Ubuntu :: Firefox Portable Has Started Freezing On Pages Containing Flash?

Aug 23, 2010

I've been using Firefox Portable for ages, mainly between my work (Windows XP) and home (Ubuntu) machine. Recently, just on Ubuntu (10.04), Firefox Portable has started freezing on pages containing Flash. Anyone else experiencing this? I've done a clean re-install of Firefox Portable, then just added Flash, and it still freezes.

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Ubuntu :: Lovinglinux - Portable Version Of Firefox On USB Flash Drive Is Really SLOW

Jul 22, 2010

I have a portable version of Firefox on my USB flash drive. It is really SLOW. I have turned off all of the disk-caching options and have even set it to not remember my history. I only have three addons: NoScript, Adblock+, CS Lite. I could even get rid of CS Lite and manage my cookies totally manually if it means I'll have a faster GUI. Almost every time I interact with Firefox in any way I have to wait a few seconds and I get that damned spinning beach-ball (did I mention it's the OSX version?).

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Ubuntu :: Flash Is Freezing Firefox Or Chromium?

Mar 12, 2011

I have got a problem with Adobe Flash. Flash is freezing firefox or chromium (I installed it just for test) until I kill plugin-container (in firefox).

I tested intensively and I can say that it freezes when Flash is going to reproduce a sound.

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Ubuntu :: Using Firefox On Pages Using Macromedia Flash Or Java Apps?

Nov 27, 2010

My computer freezes and I am trying to diagnose the issue. When.. Using Devede to convert avi to dvd. (almost always) Using Firefox on pages using macromedia flash or java apps. With multiple windows open using terminal. I am strongly leaning towards this being a HARDWARE issue.

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Software :: Adobe Flash With Firefox 4.0.1 Freezing Whole System?

Jun 25, 2011

Flash is causing severe problems on my slackware laptop. It happens pretty much only when I go on ..... and playback starts. Then the whole screen flickers and everything freeze. I have no mouse or keyboard (cursor is frozen) and I need to SSH to the machine to kill the process "plugin-containe" whatever it might be.

SO basically, is there anything to do to prevent such problems?

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Fedora :: Screen Started Freezing Under F12

Jul 8, 2010

My screen has started freezing periodically. The mouse still moves the cursor but nothing else responds. Ctrl-Alt -F1 doesn't give me a terminal screen nor does Ctrl-Alt-Backspace restart X I must turn off the computer and turn it on again to reboot. I don't remember having this problem with Fedora 11, but I recently moved to Fedora 12. I am using the kernel
Looking at /var/log/messages,
I find repeated instances of the error message
[drm:radeon_ib_schedule] *ERROR* radeon: couldn't schedule IB(4).
before the reboot.

Google provides many references going back to April for this string, mostly on Ubuntu related sites. I do have an 128 MB ATI Radeon X300 graphics card but it is over four years old, and I didn't have this problem with earlier versions of Fedora. Also, the google references seem to refer to hibernation, which I am not doing, at least not intentionally. Finally, I see that Xorg configuration has changed significantly since I last checked. (I can't find xorg.conf.) Can anyone refer me to a relatively succinct description of how it now works?

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Networking :: Ubuntu Freezing When Network Manager Is Started.(11.04) / Fix It?

Jul 25, 2011

Yesterday I had to use my netbooks Acer restore program to restore my win7 partition to factory settings. This morning when booting up unbuntu, I was greeted with the guild freezing every time. I also booted in classic and had the same problem. I decided to open safe mode and deactivate each program one at a time. WHen I get to network manager Unity boots fine. I then try to start Network Manager from inside of Unity after it boots and as soon as it boots, the entire computer freezes again, it was booting fine until I had to restore my win7 partition, win7 networks still work. It's and Asus Aspire One 722.

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General :: Ubuntu 9.10 Started Freezing Randomly After Last Updates

Feb 23, 2010

What's even weirder is it unlocks when I press power on my desktop. When it freezes, I have several windows opened, and I'm switching between windows. I can still move the mouse, but cant click anywhere. Cant select anything yet there are still cursors flashing (text editor or terminal). The only thing that will unfreeze everything is the signal from pressing power (not rebooting, just quickly pressing power).
Processor: I7
VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G92 [GeForce GTS 250] (rev a2)

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General :: Installing Portable Ubuntu On USB Flash Drive?

Feb 14, 2010

After reading some download documentations, I'm still confused on how to install Ubuntu Linux onto a USB Flash Drive so that it is portable and not connected to a single computer.

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CentOS 5 :: Firefox Crashes When There Is Flash In Web Page, Unless Disable Flash Plugin In Firefox?

May 19, 2009

I just installed firefox and flash-plugin.The version of firefox is 3.0.10, package is firefox-3.0.10-1.el5.centos.The version of flash-plugin is, package is flash-plugin- firefox crashes when there is flash in web page, unless disable flash plugin in firefox.

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Freezing \ When Tried To Turn It On Some Of The Lights Came On And The Caps Lock And Num Lock Started Flashing?

Sep 14, 2010

I have a HP Pavilion dv4 that is 4 months old. Yesterday it suddenly seemed to restart then once I logged in it turned off. When I tried to turn it on some of the lights came on and the caps lock and num lock started flashing. Since then I have not been able to get it to work correctly.It once seemed to turn on but died again after the login window.I tried to use my live cd but the same thing happened. It started loading once, but then shut down again. Every other time it stayed dead minus the lights

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General :: Wine Crashes When Trying To Run Portable Version Of Firefox

Aug 4, 2010

I think there is something wrong with my Wine setup, but I don't know how to fix it or even what it is. Others have gotten this program to work without problems in Wine. This is the console output that I get from Wine before it crashes. What could be the problem?

I tried removing wine wine directory so that it would auotomatically get recreated when trying to run firefox. Firefox still crashed, but new information was output:

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Ubuntu :: Flash Video With Full Screen Freezing

May 19, 2011

This bug is strange because it doesn't happen for me in Ubuntu (Gnome). Whenever I try to watch a Flash video in full screen, the picture always freezes after a few seconds of play, and the only way for me to unfreeze it is to get out of full screen using the escape key. I can put it back into full screen, but it always just freezes up again after a few seconds.

I figured out a strange work around for it though, but it's certainly not ideal. I figured out that if I get the time pop-up (see attachment to see what I mean) to stay up, it doesn't freeze. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome. I was going to try this in Rekonq, but I can't seem to get Flash working in Rekonq.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Is Keep Freezing

May 1, 2010

I've just upgraded to Kubuntu 10.04 and I've noticed that the new FireFox 3.6.3 keeps freezing up, using 100% CPU and lots of disk activity for seconds at a time for apparently no reason at all. The OS itself doesn't freeze up, it's Firefox only, but it's still annoying since I surf the web a lot. I see a lot of maxing out of my dual-core CPU's with System Monitor and I don't like it. Is anyone else having these problems?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Started Running Incredibly Slowly?

Feb 11, 2010

Has anyone else noticed that Firefox started running incredibly slowly?It just happened on two of my computers (one 9.10, the other 8.04 LTS).After starting firefox, it just sits and sits while trying to load a page. Even a local page (my router's config page). It literally takes about 5 minutes to load URL...Other internet apps are working fine, including Opera, which is how I'm writing this.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Firefox Is Not Started

Sep 29, 2010

After installing opensuse 11.3 and its updates, firefox is no longer working. When I type "firefox" in the command line, it returns

"Could not find compatible GRE between version and"

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Freezing And Other Errors?

Mar 14, 2010

firefox turned to Namoroka web browser and now constantly freezes after i close it and i have to close it in the system monitor to make it work my AWN has been going crazy and had to turn compiz off i have a quad core with 8 gigs of ram its a relatively new clean install of ubuntu karmic koala... and the errors started to occur after updating everything after install?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Can't Load Web Pages?

May 17, 2010

Out of no where Firefox has just decided to not load web pages anymore. I've restarted my router, restarted my wifi card, restarted my computer, *completly* uninstalled Firefox then reinstalled it, still no luck at all. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I'm stuck using Google Chrome now, I like it but I need the Add-Ons FireFox has (AdBlock Plus, Xmarks, DownThemAll, etc.)

Here are my specs:
Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
Acer Aspire 3680
Intel Celeron M 1.6GHz Single Core
40GiB Hard Drive

Basically all it does is sit there saying "Connecting to www.google.com..." for like 15seconds then gives me one of two pages, "The connection has timed out - The server at www.google.com is taking too long to respond." or "Unable to connect - Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.google.com."Google Chrome, Skype, Ubuntu's built in messenger, System Update, and so on connect just fine to the internet.

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Ubuntu :: Some Web Pages Don't Load Right With Firefox In 10.10 64-bit?

Dec 19, 2010

To see what I mean take a look at the screenshots below.And this screenshot was taken in Windows 7 64-bit of what it should look like.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3.5 In 9.10 - Web Pages Not Always Displaying?

Nov 14, 2009

Whilst I like Ubuntu as an operating system and generally am fine with Firefox, could anyone explain why I sometimes get errors in trying to get through to various web pages. I don't get the same errors in IE8. As an example, my telephone billing provider; I can login on both IE8 and Firefox and get into all the screens in IE8 but not always in Firefox as happened to me 30 mins ago (I think the version installed is 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.10). There is a message at the bottom of the screen showing that Firefox is trying to connect to a sub page, but it just can't display. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this and is it an encryption issue? This isn't the first time I've had issues with Firefox. In Ubuntu 9.04 the screen used to sometimes go fuzzy when I used the firefox version there.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Freezing Videos, No Sound?

Feb 24, 2010

Firefox started acting funny.On most video sites, but not all, there wouldbe no sound.Along with this, some of these sites would also have the glitch that videos would play for about 3 seconds, then stop. If I moved the slider to a different point in the video, it would again work for a few seconds, then stop. If I close FF and try to reopen, I get an error message that it is already running, although if I don't leave it openet that message.I then go to the system monitor and shut down the sleeping FF process, and can then restart FF and the problem is fixed for a few hours.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3.6.4 (Namaroka) Freezing And Going Zombie?

Apr 15, 2010

For the past week or so every time I've tried to launch Firefox it would freeze within a few seconds and the process 'firefox-bin' would go Zombie. I would force quit FF and then try and reboot the machine. Then I would get an error before restarting informing me that 'firefox-bin' is nonresponsive and it gives me the options to cancel or reboot anyway.

I'm not entirely sure what's causing this, however I have an inkling suspicion that it's being caused by Netvibes and/or Google Voice, which doesn't make sense because I've been using both services for quite some time now and this is the first time I've encountered any problems.

Has anyone out there encountered somethingt similar? Update: I've been browsing for about ten minutes now without launching google voice or netvibes and I haven't had any issue yet, so I'm pretty sure those two are causing the problems. But why?

Update2: There's a chance that I could be wrong, but I do know that GV and Netvibes are causing the crash as well as a whole slew of other random websites. I was browsing a website earlier (can't remember the name of it anymore) That also caused my browser to freeze.

To the best of my knowledge I haven't done anything different since this issue started, all I know is that I can no longer safely and conveniently brows the web on this laptop anymore.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Keeps Freezing The Process Keeps Running?

Apr 23, 2010

Firefox keeps freezing.the process keeps running.I've uninstalled firefox, installed different versions, ie 3.6, 3.7 etc, I've removed my profile folder in my home directory.same results. I've ran firefox as a SU and I get this output from the terminal

(firefox-bin:28892): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times
/home/josh/.gtkrc-2.0:2: error: scanner: unterminated string constant - e.g. `style'
(parent won, so we're not deferring)


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Ubuntu :: Firefox And XChat Freezing System?

May 8, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, 64-bit. I've been using it since Alpha, and Firefox and xChat have always frozen my system. I update daily, so I know I'm on the newest updates, yet they still freeze my system. I've tried doing a total uninstall on both of them and reinstalled to the same freezes.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Is Freezing Up

Jan 27, 2010

just now I had to restart it 10 times to get it to work accurately. with windows I think what I would do is uninstall firefox then reinstall it. will that work on linux as well?and what other ways can I debug/clean up this system a little better since it seems to not work the same as windows, although basically it's the same, just a little different, different type of file system, etc.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox 3.6.10, 3.6.11 And 3.6.12 Are Freezing?

Nov 1, 2010

firefox 3.6.10, 3.6.11 and 3.6.12 are freezing

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Ubuntu Networking :: Firefox Not Loading Some Pages?

Sep 16, 2010

I am Using Ubuntu 10.04 fresh install connected to internet via VPN Network.Internet works fine i can dowload mail and send. But for some reason i cant load some webpages like Facebook, Adobe and etc.I install all the newest programs Java, Flash anything.I'm runnung Firefox 3.6.9.I tried everything disabled IPV6, Proxy. But nothing solved it

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3/4 Web Pages Font Is Too Small

Apr 3, 2011

I have a problem with firefox since the first time I installed ubuntu:

The default font for web pages is too small!

The solutions I tried:

The 1 / 2 solutions:

My screen resolution : 1680 x 1050

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Does Not Open .aspx Pages

Aug 6, 2011

I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed with Firefox 3.6.10, but it does not seem to open .aspx web pages. How to fix this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox Started To Crash Randomly And Led To Kernel Panics

Aug 2, 2011

A while ago, when I was using Maverick, Firefox started to crash randomly and led to kernel panics.

So I upgraded to Natty (clean install) and Firefox there too crashed.

Then I was getting graphics and make problems.

Today I tried to install Fedora 15. It first boots to a Live desktop that warned me that my hard drive had 65000+ bad sectors. Sixty-five thousand.

So I got a new one. A WD Scorpio Black, 750GB 7200RPM with Advanced Format.

Again I boot into Fedora 15. OK, no bad sectors. I tried to run Disk Utility Self Tests but it constantly crashed. Fedora warns you about this.

In the Live session, I opened Firefox. It also crashed just like back in Ubuntu. Then the screen flashes black and got warnings after warnings that a kernel module has crashed.

So I took out my old Maverick installation CD and first tried a Live session. However, Disk Utility told me that SMART is not supported while on Fedora, it was.

So I tried to install. But soon after that, I got a warning that the installer has crashed because a file copied to the disk did not match the file on CD. Right now I am in the Maverick Live session.

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