CentOS 5 :: Error Starting Gnome Settings Daemon - Unknown Return Code 1

May 20, 2011

Getting this error seemingly randomly at login:
There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.
Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work correctly.

The last error message was:
Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in.
I thought I might be logging in to fast, but it happened again when I had waited several minutes.

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General :: Error Calling Get_folders: Launch Helper Exited With Unknown Return Code 1

Jul 18, 2010

I'm using ubuntu 10.04 and whenever i start nautilus from command line it shows error:

root@aduait-laptop:~/Desktop# nautilus
Initializing nautilus-gdu extension
** (nautilus:9990): WARNING **: Error calling get_folders: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
** (nautilus:9990): WARNING **: Error calling get_folders: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
** (nautilus:9990): WARNING **: Error calling get_folders: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
** (nautilus:9990): WARNING **: Error calling get_folders: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
** (nautilus:9990): WARNING **: Error calling get_folders: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1

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CentOS 5 :: Gnome-settings-daemon And SHMConfig ?

Oct 4, 2010

Setting up CentOS 5.5 on my laptop. After installing the synaptics driver, I am able to get a functioning X session without any problems (I'm using startx for testing). There are however two problems: 0/ mouse cursor is slow as snails and 1/ GNOME is fouled up.

- I've tried enabling SHMConfig in my xorg.conf file, and have also tried the HAL thing here. Either way synclient tells me to jump in a lack. I should be able to set suitable adjustments in xorg.conf, but running synclient -l to see what it's currently using would be much faster than hours of trial end error. As Google totally fails to provide anything helpful and I see nothing handy in documentation beyond the 1-line edit to xorg.conf I've already done, how in the universe do I actually enable SHMConfig to synclient's satisfaction? EDIT: scrolling doesn't work either, so access to synclient is even more important; on the upside I have manually tuned the mouse speed by T&E.

- GNOME was installed through the "GNOME Desktop Environment" and "GNOME Software Development" groups (yum groupinstall GNOME*) after net' installing CentOS. It has been startx'd through gnome-session. On startup I get a string of Windows: one is a dialog saying that there was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon with a last error message of "Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session". The other two are dialog windows gripe about mail notification. Several icons are missing but gnome otherwise works fine, as long as I do nothing that requires SETTINGS. Searching the web and documentation hasn't helped here either, so how the flub do I fix that?

I expect to be using blackbox or something lighter most of the time, but as GNOME is the default.... it better be working!

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OpenSUSE :: Consolekit Session Error "Consolekit Session Error, Unknown Return Code 0"

Apr 6, 2010

when i start my pc i have an error: Consolekit session error, unknown return code 0 when i click Ok it then starts my session

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CentOS 5 Server :: Start Nfs Services And Get Error "Starting NFS Daemon: [FAILED]"

Aug 29, 2011

When I want to start nfs services ,I get this error, Starting NFS daemon: [FAILED]

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Fedora :: Gnome - Settings Daemon Bugged After Update?

Sep 19, 2009

The gnome-settings daemon was updated today on my Fedora 11 machine and it's now performing all kinds of interesting activities. It's using my CPU a ton. And it's generating lots of network traffic. This appears to be a massive bug of some sort. Anyone know any more details? I haven't found anything yet.

If you haven't updated it, DON'T!

2.26.1-10 appears to be the culprit.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Gnome-settings-daemon Is Not Started?

Dec 10, 2009

After I login my desktop preferences are not loaded. If I try to change them (Control cneter-> apparence) I get a message that says: Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'.Without the GNOME settings manager running, some preferences may not take effect. This could indicate a problem with DBus, or a non-GNOME (e.g. KDE) settings manager may already be active and conflicting with the GNOME settings manager.The first lines of .xsession-errors show:

/etc/X11/xim: Checking whether an input method should be started.
HOSTNAME: Undefined variable.
XDG_DATA_DIRS: Undefined variable.


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Ubuntu :: Gnome-settings-daemon Does Not Work As Expected?

Oct 28, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a brand new HP EliteBook 8540w with an Nvidia card. To get the machine to work at all I have to use the proprietary nvidia driver. The downside is that when I use this driver gnome-settings-daemon seems to crash when I start the machine which results in a ugly theme. To fix this I have to run the following command:

sudo gnome-settings-daemon

After this the theme is re-applied. If I try to run gnome-settings-daemon as my regular user I get the following messages:

** (gnome-settings-daemon:2187): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.SettingsDaemon
** (gnome-settings-daemon:2187): WARNING **: Could not acquire name


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Ubuntu :: Gnome-settings-daemon Crashing / Slowing Down

Nov 27, 2010

about every second time when I start up my Ubuntu 10.4, my hard drive starts to work heavily. While it's doing so I see in the system monitor that the gnome-settings-daemon has the status 'uninterruptible'. After about 3 minutes the hard drive calms down and the status of gnome-settings-daemon switches to 'sleeping'. so from that I guess the heavy working of the hard drive is somehow related to that process. Sometimes gnome-settings-daemon seems to crash completely so that my theme is gone.

So is there a solution to that? because it's annoying that it slows down the system for about 3 minutes after start up. On the net I've found some old threads from 2004 and 2006 which describe crashing of gnome-settings-daemon. But there didn't seem to be a solution.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-settings-daemon Segmentation Fault?

Jun 23, 2011

I'm having trouble with gnome-settings-daemon in gnome 3. I can start it with sudo and get my pretty theme, but under my normal user it segfaults.

blah@heymon ~/.config/gtk-3.0 $ gnome-settings-daemon
(gnome-settings-daemon:309: Gtk-WARNING **: Could not load named theme "Adwaita": File doesn't exist: /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/-gtk-gradient (linear,


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General :: CentOS Hal-daemon Starting Fail

Jan 25, 2010

I am using CentOS 5 Both a production server and VM CentOS get this problem.When issue:

# /etc/rc.d/init.d/haldaemon start
Starting HAL daemon: [FAILED]

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-settings-daemon Ultra High Memory Usage After Suspend?

Oct 19, 2010

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 and I am experiencing an ultra high memory usage of the gnome-settings-daemon of 2GB after suspend! Killing and restarting the daemon solves the issue. Anybody else with this behavior?

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Ubuntu :: Unknown Error When Starting Up Computer

Dec 3, 2010

Last week my computer crashed while using Adobe flashplayer, when I restarted my computer I get a black screen with an error message:

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Fedora X86/64bit :: IM-Settings-Daemon Error Cannot Trigger Ibus?

Oct 12, 2009

i think IM-settings is dead. i cannot get ibus or scim work.IM-Settings-Daemon[6769]: CRITICAL **: Giving up to bring the process up because Main Input Method process for ibus rapidly died many times. See .imsettings.log for more details.i have re-installed butProblem has been solved...re-install or update gtk2/glib2 and remove imsettings scim ibus im-chooser etc, everything.re-install imsettings ibus and im-chooser...thats it! i found sometimes the binary is not as good as source....

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General :: KMail Sending Failed - Unknown Error Code 50

Dec 10, 2010

I want to ask about Kmail. I have Kmail from Mandriva. I use Kmail for My Email. And When I reply Message, I found some trouble.

Sending failed:
Unknown error code 50. The message content was not accepted.
The server responded: "5.7.1 Message refused by BannedWord check. This email has been rejected. The email message was detected as spam." Please send a full bug report at [URL]. The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder until you either fix the problem (e.g. a broken address) or remove the message from the 'outbox' folder. This transport protocol was used: smtp.net

How to solve this email error I get when I try to send email via KMail.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: K3b Burning - Errors CD RECORD RETURNED AN UNKNOWN ERROR (CODE 254)

Aug 14, 2010

Iam trying to burn wave files to a cd that i ripped from a cd when i try burning to gets to 300 meg and stops with these errors CD RECORD RETURNED AN UNKNOWN ERROR (CODE 254) SOMETIMES USING TAO WRITING MODE SOLVES THIS ISSUE Using ubuntu 10.04

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General :: Could Not Receive Return Value From Daemon Process?

Mar 17, 2011

each time my linux is booting, it check something like eth0 and something else. but there is something i write below that fail... Code: could not receive return value from daemon proccess?

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Fedora Servers :: Gnome Error - Hostname: Unknown Host

Mar 23, 2009

I installed Gnome on my server by when I run


[root@F026 ~]# startx


hostname: Unknown host
xauth: creating new authority file /root/.serverauth.2915
X.Org X Server 1.5.3
Release Date: 5 November 2008
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
Build Operating System: Linux 2.6.18-128.1.1.el5 i686


I don;t have physical access to the system and it is a server located in Europe. Fedora release 10 (Cambridge) is installed in it.

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CentOS 5 :: Website Timeout Daily And Return A Nscd Not Found Error?

Feb 4, 2010

I was having a problem on my squid server whereby 1 website would timeout daily and return a nscd not found error: [url]....There may be other sites but this is the only one I know of. A selection of other sites still work correctly, which is the strange thing.I have found that by restarting the dns cache everything works again: /etc/init.d/nscd restart.I never know quite when this will timeout so it is not very good for people accessing that site on the server.

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CentOS 5 :: Timeout Error Occured Trying To Start Mysqld Daemon?

Mar 10, 2009

I have Centos 5.1 and im a total newbie. I have managed to get it running with Apache and PHP but after I install mysql it fails to start with the above error. I have removed it as well using YUM and reinstalled it but it still will not start.

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CentOS 5 Server :: Timeout Error Occurred Trying To Start MySQL Daemon

Jun 2, 2011

I have a VPS running on centos-5-x86 and mysql server went down two days ago this is my mysql server log

110602 18:28:09 mysqld started
InnoDB: The log sequence number in ibdata files does not match
InnoDB: the log sequence number in the ib_logfiles!
110602 18:28:14 InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!
InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.


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Software :: Test The Return Code Value?

Jan 28, 2011

Im trying to test the return for 0 or greater. The code not working. How can it be fixed ?

<linux command goes here>
echo "$RETVAL"
if ["$RETVAL" -eq "0" ]


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CentOS 5 Server :: Unknown User Error With Postfix?

Mar 22, 2011

why no matter what email I send to a user I get this error relay1 postfix/local[4023]: 75941291D4: to=<username@domainname.com>, relay=local, delay=0.14, delays=0.07/0.02/0/0.05, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: "username")

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Ubuntu :: : Cifs_mount Failed W/return Code = -6?

Aug 2, 2010

I'm trying to mount a samba share from one Ubuntu server to another Ubuntu server and keep getting:

: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -6

I've searched cifs error codes on google and can't find anything about what it means. Anyone know what it means or has a link to a cifs error codes sheet?

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General :: Return Code 1 For Useradd Command?

May 2, 2011

getting a error return code for useradd commandthe return code is 1cite or tell me the explanation of return code 1 .

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General :: Get A Return Code For The Command Ldapmodify?

Mar 31, 2011

I need to get a return code for the command ldapmodify.I try this and didn't workrc=ldapmodify -a -v -c -p $PORT -h $SRV -D cn=$USR,cn=Users,dc=company,dc=com -w $PWD -f $LDIFFILENAMECOUNTecho "return code " $rc what exactly the way to get the return code of that ?

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General :: Read Carriage Return Code?

Mar 9, 2010

I have a text file have carriage return code ^L , ^K , I can use vi to read this code , can advise if I want to see this code , what can i do

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Software :: Utility That Does Nothing Other Than Return A Completion Code Of Zero?

Dec 6, 2010

In the main frame world there is a utility that does nothing other than return a completion code of zero ( IEFBR14 ). It would look like this:

In C:
int main(){


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Slackware :: Freezes On Starting HAL Daemon?

Apr 27, 2010

I've apparently messed up something I guess with the rc.M file. When I boot the system it goes to

Code: Starting HAL Daemon: /usr/sbin/hald --daemon=yes

and it freezes.

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CentOS 5 :: Error In Starting Playlist On DSS 5.5.5 / Fix It?

Dec 9, 2010

When i add hinted ( using gpac MP4Box) mp4 files in playlist on admin page of DSS 5.5.5 it gives following error

"An error occurred while starting or stopping your playlist." code...

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