Ubuntu :: How To Perform A Full-drive Backup

Jun 3, 2011

I am a backup noob. My idea of backing something up is finding a big enough flash drive and copying the necessary files over.

So I really need to learn now. I'm wiping a Vista laptop for a friend to install Windows 7. But first, I want to do a whole-drive backup in case something goes wrong. It's a 100GB drive with 50GB of data.

Is it possible that I could do this via my home network or via a direct ethernet connection? I have a desktop with a 1TB drive I could back up to. Like I say, I'm a noob so I'm open to anything.

One more thing: I'd like this backup to be in a form that I can retrieve individual files from it if necessary. If everything goes right, I'll probably want to pull My Documents out of the backup and drop it into Windows 7.

Oh, and why am I asking on UbuntuForums instead of a Windows forum? Because I'm betting I'll end up booting a live CD on the laptop to do the backup. But I'm just guessing. At any rate, I'm sure I'll use Ubuntu tools, because that's what I know.

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Debian :: What Is The Best Way To Perform A Backup / File Transfer

Jan 21, 2010

I have a couple of Lenny LAMP servers, and a backup server. (virtual testing environment)

1. What is the best way to perform a backup? (system state as well as individual files) Although system state can also be accomplished through the hypervisor.

2. Between Windows computers, I access shared directories simply by \hostnamesharedmap or \host_IPsharedmap. Between Windows and linux i use SAMBA. But there must be a simple way to copy 2 files between linux hosts?

3. I've searched a lot, and only found people with the same question without a good answer: is there a linux equivalent for robocopy?

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General :: Create A Cron File That Will Regularly Perform A Level 0 Backup Once Per Month?

Mar 3, 2011

How do you create a cron file that will regularly perform a level 0 backup once per month?

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General :: Mount Point For Backup Drive - Partition To Backup The Important Files On My Main HDD

May 21, 2011

I'm just setting up a partition on a seperate HDD in my system. I plan to use the partition to backup the important files on my main HDD (to guard against HD crash).

The question I have is about where would be the typical location to auto mount this partition? Which would it be normal to go for:

1. /backup/
2. /media/backup/
3. /mnt/backup/
4. /home/chris/backup/

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Ubuntu Installation :: Perform A Minimal Install To A USB Attached Hard Drive?

Dec 28, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how to perform a minimal install to a USB attached hard drive. A full install works just fine, when I start the install from the LiveCD desktop, all the USB drives are visible and can be installed to. In the minimal install, the requisite kernel modules for USB storage don't seem to be loaded, therefore, my USB hard drive is not visible and cannot be mounted, partitioned, or installed to.

The reason behind this is I'm trying to build an XBMC install on a USB hard drive and want only the minimum backend OS that's necessary as some of the Ubuntu desktop software causes issues with some of the XBMC software. I've posted on the XBMC boards about this, but my questions have gone completely unanswered,

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Ubuntu :: Software For Full System Backup?

Oct 1, 2010

I just moved to Ubuntu. I have been configuring and installing applications so I can finally call this OS my new home. Still not there yet but have been doing alot of work on it. I was originally with Windows XP. I am a back up freak. I backed up my documents, firefox bookmarks and other important information every 5 mins to another drive when I was using Windows XP. Also, every 24 hours I would have this program Acronis True Image back up the whole Windows partitiong (Drive C). This was so if my hard disk died, I know I could restore the partition from an image and only lose the last 24 hours of configurations/modifications made to the OS.

And for personal data such as bookmarks, messenger chat logs, documents, pictures etc, I would only lose the last 5 minutes of this data, since it was always backed up every 5mins. It was very fast too.

So my question is: 1. Whats the best application to save a whole image of the Ubuntu partition so that it can be restored with minimal (hopefully only 24 hours) of data loss?

2. Whats the best application to save selected directories and have it configured such that those directories are backed up periodically?

3. Whats the best application to do Number 2 (above question) with versioning? That is, if it is backing up periodically, it will save file changes, so we can revert back to an older version of a file.

I have tried SimpleBackUp suggested by the Ubuntu site and did not like it at all. It just said it would run in the background and you couldnt even cancel it or monitor it!

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Red Hat :: Full Systems Backup Using Dd

Mar 25, 2010

I had asked red hat support how to do a full systems backup of a server, they said to use dd to make a full copy of the disk which looks straight forwards enough:dd if=/dev/c0d0 of=/path/to/file/system/backup.img However, red hat have said that backups and restores are not supported. I just wanted to find out whether anyone had successfully done this, and whether anyone had tried creating a clone using this method.Is it as simple as it appears or are there any points of note.

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Ubuntu :: Full System Backup For Disaster Recovery Use In Ver. 10.4?

May 5, 2010

I want to be able to recover from a disaster by simply inserting a CD of my entire system, boot from it, and reinstall my system back to the way it was before the disaster. After much research here, I feel the need to ask this question directlybut as a new user, I find it somewhat difficult locating information.

I have seen references to all sorts of backup software. I am trying to use Simple ackup.Each time I run this utility, it gives me a process ID and then apparently vanishes. I don't see the process running in System Monitoror see anything recognizable in var/backups.Perhaps, being as new to Linux as I am, I am simply overlooking something. I must say though, that these are the friendliest user groups I have ever seen. It amazes me that so many people are so willing to post long, complicated solutions to someones problem

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Ubuntu :: Backup Script Failed - Disk Is Now Almost Full?

Mar 27, 2011

I was testing out a new cron job (very simple rsync), and for whatever reason when executed at midnight, the files were not written to the correct drive (executing the script manually does this).

'watching' df -k, I could see '/' fill up extremely quickly. I now have about 10GB~ free space on the 74GB raptor - down from 60GB. I've gone through trying to find the offending files, however I can't seem to find them anywhere. Any variety of 'du' that I know of isn't turning up anything.

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Ubuntu :: Create A Full System Image Backup?

Jul 31, 2011

Well I've decided to move all my data from one VPS to another, and Iwanted to know if there was a way from within Ubuntu to make a full system image backup,ch I can then just transfer to the new Ubuntu VPS, and restore it there ..Unfortunately my VPS control does not have any working backup option right now, so I can only make the backup manually from within Ubuntu, if there is a way to do it

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General :: Ubuntu Server 10.4.1 Automated Full Backup?

Sep 27, 2010

This is my first post and I am a linux newbie.. took on the challenge of setting up an ubuntu server with proxy and firewall with vpn access as well.. sounds good? While messing with things, I installed ebox server, know called Zentyal and perform backups, however, when performing a full restore, following instructions and all it does not restore correctly. I ran many attempts with verious configurations and still allways got some errors, such as eboc-ebackup failing to start, etc. most noteably wa sthe ldap error, which i figured out how to fix by restarting once logged into and then rebooting.

I say the Clonezilla options for a full backup, and it sounds great, but does require me to perform a full abckup, while bring the server down to perform. What I wanted to know, was what do you recommend for performing a full backup (possibly to NTFS partition or USB key with FAT32) with automation or even if i had to perform the trigger, just without needing to bring the server down, so when i go into production i dont have any issues backing up anytime?

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CentOS 5 :: Unable To Make Full Backup?

Aug 23, 2009

I'm trying to add a scheduled full backup to the crontab file, but the full backup never completes; it always stops somewhre in the file system. I guess is b/c the os is updating those files or has them open. I've tried to use the --exclude options but still it always hangs somewhere else.... this is what I'm usingtar -zcvpf /mnt/storage/backup/fullbackup1.tar.gz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/net --exclude=/srv / > /mnt/storage/backup/fullbackup.log

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Full Disk Backup Using Acronis And Try Out 11.04 Beta?

Apr 1, 2011

Firstly I've never (successfully) upgraded before using update manager -d but I've only tried once. I'm on 10.10 at the moment but I want to make a full disk backup using Acronis and try out 11.04 beta 1 so if I can't boot (like with the 11.04 Alpha 3) I'm ok.

What I want to know is if I upgrade to beta 1 it will install new things and settings, if beta 2 is released and I upgrade to that (after having beta 1 installed) will it overwrite all the settings again? Or will I be able to spend time set beta 1 up nice how I want it (if it works) and just smoothly upgrade gradually to final 11.04 keeping it pretty much exactly how I want it?

Also with the software sources, I understand I need to disable the ones I manually added before updating from 10.10 then to re-enable them, but how do I re-enable them for Natty as they are currently for Maverick? Do I just change the word Maverick to Natty, or is it better to remove and re-add them for natty? And do the authentication keys need updating or are they ok? I don't really know a lot about the keys.

1 more thing (sorry) will an upgrade overwrite any settings I have e.g. etc/fstab, sudoers, things like that? I know when you upgrade it gives you an option for some things e.g. keep or replace, if I keep old settings from maverick does it matter? Or does 11.04 add new lines/things to these files if I choose replace?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm pretty new been using ubuntu as my only OS for couple months now and most of my time has been spent tweaking settings and I don't want to lose them, or do a clean install when 11.04 final is released as I won't ever be able to remember them all.

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Debian :: Create Full System Backup To ISO / IMG-file

Jan 28, 2014

I would like to create a full systembackup to a ISO/IMG-file. I've been searching and found mondorescue.org, but something is wrong with package for debian 6.

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General :: Full System Backup From Ext To NTFS Disk

Oct 11, 2010

I wonder if I can backup files from an ext partition to a ntfs partition and keeping all kind of metadata and file infos?!

With other words:

Can I backup a full linux system from a ext file system to a external ntfs partitioned disk using rsync -a (keeping all file permissions)?

Is something getting lost of a file (like permissions or anything... flags...) when copied / rsynced from ext to ntfs?

The thing is, that when I restore the stuff back from ntfs to ext, can I still use my system properly?

And can I backup files like photos from ext to ntfs without loosing any meta data?

Or asked more in general: What is the difference of a file on a ext partition compared to the same file on a ntfs partition?

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Fedora :: 11 - Backup And Restore To Full Accuracy All Previous Kernels?

Oct 11, 2009

I would like to try the rawhide updates. If messed up my PC's couple of times so now before I do anything I would like to roll back changes and resort to last working kernel ( and related s/w) in case that fails . HOW do I do it? ( c.f Windows Last good session ) ALTERNATIVELY folks - is there a way you can backup and restore to full accuracy all your previous kernels .- I mean just inset the CD .It will identify the partitions , then it will ask you "where you want to restore them" and then it just restores the prev. image.

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Fedora :: Clone Drive - Tools Do Full Drive Copy?

Mar 22, 2010

I have a 120 gig drive that I'd like to clone before it fails completely. I was thinking I'd pull the drive from the server and build a separate machine that has it's own os installed and the source and destination drive. Does anyone know of any linux tools will will do a full drive copy? Additionally, If possible, I'd like to move to a larger drive. how I'd migrate the 120 drive to a 400 or so? 1 idea I have is to install os on 2 new drives to where it they will boot, Then boot with one and copy source to the newly created destination drive.

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Software :: Mysql Full Backup Script Not Archiving The Dump File?

Mar 20, 2011

I have a problem with a script i wrote, the script runs fine if manually executed however it doesn't run *fully* when executed via cron

here's the script :


FILENAME=mysql_full_dump_`date '+%m.%d.%y'`.sql
`which mysqldump` --all-databases -uroot -p************ -h127.0.0.1 > /root/$FILENAME


the script resides in /root/bin and the cron entry is as follows:


0 0 * * * root "/root/bin/mysql_daily.sh"

the result is the .sql file, but it doesn't archive it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To FULL Install 11.04 On 4GB USB Drive

Jun 7, 2011

I'm trying to perform a FULL install of 11.04 onto a 4GB USB drive, but the Ubuntu installer insists I must have at least 4.4GB free space.I am able to run the ISO LIVE from a 1GB usb drive created with LiLi USB Creator , but the Ubuntu installer demands at least 4.4 GB to install I can give Ubuntu the entire 4GB drive, but how do I get past the Installer's 4.4 GB requirement?I don't need the larger apps like Gimp/Office/Games to free up space. When I completely remove these apps from the persistent live install via Synaptic, I run out of space - Possibly due to cache issues. I'm very new and don't know how to proceed.I am able to FULL-install and boot Fedora successfully as its installer does not have the 4 GB limitation.Is is possible to install Ubuntu 11.04 onto the 4GB drive?

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Ubuntu :: Mount An NTFS Drive With Full Permissions?

Jul 22, 2010

The issue I am having is that Virtual Box does not recognize my USB drives. I understand that it is related to the fact that Ubuntu cannot recognize the permissions on the USB NTFS drive. So how do I mount the ntfs drive and gain full permissions?

One post suggested that I have to join my user to the 'vbuser' group in users and groups to fix this in 9.04, but I do not have a "vbuser" group in my list of groups. I am running 10.04.

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Ubuntu Security :: Possible Full Drive Encryption Without Passprompt?

Aug 25, 2010

Is it possible to encrypt the entire drive and not be prompted for the passphrase?

I have a request for a demo of our application and I am looking to create a virtual for VMware's player but need to make sure that the vmdk file cannot be mounted and files pulled from it to protect us from reverse engineering of the application.

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Ubuntu :: Full Install On USB Flash Drive Or External HDD?

Jan 14, 2011

So I'm planning to do a full install on a flash drive. I searched the forums for previous threads and there were loads. Was there a BIG one that I missed in the mess? If so, please direct me to it.

There was two contentious issues in all the threads and I'd like em resolved once and for all

1.Should I or should I not make a swap partition on the flash drive? What about /var, /tmp and /log?

2.Also can someone rank the following in terms of access speed and snappiness:

1) Live CD
2) Live USB with or without persistence (average Sandisk stick)
3) External 2.5" HDD (5400-7200 RPM connected via USB 2.0)
4) Internal 5400-7200RPM HDD using SATAII
5) Full install on USB flash stick (average Sandisk stick)

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Ubuntu :: False Hard Drive Full Notification

Jun 12, 2011

I have added no data to my hard drive in the last few days. I saw a notification saying I had only 1.8Gb left on my drive. Shortly after I dismissed it and ran: Code: sudo apt-get clean like the notification suggested. Then, another poped up. Now it said I have 0 bytes left.

So, I opened the disk usage analizer and the data seemed normal, and not my full drive size. It still was saying I have no space so I checked the properties widow for / . It said / contained 128TB of data and the file counter showed no signs of stopping after a few minutes. Obviously my drive is not 128TB in fact it's only 500GB. Also the disk manager program (system volume information?) Said it has 28 bad sectors.

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Ubuntu :: Partitioning Hard Drive After Using Full Disk?

Jun 22, 2011

create a partition seperate from my home directory out of it. i have a 500 gig hard drive and i wish to create a 70 gig partition on it on install i used entire disk is there any way to make a partition after this for i do not want to reinstall.

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Ubuntu :: Add A Folder To A Hard Disk Which Was Full Of Symlinks To A CD Drive

Jun 22, 2011

if there was a way, to add a folder to a hard disk which was full of symlinks to a CD drive. This would primarily be a way to store offline media and a way to access it. I would still be able to browse the folder structure and see the files (but possibly not the sizes). I imagine something like this:

/archive/cd/cd1/photos/me.jpg > /mnt/cdrom/cd1/photos/me.jpg

Therefore I can see what files I have available, and I know which media to insert (in this case cd1) and I would then be able to view the files? Or if anyone has a better idea I'm open to it. Just to mention I don't have a GUI on this server, it is completely headless so any solution needs to be console based

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Ubuntu :: Flash Drive Changes Name On Backup?

Mar 15, 2010

I'm running Xubuntu 9.10 on an older machine. I've got a flash drive (called "TF_FLASH") plugged into a USB hub. I am using simplebackup to backup my documents (I'm writing my thesis and that is really the only important thing on this computer).

The problem I am having is this: simplebackup will run and backup my files once or twice (I have it set up to go overnight). After that, though, the name of the flash drive changes (from "TF_FLASH" to "TF_FLASH_" - note the extra underscore at the end). So, simplebackup cannot find the drive. If I go into the settings of simplebackup and change the backup destination to "TF_FLASH_" it will work once or twice, but the drive will change to "TF_FLASH__" - again an additional underscore.

I don't know if the name change is being caused by Xubuntu, simplebackup, or some other method. The USB hub is a cheap one, but I don't think that's the problem (my mouse is plugged in and continues to function, etc.).

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Ubuntu :: Backup To Tape Drive (hp Dat 72)?

Jul 5, 2010

I am a Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop user.

I am searching for a backup software to backup to my hp dat72 tape drive. It is only to backup my data from 1 PC.

I have already found bacula but it seems to big for my purpose. I need an easy and automatic software.

Could you recommend a backup software for my needs?

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Debian Configuration :: Root Drive Full

Jan 27, 2016

I think my root drive is 100% full causing strange problems with my video server. What steps can I use to see what's taking up the room on the drive and perhaps identify files that can safely be deleted?

Code: Select allroot@lenny:/# df -h
Filesystem               Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2                 55G   53G     0 100% /
udev                      10M     0   10M   0% /dev
tmpfs                    793M  1.1M  792M   1% /run


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Debian :: Full Install To USB Hard Drive?

Aug 9, 2010

If this has been covered before I couldn't find it.

What I'm "Not" Asking... I'm not asking about installing the CD image to a USB hard drive to boot a live install version. I've done that to see is my computer will boot from the USB and it does.

What I want to do is this:

An actual hard disk install of full featured Linux to a portable USB Hard Drive. I want to be able to plug in the USB HHD and go Linux. (Why you might ask? Fair enough. The laptop is my wife's computer and she says absolutely no to Linux.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot On Hard Drive About 90 Percent Full

Mar 17, 2010

I have a pc with windows on it, about 90% of the hard drive is full. I want to install dual
boot ubuntu with ubuntu using about 70% of the hard drive, do I need to manually create space, or can I just set during the install will ubuntu just over-write that much. I don't care about the files I have under windows.

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