Ubuntu Installation :: Menu Bars Disappeared After Instaling Nvidia Drivers / Fix It?

Dec 8, 2010

Well, its easy i will put an screen shot of my problem xD, the menu bars disappeared, i can enter the archives and use programs, anyone know how to fix it?

I have ubuntu 10.10

post if you need more info

o.o well it got fixed somehow

delete this post

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers Without Losing Menu

May 27, 2011

how to install Nvidia drivers without losing my menu.Slightly more specifically: When I go to install the drivers for my graphics card (Nvidia 7300 SE/ 7200 GS) under the 'Additional Drivers' menu in Administration, it does everything fine, wants to restart, and when it does, I have no menu, no bottom bar, nothing. The only thing on my screen is my wallpaper. (I'm using the gnome set-up, not Unity) For whatever reason, my Linksys adapter stopped working with Windows7. I dunno why, I tried everything, it's just not working. Yet when I boot into Ubuntu 11.04 x64 it works perfectly. HOW ON EARTH a Linksys device is working better out of the box on Linux than it does on Windows is profoundly beyond my level of understanding, but no complaints. Once I found out that Ubuntu can actually run World of Warcraft better than Windows, given the right adjustments.I removed Windows from my hard-drive post haste.I've gotten WoW to run on Ubuntu now, but it runs horribly, like 1fps. Added the OpenGL text to the config.wtf file, and it got only very slightly less horrible, but I'd like to assume that having an actual driver for my graphics card would make the game playable.

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Ubuntu :: All Bars And Launcher Disappeared

May 24, 2011

I was setting up my Ubuntu 11, installed drivers and stuff.the last thing I installed was Wallpapoz - I was willing to have different backgrounds for different work spaces.I dunno exactly what happened, but when I restarted the computer, all the bars were gone: both the new apple-style dock on the left of the screen and the classic one in the top.I really don't know what to do know.I got into recovery mode, where the top bar is present, and I removed wallpapoz, but nothing has changed when I restart the computer normally.

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Ubuntu :: Window Title Bars Disappeared

Apr 20, 2011

I have just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04

Using gnome I can no longer see the title bars of any windows or the minimise, restore and close buttons.

Example is shown here: [url]

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Ubuntu :: Title Bars Disappeared And Other Window Manager Breakage?

May 23, 2011

I came into work this morning to find XFCE's window manager completely broken: no title bars, unable to move windows around, and unable to focus on a window to type in it (terminal, browser address bar, etc.). I tried going into the preferences then window manager settings, but just got a blank panel. Deleting .config/xfce4 didn't solve the problem.

I'm thinking of just doing a clean install of Xubuntu, or more likely another Xfce-based distro, since my current setup (regular Ubuntu with Xubuntu also installed) is quite messed up (same startup applications being used for Gnome and Xfce, and various other issues). I can't remember whether I did any updates last Friday that might have broken it.

Interestingly I used to have similar issues with Xmonad when I used it - some features didn't work properly and I had to restart the WM to fix them. Never did find a proper solution.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers For Nvidia 8800 GT Video Card

Apr 3, 2011

I can't figure out how to install the nvidia drivers for my nvidia 8800 GT video card. I've followed some other posts and all the posts seemed either incomplete, or led me down a path of which eventually broke my installation, that I needed to reinstall the entire ubuntu system.Again, it may not have been broken, i just didnt know how to get back in to the gui version of ubuntu, the instructions took me to the console terminal

1.) I've installed the ubuntu 10.10 64bit for i386 in an oracle virtualBox..

2.) downloaded from nvidia.com "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.44.run"

3.) Stuck don't know what to do.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Lose By Adding The X11failsafe Option In Menu.lst / NVidia Drivers?

Jul 21, 2011

My install of 11.4 (& 12.1) won't load unless I add the X11failsafe option to the loading of 11.4 (& 12.1) in the Grub menu.lst file. They bomb out after resetting the video when booting. I don't need to do this with my 11.3 install. Upon closer inspection 11.3 is using the nouveau nVidia driver, whereas both 11.4 & 12.1 are using the fbdev nVidia driver. My Hardware is a GEForce 6150SE and a Samsung SyncMaster 933SN. I have a couple of questions

1) What do I lose by adding the X11failsafe option in Menu.lst?

2) Can I, should I, replace the fbdev driver with something else. If yes, What? Nouveau?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Menu And All Panels Disappeared After Upgrading From 10.10 To 11.04?

Apr 28, 2011

Today I upgraded to the final release of Ubuntu 11.04. The upgrade completed successfully, but after restarting, the menu and all panels disappeared, even window borders. I tried to restart the PC, but same problem.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows Partition Disappeared In Boot Menu?

Jun 28, 2010

I'm an unexperiences Ubuntu user havning installed a dual boot with Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10. However, when I'm booting my system now, the Windows option has disappeared from the menu, and the list only contains many different updates of my Ubuntu system. Can anyone try to explain me how I can retain my Windows option?I onlyuse Ubuntu for programming purposes, so skills regarding this topic is very poor

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Ubuntu Installation :: Global Menu Bar Seems To Have Disappeared In Unity (natty)

Jun 23, 2011

after a lot of testing and tweaking done in natty 64 bit while running as live usb, i decided to install it clean on my laptop. everything is working fine (courtesy the time i spent to get things work in live usb)
i installed gnome shell too and now have an option of unity / gnome shell and classic.

today being the 2nd day, i got the following problems.

a) the global menu that was being displayed in unity is not working. its funny to note that firefox global menu is working but not for nautilus or any other apps.

b) conky is displayed in unity and classic desktop but not in gnome-shell. i also followed this link to get it working in start up = > [URL]

still not working. when i issue the top command, i can see that conky is listed in the processes but not displayed..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Nothing In The Top And Bottom Menu Bars After A "sucessful" Upgrade To 10.04

Apr 8, 2010

I recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and all went well once I found the trick to force the upgrade to a beta version. (Subject of a previous post) However now having switched the PC back on after 2/3 days of not touching it, I have nothing in the top and bottom menu bars, just the icons on the desktop for the CD and a shared drive (Machine is dual boot XP/Ubuntiu courtesy of Wubi). I can change back ground but little else

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Ubuntu :: Deleting An Applet From The Top Menu Bar And The Entire Menu Bar Disappeared?

Aug 5, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu for about 5 years now. I just installed it on one of my neighbors computers.I tried deleting an applet from the top menu bar and the entire menu bar disappeared. I click on the add new menu bar and it just throws something up on the side. I'm using 10.04. I never had this problem before.

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Ubuntu :: Menu's Disappeared \ Menu Buttons Are All Gone?

May 21, 2010

My menu buttons are all gone. They've been replaced by a single button with everything in 1 menu and the button icon is a white box with a red cross?

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Ubuntu :: Menu Bars Keep Disappearing After A While?

Apr 5, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on my Cr48 (google beta laptop), which is downloaded from Google.

After a while of using it (it varies, and has been about 30 minutes recently), the menu bars at the top and bottom of the screen disappear.

Webpages perpetually load... but never do. Browser chats still work with people, I just cant load new web pages.

When I hit the power button and am prompted with three shutdown options, the top and bottom icon are red circles with a white X (like it cant load the icon), and all the text is just boxes like it cant load the symbols.

I have to hard reset the whole computer by pulling the battery.

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Ubuntu :: Menu Bars On Desktop Disappear?

Jun 10, 2010

[URL]How can this be fixed?

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Ubuntu :: Missing Menu Bars Cannot Get To Terminal

May 28, 2011

I just upgraded to Natty and I cannot access any of my menu bars. My mouse does not move any higher than the screen boundaries and I'm sure they're not set to auto hide. After doing some searching I found the following commands which I ran in a terminal on my Mac, controlling my Ubuntu machine through SSH.Window manager error: Unable to open X display.

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Ubuntu :: KDE - Menu Bars And Icons Of GNOME

Feb 21, 2010

See, I like the KDE (like Kubuntu) but I dislike the menu bars and the taskbar (though I like the setup of it once the menu button is opened), and I much prefer GNOME's icons and bars, is there any way I can do this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Nvidia 260.19.12 Drivers In 10.10?

Oct 14, 2010

I have got to install nvidia 260.19.12 drivers in ubuntu 10.10 64 bit. I have got a GTX 460, so I think these are the right drivers [URl]..The question is: how do I download and install 260.19.12 drivers? I would need a step by step guide, because I'm not familiar at all with Ubuntu, so it can be difficult for me, even if I will try my best.

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Fedora :: Why Are Menu Bars Colored

Oct 27, 2009

I've been playing around with some themes recently, and a couple of the murrine themes have messed with my menu bars (this isn't ONLY occuring in firefox, but occurs in every window with a menu bar).Does anyone know how to remove the colored menu bar, and make it normal?

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OpenSUSE :: Compiz & No Menu Bars?

Mar 21, 2010

I have opensuse 11.2 64 bit with the latest Nvidia drivers on a Gnome desktop; out of the box compiz 7.8 worked great. I had no intention of upgrading but I did with the upgrade to 8.4. Everything upgraded fine except I lost my menu bars on all screens when they were opened. I downgraded back down to 7.8 and still the same issue. Right now I have no compiz on so I can have have my menu bars. There is something I must be missing when I installed or reinstalled or upgraded compiz. I would like to get an original compiz setup that a fresh install gives.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Missing All Menu Bars / Alt-f2 Doesn't Work?

May 22, 2011

How do I reset unity when I've lost my left side menu bar and the bar at the top is also gone? Pressing Alt /f2 doesn't doesn't come up either so I can't type 'unity --reset' I guess that's the command for restoring defaults to the screen. Rebooting the system the same thing happens. It appears to be locked up without menu's and function keys

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Ubuntu :: No Menu Bars In Compiz After Natty Upgrade?

Jun 8, 2011

After upgrading to Natty from the previous version and switching to Ubuntu Classic my compiz settings were completely wiped out. No problem, I just re-entered them. The problem is that I don't get any menu bar on my windows. It also happens once in a while in Metacity but using the compiz fusion icon utility to reload the window manager will usually fix the issue. I have had this problem intermittently in the past but have always been able to resolve it by reloading the window manager. Now when I'm using compiz I ALWAYS have this issue and it makes compiz unusable. Compiz is not just eye-candy for me, it has become integral to the way I use my computer. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.

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Ubuntu :: Video Drivers - Screen Black With Random Bars Of Color

Apr 11, 2010

I'm a little new to ubuntu. I installed a video driver and after restarting I got as far as the login screen where I saw that the driver did not work: screen is mostly black with random bars of color. I was only able to restart in recovery mode mode. I tried the fix graphics option, which did not work and also some commands that I've seen posted in other threads. So far, still cannot delete the problematic driver or boot up normally successfully.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Boot - Need NVidia Drivers

Mar 15, 2010

After installing I could not boot. In reading several posts I came to the conclusion that I needed nVidia drivers. I installed v173 nVidia drivers & after a few tries got it to boot. But, not somethings didn't work, like Hardware Drivers, Synaptic Package Manage wouldn't search & some software wouldn't open. I tried to update in terminal sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get upgrade (I did this before installing v173).

It says:
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of nvidia-glx-173:
nvidia-glx-173 depends on nvidia-173-kernel-source (>= 173.14.20);
Package nvidia-173-kernel-source is not configured yet.
dpkg: error processing nvidia-glx-173 (--configure):
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:

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Ubuntu Installation :: NVidia Drivers For Lucid?

May 23, 2010

Do you think if I do an upgrade from 9.1 to 10.04 and then add i915.modeset=0 ( works with the live CD) to the boot sequence and then load the proprietary NVidia drivers from sys/admin/hardware drivers, that I'll get full screen resolution.
BTW if I don't use the modeset=0 I get a blank screen after update reboot.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Get The Nvidia Drivers Installed?

Sep 9, 2010

I'm installing 10.4 fresh but I can't get the Nvidia drivers installed. I'm using a 9400 GT. Ubuntu installs normally but when I try to enable to the proprietary driver, I get an error on reboot "Failed to initialize NVIDIA graphics device" and have to restart X. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Use The NVidia Drivers

Oct 8, 2010

Since 2 weeks now i decide to roll back to my favorite Ubuntu OS.Of course i kept the windows for my creative suite of Adobe that i am working on.So, i downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and everything went ok.(Even the dual boot with grub).Then i tried to install latest nVidia drivers and after reboot the max.res. i have is 640X480X60Hz. My composition is Intel P4 2.8 --- Gigabyte PE8100 --- GeForce 5700 FX The monitor is Philips CW220 22". I tried many of the guides of Ubuntu forums and some of them made my system unfunctional and some other had no result.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Won't Recognize NVIDIA Drivers

Oct 15, 2010

I recently updated to 10.10 and ubuntu will not regonize my NVIDIA drivers. Under apperance "no effects" are filled in. When I try to enable effects it searches for a while but then tells me "Desktop effects could not be enabled". Thing is "NVIDIA x server settings" tells me everything is okey. I tried updating to the latest NVIDIA drivers manually but the problem persists.

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Fedora :: Unable To Edit Menu Bars?

Jul 24, 2010

I have F13 installed. As was in F11 , i cannot edit my menu bars by right clicking the menu bar. Also in system>preferences> . there is no EDIT MENU option available to edit.

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CentOS 5 :: Desktop - No Background Or Menu Bars

Apr 15, 2009

i just installed centos 5.3, after the install was complete i decided to remove the productivty apps (word processor, spreadsheet etc). that part went succesfully until i restarted the server. i must have removed something related to the desktop beacause when i log in now, all i get is an analog clock, a console window and a firefox window. no background or menu bars. i attached a screen shot so you can see what i mean because i cant quite describe it.

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