Ubuntu :: Missing Icons, Top Control Panel?

May 2, 2011

I'm new here and running 11.04, but ALL of the icons are missing thus rendering the GUI useless. I cannot even open a brower nor a program

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Ubuntu :: Volume Control Missing From Panel?

Mar 23, 2010

I boot up my machine today and the Volume Control, which I use a lot, is missing from my panel!Anybody know how I get that back? I figured I could just right-click the panel and choose it from "Add to Panel".. but there is no Volume Control in there?

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Ubuntu :: Control Panel Missing Icon

Nov 16, 2010

I'm using "Control Panel" for my settings and the icon for Bluetooth has changed, it looks like a sheet of paper with a no entry sign on it.It works but it's not the correct icon for the theme I'm using. Any ideas ?

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Ubuntu :: Missing Volume Control On Panel?

May 9, 2011

I accidentally deleted my volume control from my top panel and it's not an option when I go on to 'add to panel' How do I get it back? The sound is half way down and the only control I have is on my crappy speakers so when I turn them up more to compensate, I get the buzzy noise they have?

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Ubuntu :: Network Manager And Volume Control Icons Missing / Get Them Back?

Feb 24, 2010

The Volume control and network manager icons are not visible in the notification area..
I sure its has nothing to do with
Add to panel-->Notification area....beacuse the notification area is already there..
but the icons are not visible
the only way that I can make the visible is by typing code...

for volume control.. Only then they become visible in the notification area

Both, the network manager and volume control are mentioned in the "Start-up programs"

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Ubuntu :: U11.04 Unity Panel Icons Missing / Get Them Back?

May 5, 2011

After playing around with Ubuntu Tweaks to remove the "Recent Documents" logging, I somehow ended up losing the icons for "Applications" and "Files & Folders".

I tried lots of different things but the only thing that seemed to sort it was this:

Log out. Log in under Ubuntu Classic (for some reason dropping back to tty with Ctr, Alt and F2 didn't do it). Bring up the terminal and do code...

Log back into Ubuntu (not classic) and hopefully, you should end up with all icons back as they were.

This worked for me but I can't remember if I'd gotten rid of the ".recent-documents.xbel" file in my home folder first, so if all else fails you could try that before you start removing and re-installing Unity.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Volume Control From Gnome Panel

Feb 21, 2010

On accident I removed the volume control from the top panel, and when I go back to the panel and click add panel there is no volume control there. Also I use uTorrent in win and the utorrent logo use to go into the panel, but now it loads in a separate window label wine system tray. I have searched around and have not found a fix for this.

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Ubuntu :: Volume Control Icon Missing From Panel?

Mar 28, 2011

I was having some problems with audio and java #post10609906), so I uninstalled pulseaudio, which removed the volume control icon from the notification area. However, even after reinstalling pulseaudio and ubuntu-desktop(which got removed), the sound control isn't there, although the internet connection icon in the notification area is still thereNote: Another thread said that adding notification area to the panel would restore it. I've tried that, but it only shows the internet icon and not the volume control.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Volume Control Missing From Launch Panel?

Apr 30, 2010

I installed Lynx 10.04 from scratch and found the audio volume control is missing from the launch panel.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Volume Control Missing From System Notification Panel?

Apr 21, 2010

After upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04, I realised, to my dismay, that the volume control had vanished from the panel. I can still control the volume via the buttons on my keyboard When I right-click on the panel and go to "and to panel" as other treads suggested, "Volume Control" is not on the list

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Fedora :: Lost Volume Control / Internet And Battery Indicator From Control Panel On F11

Jul 15, 2009

I feel little silly asking this, I accidently removed from my gnome panel my internet connection, volume control and battery indicator on F11. how can I add this back. It does not show up in the add to panel menu and the applications do not give you back the default feel.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Icons In 10.04 - Add Icons To The Hibernate/ Shut Down Words?

Apr 29, 2010

I already restored regular icons by going to gconf. However, the icons on top right where the "power" button is located, still have no icons. Is there any way to add icons to the hibernate/ shut down , etc words?

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Ubuntu :: Don't Have A Volume Control Icon On The Panel And When Choosing To Add Stuff To The Panel It Isn't Available?

Oct 12, 2010

Someone on the forums had me uninstall pulseaudio to get pSX working, and now I don't have a volume control icon on the panel and when choosing to add stuff to the panel it isn't available.I re-installed pulseaudio through the package manager, but I have a feeling it didn't install everything that uninstalled with it.

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Ubuntu :: Resolution - Top Panel Is Slightly Cut Off - Missing About The Top 20% Of The Panel

Mar 23, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu and really like it so far, having come from a PC background up to now. I've installed it on my Acer laptop and all is well there. However, on my desktop, the screen resolution doesn't match the Ubuntu desktop and fonts and graphics are very blurry. The hardware I have is:

HP Compaq dx2450 micro-tower FE281EA
Samsung 23" widescreen monitor, native resolution 1680x1050

When I check the resolution using System > Preferences > Display it says that indeed I'm using 1680x1050, which should be correct. However, the bottom of the Ubuntu desktop is cut-off, below the bottom of the screen, so I can only see the very top edge of the bottom panel. The top panel is also slightly cut off, missing about the top 20% of the panel. Left and right seem to be in line OK. The resulting blurriness of fonts makes it fairly unusable until I get it fixed.

I've searched fairly extensively and I realise there are other threads on this so sorry for posting again, but they all seem to be slightly different problems and all the responses are fairly or very technical. Maybe I can't avoid a technical solution and getting my hands dirty with a terminal prompt, but I'm hoping I can fix this without resorting to stuff I don't understand and might get wrong. I'm a technically minded end-user but not a unix guy.

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Ubuntu :: Panel Missing In11.04 - Most Of My Effects Were Missing

Apr 30, 2011

I just installed ubuntu 11.04 last night. I noticed most of my effects were missing so I tried to put them back on. This didn't work so I disabled the effects. Then, my panel at the top and the Launcher is missing. .How do I get these back?

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Ubuntu :: Volume Control And Rythmbox Icons Gone?

May 17, 2010

I use ubuntu 9.10. Recently two sound control icons appeared in the panel so I tried removing one and now both are gone. Also the rythmbox icon does not appear anymore either after I open the program.

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Ubuntu :: Two Volume Control Icons In Notification Area?

Apr 12, 2010

This happened upon boot-up this morning. Two volume control iconspeared in the notification area. One volume control icon is the real thing, the other appears to overwrite the network manager icon, which isn't showing up at all. If I left click on the "dummy" icon, it does nothing. If I right click and select About, it describes itself as the notification area, the same as if I right click on the little = handle to the left of the notification area. Ubuntu 9.10, system up-to-date.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Add Icons To The Panel?

Sep 13, 2010

Unlike ubuntu on xubuntu I am not able to add additional icons to the top panel. I wanted to add icons to start Open Office Writer and terminal but for some reason I can't.I right clicked on an app (icon) to add it to the panel but that does not work.I clicked on an app (icon) and tried to move it to the panel. No success.I right clicked on the panel and selected "Add new items" but the list of apps is limited.[edit] What I want to do is be able to launch applications from the top panel by adding icons to the panel.

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Ubuntu :: Icons In Panel Rearrange Themselves?

Apr 19, 2010

when the screen resolution on my computer, and sometimes when I just turn on my computer the launchers or icons, or whatever they are called, are all moved around in the panel.Is there any program that will restore the icons with a click or something. I have already tried locking the panel, but that does not work.

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Ubuntu :: Two Battery Icons In Panel?

Aug 17, 2010

I've recently installed 10.04 on my laptop and spent some time configuring it. A while ago I've noticed that there are now two battery icons in the panel in the top-right corner. One seems to be attached to the indicator applet and the other one sits by itself. Changing the settings in the Power Management menu affects both icons in the same way (I can either show or hide them both). Is there any way to remove the extra icon and just keep the one integrated into the indicator?

This is a very minor annoyance really, but it'd still be nice if there was a fix for it.

Update: Now the battery icon in the indicator applet has changed to the chat "evelope" icon, but it still acts as a battery icon (same menu). Something is definitely not right here...

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Ubuntu :: Moving Two Icons In Top Panel

Nov 8, 2010

I have two icons on the far right of my top panel that have no "Move menu item". I would like to move them so that they are more to the left and the search is first on right followed by the time/date and everything else after that. One icon is Dropbox and the other is my wireless signal icon. How do I move these icons? There is no lock to panel or move menu item.

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Ubuntu :: Icons In Panel Not Recognized

Apr 25, 2011

Been using Ubuntu for a year or so now. My drive crashed, so I started over, this time getting 11.04. Now, my icons on the upper right panel are just a black box with a red crossed-out circle. One is my internet connection, the other is Dropbox. Neither seems to be recognized.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Backup The Panel Icons?

Jul 3, 2011

Is there a way to backup the panel icons?

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Ubuntu :: Launcher Panel Icons ?

Jul 16, 2010

I accidentally removed my little speaker (volume control) and internet buttons from my launch panel. I can't seem to figure how to put them back. They are not listed in the 'Add to panel' right click option.

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Ubuntu :: Have Control Over What Goes On Desktop Panel?

May 23, 2010

I recently loaded the latest version of Ubuntu Remix of my EEEPc 10000h.The problem I am have which I had had with some previous versions of Ubuntu is, I am prefer the classic desktop view. I also like to have control over what goes on my desktop panel. With the latest version I find that I cannot add to or delete from, neither can I move around any of the objects on the on the desktop panel.I there is some applet that has to be loaded or something in the software that I happen to be missing

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Ubuntu :: Control Compiz From Panel?

Sep 19, 2010

I want to find a way to control compiz from my panel, basically have some custom launchers that would say rotate cube or bring up expo, i have been unable to find commands to do this, does anyone know if this is possible. even if it were a link to a bash script.

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Ubuntu :: Getting Volume Control On Panel?

Sep 27, 2010

I accidentally removed the volume control from the panel (top right). I added it again (Indicator Applet), but now it's not on the far right with the time/date and wifi icons; it's in the middle part of the upper panel. How do I add applets to the far right of the upper panel?

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Ubuntu :: Volume Control Gone From Panel?

Jun 10, 2011

Don't know what happened but after some updates last week the volume control is gone from my panel and I can't seem to add it back???

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Ubuntu :: Icons Start To Disappear In Panel

May 26, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32Bit on my Dell Inspiron B130 Laptop, and it works great, way faster then windows XP which was pre-installed on the machine. Everything worked out of the box except for the Wireless but after some reading I was able to get it to work by plugging it in to the wired connection. but anyway the problem I'm having is that it seems like after a few days of use ubuntu starts to act up, things become out of place and not work. this even happens with Linux Mint also. By acting up I mean, Icons start to disappear in the panel, my wireless connection starts to stop working and the only way to keep it on is to either log off and try to log in using KDE instead of GNOME. or open terminal and do the command nm-appt or something someone on the chat told me to do to try and get my wireless icon working.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Delete Icons On Lower Panel?

Jun 18, 2010

Accidentally unpacked a rar file and ended up with numerous archive manager icons on the lower panel and cant remove them?

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