screensaver is engaged briefly - only for an extended period of time (perhaps 30 minutes)

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General :: Where To Get Compat-libstdc++-33 And Libstdc++.so.5 Files For Symantec Backup Agent

Sep 9, 2010

I've just install RALUS (linux backup agent) from BE 2010 R2 by manually uploading it to the server and then extracting it followed by executing the install script.

After the install i deleted the extracted directory, when i go to my Media Server i cannot browse for this server eventhough i already put the IP address of this server.

Here's my diagnostic regarding this error:


file: No such file or directory

Where can i download that file so that i can SCP to the proper directory in my Fedora COre 5 x86 Linux server ?

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CentOS 5 :: Error - INIT: Id "x" Respawing Too Fast - Disabled For 5 Minutes

Dec 3, 2010

Following msg is displayed

INIT: Id "x" respawing too fast:disabled for 5 minutes

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Server :: Install Symantec Endpoint - Error: Unpacking Of Archive Failed On File - Cpio: Mkdir Failed - No Such File Or Directory

Nov 23, 2010

i am trying to install symantec endpoint on a linux server by this command rpm -ivh sav-1.0.3-8.i386.rpm but it gives me the following error error: unpacking of archive failed on file /opt/Symantec/bin/navdefutil;4ceb8d6b: cpio: mkdir failed - No such file or directory

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Debian :: Screensaver Goes On When It Is Disabled

Aug 26, 2011

I have this strange problem with screensaver (in fact i dont know if it is the problem, but it seems to be), i describe the problem next:I have a computer with debian squeeze installed. I use this computer only as a dumb terminal for showing information about companies, this means that it have no mouse nor keyboard connected to it. I configure autologin for a not-provileged user and autorun one app.

I disabled the screen saver for obvious reasons. This all works very fine. The problem is that when connect to the computer with ssh and reboot it, 10 minutes after started the monitor goes dark, as if the screensaver gets activated, then i connect a mouse and do some moves the screen goes to the normal functional state, then disconnect the mouse and it never goes dark again, after 1 day even!. When i turn on the computer with mouse and keyboard connected, just 20 seconds after started i disconnect those both, it do the same (after 10 minutes goes dark), but if wait for 1 minute usgin the mouse and keyboard and then disconnect both, the screen goes dark thing never came out. It just appear to happen at some point when the system does not detect any input.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Fan Disabled - IBM G40

Oct 5, 2010

I have just installed OpenSuse 11.2 on my IBM G40.

Gnome 2.28.2

Model 2388CU2
Memory 744.0
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.4
BIOS Version 1TET97ww (1.12)
21.5 GB

In the System Monitor under ThinkPad it says that my fan is disabled.

I will check back later today to see as I do not want to risk overheating my computer right now.

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Ubuntu :: Disabled Ppa's Due To Upgrade To 10.04?

May 14, 2010

I can understand that the official CD (9.10) has been disabled, due to the upgrade, but, what about the TOR line? TOr works just fine since the upgrade, so Im not sure what problems, if any, I could experience from the disabled line, the same applies to medibuntu non free free...

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Ubuntu :: Add New Printer Disabled?

Jun 26, 2010

I have a locally connected Epson R340 printer. The Lucid docs suggest Administration>Printing, Server>New>Printer. But that option is disabled in the menu!

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Is Disabled?

Jul 14, 2010

After some time, one PC in one user account cant anymore interact with keyboard. When I change user in same machine, other user can (it is obviously not hardware and system issue). After e.g. week, even second have same problem. Same start with other PCs.

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Ubuntu :: Ufw Disabled On Install?

Oct 16, 2010

I just did a clean install of Maverick the other day. I had done very little with it before installing the Firewall Configuration app for UFW. Imagine my surprise when the program first opened to show that the firewall was disabled. I'm no expert on networking and security, but I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to simply have the firewall turned off for no reason.

Prior to that, I had installed Apache2 and MySQL, but I hadn't done anything with them yet. If anything, I would have expected this to open a few ports, but certainly not disable the firewall. Is there anyone who can explain this. If for no other reason, I would like to be reassured that the developers haven't taken the libre philosophy to extremes at the expense of my security. (Sorry for the satirical commentary.)

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Ubuntu :: Bluetooth Disabled In 10.10?

Feb 17, 2011

I have been unable to use Bluetooth since I did a clean install of 10.10. It worked before, so I know I have the hardware.

The default manager has a button to turn on bluetooth, but it doesn't do anything. I downloaded Blueman but get a message that "Bluez daemon is not running, blue-man manager cannot continue."

I've tried a few different inquiries, but I'm not sure what they mean:


hci0:Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
BD Address: 00:16:41:4A:98:B0 ACL MTU: 384:8 SCO MTU: 64:8
RX bytes:380 acl:0 sco:0 events:16 errors:0
TX bytes:64 acl:0 sco:0 commands:16 errors:0


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Ubuntu :: Why UFW Disabled In All Run Levels

Nov 15, 2009

I am an experienced redHat/Fedora sysadmin but I'm completely new to ubuntu/debian world and the-way-the-things-works. I am trying to understand a few things. One of them is security related. Is AppArmor an extra security layer that protects individual services based in what is the normal and expected behavior, right? Why it is disabled in all run levels expect level 6 (reboot?)? Should I enable it on all run-levels? Should I select which service to protect or the defaults are fine ?

Is netfilter, the basic packet filter on Ubuntu 9.10? I founded iptables and I installed firestarter, but looks like firestarter is protecting nothing from outside, based on this iptables -L output:
Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
target port opt source destination
ACCEPT all anywhere anywhere

This is right? The default policy is DROP but there is a rule that allows anything from anywhere? This make any sense ? And finally, what is ufw and why it is disabled in all runlevels? Is ufw a replacement for iptables, or firestarter or it is a completely new animal? Should I use ufw instead firestarter? I am impressed about how different is Ubuntu/debian from other RH based distros. I just realize how much I have to learn about this new stuff.

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Fedora Installation :: F10 Widescreen Is Disabled?

Jan 23, 2009

I have some experience using linux systems, but my recent Fedora 10 (x86_64) install is my first attempt at installing and maintaining my own. I installed it to a clean second hard drive in my computer (Vista and XP partitions were previously installed on the first drive).The install was a bit of a fight, anaconda seemed to dislike my graphics card (ATI HD2900) and I finally got this issue resolved by running the install with 'linux xdriver=vesa'. Once the install completed I had to run a repair install to get a functioning grub, and even that I had to manually fix during the boot process because grub mixed up the two hard drives.

In Fedora I cannot choose any widescreen resolutions. I think this is either related to my hacky install process or ATI driver incompatibilities. I followed the URL... guide to try to update the drivers and have run a full system update. Neither has resolved my problems, and now I am fresh out of ideas.

Is there some other driver update process I should try, or should I just reformat the drive and try again with crossed fingers and a clean Fedora install?As an infuriating side note, I helped a friend install from the same DVD after my install fearing he might have the same issues, but the installer seemed to do everything automatically (his install was also on a second drive with Vista on the first, but his video card is a newer model ATI card than mine).

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Fedora :: Banner Sheet Cannot Be Disabled On F12

Dec 20, 2009

My F12 is connected to a Xerox DC432 printer on the network. The problem I'm facing is that banner sheet cannot be disable. The configuration setting on Administration->Printing showed that banner is off by default. "/etc/cups/printers.conf" file also have "JobSheets none none". I had the same problem with F11. Is there any step I'm missing? It doesn't seem to be problem of the printer itself because I could do this on a Windows OS.

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Fedora Networking :: Wi-Fi Suddenly Disabled In F11

Jan 22, 2010

My wireless gets randomly disabled in my Acer Timeline 3810 with F11. The time it can take is basically random, but most of the times it ends up happening. I get disconnected, and then in the network manager in gnome panel wireless network appears disables and in fact the option appears grayed out. The only thing I can do to get it back workinh is restart.

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Fedora :: IRQ Conflicts - ECC Disabled In BIOS

Sep 3, 2010

When I moved from Fedora 13 from Fedora 11, I thought the annoying application crashes that I had been having were gone for good. Random crashes - firefox, Thunderbird, Abrt, metacity and what have you with SIGSEGV errors. I'm beginning to believe that these are not down to Fedora or even the RAM (Have run Memtest, several times). I'm not sure if what I am seeing are signs of IRQ conflicts of some sort. Can someone, please have a look and give me some guidance on what to do? Should I reinstall with acpi=off ? noapic? Also, don't have a clue why the system complains of ECC being disabled? The RAM is non-ECC. I have posted some sections of the logs here with links to the full logs instead of making this a massive post.

EDAC MC: Ver: 2.1.0 Aug 27 2010
EDAC amd64_edac: Ver: 3.3.0 Aug 27 2010
EDAC amd64: This node reports that Memory ECC is currently disabled, set F3x44[22] (0000:00:18.3).
EDAC amd64: ECC disabled in the BIOS or no ECC capability, module will not load.
Either enable ECC checking or force module loading by setting 'ecc_enable_override'.
(Note that use of the override may cause unknown side effects.)
amd64_edac: probe of 0000:00:18.2 failed with error -22
Complete system spec, BIOS details etc.

Full dmesg log on a fresh install. No issues experienced with system installation.

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Fedora :: KVM Support Disabled Running F15

Jun 4, 2011

I'm running Fedora 15/ When I run <code>qemu</code> I'm getting "Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support" I know my CPU supports hardware virtualization, it has the vmx flag (grep vmx /proc/cpuinfo). I've checked that:
1. kvm and kvm_intel modules are loaded
2. /dev/kvm exists.
3. I'm in the kvm group, so I can access /dev/kvm..
Why KVM doesn't work?

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Fedora :: Could Not Initialize KVM - Support Disabled

Jul 25, 2011

I installed kvm via the package manager but running "qemu" gives the output:
Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support
I'm in the group "kvm" and /dev/kvm exists but seems... empty
I'm not familiar with KVM, QEMU and virtualization technology...

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OpenSUSE :: Compositing Is Temporarily Disabled?

Aug 26, 2010

This is probably already on these forums, but I recently re-installed suse 11.3 and had the desktop effects working fine with the desktop cube animation and everything. But not the case this time...I resume compositing, and try my desktop effect shortcuts, but nothing happens and it comes up saying for me to press Alt+Shift+F12 to resume the compositing again. I do that, but still nothing, and I even re-apply the desktopct settings completely and restart the computer and it comes up saying that none of them were activated or something in the notifications pop-up on the bottom right of the screen. I thought I downloaded the right files (OpenGL??) from the repositories along with basically anything I thought would make it work.

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Ubuntu :: Nosplash Disabled In Grub2 ?

May 19, 2010

On changing the boot splash theme but not for disabling it. Previous grub you could disable the splash with 'nosplash' but with grub2 the splash screen still loads with Ubuntu and .... cycling.

Which should bypass looking for resume information and not show the splash screen. I know. I'm silly and actually want to see what's loading when it boots.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot From CD Disabled?

Jun 7, 2010

I purchased a used Windows XP Pro machine and can't install Ubuntu as the system says "boot from CD disabled. How can I restore the booting process?

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