Ubuntu :: How To Use Secure-Delete Software

Feb 5, 2011

I downloaded "secure-delete" from the Ubuntu Software Center, but it doesn't have any instructions, there is no website, and it does not appear in the Apps tab. I can't even begin to begin using it. How do I get this going? I haven't the faintest idea how to use the terminal programs.

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SUSE :: Secure Delete Of Trash Files?

Mar 19, 2010

i have an issue due to some high security requirements. what i want to do is to remove the files in trash folder permanently from the memory so that they cannot be recovered again. am aware of the "shred" command but i dont know if it can reach to files that are already in trash.I have found a solution but it requires to fill the whole unused memory with a file that consist of some ramdom bits and than deletes it:

dd if=/dev/zero of=zero.small.file bs=1024 count=102400
shred -z zero.small.file
cat /dev/zero > zero.file


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Ubuntu Security :: Secure Delete/Shred Files And Folder?

Jun 27, 2010

I don't use the Trash bin because it does not really delete things,speaking from a security point Instead, I gotten used to 'shred' and 'secure-delete' .But to move around files, cut-n-paste is very handy.And I was wandering if items from the Clip get stored somewhere ?i realize that they get overwritten again and again in the clipboard but do they also get stored somewhere else?

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Ubuntu Security :: Secure Delete Ext4 Kernel Patch?

Aug 26, 2011

Does anyone know if this kernel patch has been applied to any 11.04 kernels? [URL]

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Ubuntu Security :: Secure-delete Won't Work On Larger Files / Sort It?

Sep 16, 2010

I'm trying to clean a hard drive and I'm using secure-delete but it just stands there and takes cpu power but nothing happens, I used -r switch first and nothing, so I tried it on single files, small pictures worked as intended but a simple 50MB MPG file just stands there as well and nothing happens.

I left it running for 24 hours and nothing happened but the cpu was working at 90-100% all the time :/

Any one know what's wrong? I'm using 10.04 UNR

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Security :: Ways To Secure Sendmail Or Secure Alternatives To Send Mail

Dec 1, 2010

I'm an Oracle DBA and started working for my current employer about 4 months ago. This past weekend an alert re: FS space brought my attention to /var/spool/clientmqueue (full of mail re: cron jobs) and the fact that sendmail is not running on our Linux servers.I'm told that the IT security team deemed sendmail too vulnerable so we don't run it.Aside from FS filling up and missing notification of issues with crontab entries, I'm concerned that we may be missing notification of potential issues. In other Unix/Linux environments I've seen emails from the print daemon when it experienced problems with specific jobs.

Are there other Linux facilities aside from cron and lpd that use email to advise the users of possible issues? Are there ways to secure sendmail or secure alternatives to sendmail? My primary need/desire is to make sure that emails regarding issues on the server get to the appropriate users. Secondary goal would be to have the ability to use mailx to send mail out. There is No need/desire to receive mail from outside.

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Ubuntu :: Change Delete Button To Delete Instead Of Move To Trash

Apr 18, 2010

Instead of moving to trash, how can i make the delete button delete? Delete is already enabled on the right click menu.

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Ubuntu :: Folder Wont Delete \ Whenever Try To Press Delete Noting Happens?

May 9, 2010

SO after using Testdisk to recover some images, the folders recup_dir.1 & 2 have saved in my FIle System area, when ever I try to press delete noting happens. I have also tried rm -f -rrm -f -fIt still dont delete, I have also deleted my user account and made a new one, but the files are still there.

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Ubuntu :: Rsync --delete Doesn't Delete Superflous Files

Sep 25, 2010

I am trying to use an old box as backup server. I have tried a couple of possibilities along the lines of:


rsync -a --delete --progress --log-file=/home/$USER/info.txt -e ssh /home /etc root@

The problem is it does not delete files that has been removed from my local system?
I run the command as root on the local system.

(I realize I should properly not ssh into the server as the server's root but I'm having trouble with the permissions and I want to make sure everything else works before messing around with it)

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Ubuntu :: Delete File - No Right Click Delete Option?

Feb 18, 2010

Why is there no Delete when I right click like there is with Windows in ubuntu? Pretty much everything else is there like new folder and so on Is there some way to add it? Also why when i delete something does it not ask me if I am sure that i want to delete that file?

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Ubuntu :: Can Delete These 'un-delete-able' Files In Trash?

Nov 1, 2010

I just can't stand knowing that there's a slight problem with my PC.I have roughly 12.5 Gigs of files, mostly movies that are multiple clones of a particular movie (which was an entirely different problem altogether) and I CANNOT DELETE THESE THINGS! There has to be a simple way to do it from terminal, problem is, I can't seem to find the trash directory in terminal.

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Fedora :: Allow User To Save/edit/delete Documents In A Folder But Not Delete That Folder?

Sep 6, 2011

Recently I setup a system for a non-technical user. He is only using Firefox, Pidgin and OpenOffice for about 2 hours a day. I have created a folder "/home/jim/myFiles" where he can save his document files. But Jim has accidentally deleted his myFiles folder on 2 occasions. He had intended to delete a file in that folder. Is there a way to lock the folder so that the user and create/read/write documents in that folder but not delete the folder itself?

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Ubuntu :: How To Secure Sytem

Dec 7, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu about 3 days ago and all has been working well and I'm learning to use it more effectively every day. The reason i installed Ubuntu was because I discovered that people i thought were close to me were remotely SPYING ON ME through my computer.Apparently they had access to all my documents And could even hear and see me through my Mic And Web cam.I was using windows 7 with avg anti virus and windows firewall. I would like to be able to use my computer(with they Internet) without having to worry about people stalking me.I would like for it to be practically impossible for these scumbags to get anywhere close to my privacy. I have a router which i connect to with wifi and I'm running the latest version of ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Security :: Better Way To Secure My Server?

Jan 26, 2010

I set up my ubuntu server with iptables that only allows ssh in the input chain (and of course established connections) with only the mac adress of my laptop allowed to connect, set up a key with a long passphrase and installed pam_abl plugin. ICMP echo is blocked by default.

The only problem is i log all other attempts to connect to the server and i see a lot of traffic going to ports 445 and 5900.

My question is: Is there a possibility that these attempts could succeed and is there any way to further ensure this server?

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Ubuntu Security :: OS Which Is More Secure Without Recoding It Yourself?

Feb 11, 2010

A) Pc-bsd

B) Ubuntu

And also which OS is more reliable?

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Ubuntu Security :: How To Secure Grub 2.0

Mar 11, 2010

How can i secure grub 2.0 ? with grub 1 just do : grub-md5-crypt then we write password --md5 <crypted_password> in /boot/grub/menu.lst

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Ubuntu Security :: Possible To Secure Transmission?

May 10, 2010

Is it possible at all to secure transmission?

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Security :: How Secure Is Ubuntu / Firefox

Jun 14, 2010

Newbie here,
I'm thinking of moving mostly to linux to get away from the security holes in Windows. And I have some questions...

How secure is Firefox for doing online banking?

Sometimes I have run into a situation where the bank doesn't support anything but Windows explorer when accessing my accounts. Can this be gotten around safely in Linux?

If so, How?

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Ubuntu Security :: How To Secure Harddisk

Sep 19, 2010

Is there any way to secure harddisk accessbility ? i want encrypt my hard disk, and partitions that ubuntu installed on that. is there a way ? i want deny all access to hard disk, just my own root account can have access to all.

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Ubuntu :: Best Way To Secure Remote Desktop?

Oct 18, 2010

I was wondering what the best way to secure RD would be? What's the best one to use? I'd prefer a method that isn't always active, so maybe something that I need to enable via ssh first?

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Ubuntu :: How To Set Up A Secure Home Server

Jan 13, 2011

I have been doing a whole lot of reading on any kind of home server. I want to have a secure home server that I can access from school by a domain name. At first I was looking at FTP, but I need something secure and it seemed like the software that supported SFTP has to be purchased. Then I started looking at SSH stuff, but I also realized that I want to use a dynamic DNS, so I started reading about that.

Basically, now my head is so information-logged I can't figure out what and how I should do this. If anyone could give me some very step-by-step-procedure links (or information) that show me how to set up a secure home server that I can access with a domain name through the internet that also uses a DDNS, that would solve all my problems.

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Ubuntu Security :: Need To Secure My Server

Feb 19, 2011

Ok im new, i know apparmor is running. i was looking for firestarter but their isnt one.....how do i secure this server? i want a good firewall and some virus protection!. also do i need this?

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Ubuntu :: Any Secure Alternatives To Skype?

Mar 20, 2011

The first need is to have easy cross system compatibility. Meaning Windows included. Audio/Video would be a plus, but it is not a must. I need something that goes through SSL or something like that and not in plain view.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Getting On My Secure Network?

Apr 20, 2011

I am running Maverick (desktop edition - don't like the netbook remix) on my Acer Aspire One AO532h. I can deal with not being able to print, but not being able to get on my secure wireless network is getting to be a bother.I have AT&T DSL and am using an AT&T 2701HG-B 2Wire Wireless Gateway DSL Router Modem. If I had known that this particular 2Wire router-modem was so crappy, I'd have bought my own and tried wrestling around with that.I recently secured my wireless network and had to change the encryption from WEP to WPA so my iPad could get on it. Both my Mac desktops, the iPad, and an old Windows laptop are working fine, but not my Acer (or my XBox, for that matter). I've searched and searched for a solution and called AT&T (no Linux support :), all to no avail.

When I try to connect to my network, it goes and goes and either says that it can't connect, or shows that I'm connected, but with no signal/net capability.

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Ubuntu Security :: How Secure Can Website Really Be

May 25, 2011

I want to set up a website that hosts very confidential business information. The info needs to be accessed by multiple people in different geographical regions. The entire website would require the high security (ie: there are no little sections that are publicly viewable). While the site will be run with Ubuntu server, I will be hosting it in Amazon's EC2 cloud.

So, if I use the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate, am I pretty well reaching the most secure possible situation? Are there any concerns with using the EC2 solution? Obviously there are a LOT of variables involved with maintaining website security, but I want to know if HTTPS is the current best bet (in addition to all the "best practices" of securing a site) or if there is a more robust way of securing content.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Server That Comes Secure Out-of-the-box

May 30, 2011

I'm trying to setup an open-source project, I have a couple of developers on the team but nobody has experience with Apache. I would like to setup a simple home server for Bugzilla on Ubuntu 10.04, so my question is, is there a server that comes secure out-of-the-box so that simply adding files to /htdocs would suffice?

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Ubuntu :: Secure Overwrite Of A Partition?

Jul 9, 2011

i have a duel boot of windows and ubuntu, but recently i got a virus, but this things is leach like in appearance. I tried reinstalling windows, then reformatting the drive and reinstalling windows but i still have this same virus? This is dead creepy for me because windows cant read any of the other partitions, which are all formatted for linux, in formats which windows does not have the capability to read. So i dont understand how this could have happened. There are many things that i am still to try -- including completely overwriting the MBR with a GRUB in case the virus somehow resides in there?? But i have decided to give up on windows from now, because, despite all the actions i have taken, it has failed me repeatedly. But having had these viruses 3 times, i have noticed something, the first time i had a virus was my fault, because i left my computer insecure.

After i formatted my HDD following that virus, i noticed i had 10gb of space robbed from me, disk utility believed i had a 160gb drive, but Gparted and everything else told me that i only had 149.7gb of space??? now after this virus - which logically couldn't have happened without someone directly attempting to tunnel my computer as i had so much extra security - i lost 6gb of space from my HDD?? Sounds odd?

THE QUERY: So i want to know if (from ubuntu) it is possible to do a secure format (similar to with a mac - were it completely overwrites everything, instead of just deleting the links) although, possibly i am not going back to windows, ever.

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Ubuntu Security :: What Is A Best Way To Secure A Server?

Jul 27, 2011

what is the best option to securing server via firewall and iptables?

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Debian :: Testing More Secure Than Ubuntu?

Feb 13, 2010

Ubuntu is based on debian unstable, but there might be some time lag before security patches get to debian testing --- so is Debian Testing more secure than Ubuntu ?

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General :: Secure Ubuntu On A Laptop?

Jun 13, 2011

I loaded Ubuntu on a Windows OS laptop and am finally figuring out how to connect wireless. Before I do what can I do that will protect me? I am told I don't need anti-virus. Is this accurate? Also, I want a really secure firewall...not one that an experienced hacker could see and just hop over.

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