Ubuntu :: Disk Drive Running Constantly?

Apr 15, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10
Gateway SX2802 (Core 2 Quad)
750GB drive

Everything was fine for the first 6 months. Now in the past couple weeks, my disk drive is running nearly constantly. I can hear it rattling away in the background no matter what I am doing. Typically, I just have Firefox open, and that disk drive is sounding like it's writing the whole thing over and over.

I've opened the system monitor and looked for something obvious, but everything says, "sleeping". The computer seems to operate fine - no crashes, no odd behavior. What's this thing doing?

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General :: Ubuntu 9.10 Suddenly Disk Drive Is Running Continuously - NonStop?

Apr 29, 2010

My system: Ubuntu 9.10/gnome Gateway SX2802 with Intel Q8300, 4GB ram, 750GB drive only 6 months old. My internal drive is read/writing continuously without stopping no matter what I am doing. It begins immediately after boot. It simply runs and runs nonstop. This is with NO APPLICATIONS running. This is a problem which cropped up suddenly after 5 months of running just fine. What I have tried:

1. Disconnecting Internet - no change

2. Looking at processes in System Monitor. Well, everything says "sleeping" and there isn't anything that looks obvious to me, but there are a LOT of processes. I am afraid my drive will simply burn up.

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Ubuntu :: Jdb Constantly Writing To Disk

Aug 7, 2011

I've just completed a fresh install on natty, and I'm seeing constant disk writes of around 1Mb every couple of seconds.

I looked at iotop to find the culprit, and it seems to be the journalling manager for the ext4 filesystems:

215 be/3 root 0.00 B/s 19.23 K/s 0.00 % 5.89 % [jbd2/sda1-8]

Is there something I can do to adjust this behaviour somehow? I'm a bit concerned about wearing the disk out before its time...

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Fans Constantly Running

May 1, 2011

my computer sounds as if I have been playing crysis warhead for like 5 hours, because every fan in my computer is running including the graphics card. They are not just running normal either they are running at the max.

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Debian :: Cpu Running Constantly At 70%?

Oct 9, 2010

I am running a minimal debian "Squeeze" system with xfce and recently noticed a marked slowdown in my samsung nc10 netbook performance; with all other applications closed htop revealed the following process eating up cpu which explains the slowdown. Previously cpu idled at about 10%. The user is root unlike all the other processes:user:rootpu:70%
command:/usr/bin/x :0 -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Constantly Running On The Background?

Mar 23, 2010

I'm running Ultimate Edition 2.0 64bit. When I'm running Firefox and I'm not doing anything on it it starts to use the disk intensively. I checked on terminal using the top command and it IS Firefox using up to 85-90% of the resources. Anyone know what the problem is here? Can it be hacked? I already uninstalled and installed back again and it still doing it.

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Ubuntu :: System Monitor And Second CPU(2) Is Constantly Running At 100%?

Apr 10, 2010

Good day, installed ubuntu 10.04 64bit yesterday on my laptop just to test everything before the release at the end of the month. However I took a look at my System Monitor and my second CPU(2) is constantly running at 100%, however theirs no apparent processes to cause this.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Mac Mini Running 11.04 Constantly Crashes?

Aug 14, 2011

Anywhere from 2 -> 6 times a day, my computer will freeze up. If any audio was playing, it will repeat the last few seconds over and over again. I've been dealing with the problem for a couple of months now, with no solutions.

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Ubuntu :: CD In LiveCD Drive Constantly Spinning

Mar 30, 2011

When I run Ubuntu liveCD (Lucid), even when no programs are running and cpu is 98% idle, the CD Rom continues spinning constantly, even though it apparently isn't accessing any files. At this rate, the motor will burn out prematurely.I don't think this is normal. How can I troubleshoot this and keep it from running?

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Slackware :: Custom Kernel And Acpi / Thermal Settings - Fan Running Constantly

Jun 5, 2010

this isn't so much slackware specific as it is general linux related, but using the default huge slackware kernel included with 13.1, acpi reports cpu temps of about 55 celsius i always like to run my own kernels though, and using the latest stable kernel, i have compiled one using what i believe is necessary for my hardware, and everything works as expected except that acpi reports my cpu temp as 80 celsius at idle, causing my fan to be running constantly

so without simply using the generic config included with slack in the newer kernel, what do you think might be causing the thermal issues? i used diff on the two configs and the output is over 5,000 lines, so thats not a huge help, and im really not even sure what to be looking for the cpu is an intel i7 720qm, so if anyone might know any specific settings for that processor type needed for acpi to interface with it properly that would be much obliged here is my config for potential review: [URL] also, if i disable acpi entirely, the fan operates as normal but i cannot get readings obviously

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SUSE / Novell :: Open - Constantly Accessing Hard Drive - Makes Click Sound Every Time

Jun 26, 2010

The hard drive is accessed every few seconds with OpenSUSE and when it is there is a click sound when it is first accessed. I have other distros which dont make the clicking sound when they access the hard drive. I need to prevent opensuse from making the click sound when it does whatever it's doing. Im not even sure what it's doing or what settings to change, and most importantly how do i make it not click? Maybe i could copy settings over from another distro if i knew which settings to replace.

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Red Hat :: Running IPmonitor To Monitor The Disk Usage On Our Servers - Running Df -h

Mar 19, 2010

We are running IPmonitor to monitor the disk usage on our Linux servers. It does not seem to coincide with what is reported when running df -h. For example on a Red Hat 5.3 server - our IPmonitor shows that 85% is used on the /usr partition, however when I do a df -h on the server it shows that 91% is used. Why there would be a discrepancy? IPmonitor uses SNMP.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error "pyrun.exe - No Disk There Is No Disk In The Drive

Jun 14, 2011

I downloaded the latest version of wubi and when I click to run i get the error "pyrun.exe - No Disk. There is no disk in the drive. insert a disk into drive DeviceHarddisk2DR2".

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Ubuntu :: Internal Disk In A Running System Usb-booted System Does Not Result In The System Detecting The Disk

Feb 27, 2011

My system decided to crash on me, hard. It was humming along happily for about 2 months and now doesn't boot. If I boot from hard-disk, I get grub. Launching the first kernel choice hangs. I thought maybe the install was corrupt, so I booted from usb install disk. The usb hdd didn't boot; something about an error trying to access /dev/sda . Unplugging the internal disk and plugging in the usb install disk does result in the system booting. Plugging in the internal disk in a running system usb-booted system does not result in the system detecting the disk.

How do I know if the disk is physically broken? This seems unlikely since it does manage to launch grub consistently. Or is this still possible? How can I try to mount whatever is left? The usb install disk doesn't even list the /dev/sd*. Any pointers on how to reformat the drive if it's not being mounted?

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Ubuntu :: My Disk Keeps Running Out Of Space

Apr 27, 2010

A few days ago, I got a message that stated I had zero bytes of disk space left.Odd, I thought, but I had been doing video transcribing and thought that may be the issue.I moved a video (4 GB) off the hard drive to an external drive and then went about my business.This morning, I got the message again. I enclosed a screen shot. I moved a few more items off my hard drive - but then was soon out of space again. (Less than an hour later.)I logged in as root and poked around. I noticed that /var/archives had almost 60 GB of data in .tar.gz files.I moved them off to an external drive and am okay for now.

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Ubuntu :: Running Out Of Disk Space?

May 7, 2011

I have a dual boot system that only has about 6.5 GB of total file space for Ubuntu on the disk. Recently I upgraded to 11.04, and have had problems logging on and in downloading and installing programs. Occasionally I get messages that say available memory [edit: I meant disk space, not memory] is too low.

I see from the disk analyzer that a folder called tmp is very large. Can that file be safely deleted? Anything else to clean up and scavenge more space?

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Ubuntu :: Restore Disk From Pc Running On Windows?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a notebook with no disk drive. How do I use restore disk from my pc running on windows?

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Ubuntu :: Getting A Warning About Running Out Of Disk Space?

Sep 2, 2010

I'm a little puzzled as to why I'm getting a warning about running out of disk space. It seems others have similar issues but with little resolvI received a warning about how I have little disk space remaining. I got the message when writing files to my /home directory.The output of df -h is:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 7.4G 5.9G 1.1G 85% /


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Ubuntu :: Running Apps From Across Two Distros On Same Disk

Feb 21, 2011

I really do not know how to phrase this question properly. I am quite unaware of the PC jargon. But I have Ubuntu as the main OS and Mandriva is the second OS on the same hard disk. The boot loader is the Ubuntu. When I want to switch to Mandriva, on boot up I press Shift and then select the kernel.However, if I am on Ubuntu and want to run an application which resides on Mandriva, how do I do that? My fstab file does not even mention Mandriva. However, the file system does show up that file and I can open any files I need by clicking on GUI "Places". But when I try to run any of its applications by clicking the appropriate file on its /bin file nothing happens. A pop-up window briefly flashes and disappears. So my questions are:

1. First how can I change directory so that I am on Mandriva. Can' cd ...something' take me to that file because I see it in "Places" as a 36Gb file system?
2. How can I run an application which resides on that file system e.g., R or Octave which I do not have installed on Ubuntu, without rebooting into Mandriva.
3. Can I do this from command line.
4. And finally, can I do the same from Mandriva i.e., access Ubuntu from it.

I did read quite a bit about mounting files and fstab, but the fstab does not show the file system I am talking about. These are the outputs from Ubuntu os.

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Making HUGE Log Files--running Out Of Disk Space?

Feb 2, 2011

I started getting errors about running out of disk space in root this morning. I hunted up what's taking all the space; var/log is 39GB (Ubuntu is installed on a 50G partition.) It's specific files that live in that directory, not subfolders. The files are:

kern.log = 11.6 GB
messages (plain text file) = 11.4 GB
kern.log.1 = 6.1 GB


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Hardware :: Hard Disk Is Running Slow

Jun 2, 2010

My hard disk speed is really slow. the actual reading from 'fio' is as shown in the attached image.

My system is detailed below:

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Hardware :: Figure Out If A Box Is Running Just A Single Sda Disk?

Jan 25, 2010

I'm trying to figure out if a box is running just a single sda disk. or if it actually has hardware RAID setup and Linux just sees this virtual sda disk which is actually composed of several drives hidden behind the card. for software raid i know that doing mount command would show something like

/home mounted on /dev/mapper/ddfadasdf34234234234
and for nvidia card it would say something like
/home mounted on /dev/mapper/nvidia_34324234234
but in my case i just see /dev/sda1 mounted on /home

cat /proc/scsci/scsi however see several drives being on the system, dmesg shows the same. But I only see this one drive when doing mount. So basically I have conflicting information. What would be the sure way to figure out if i do have a raid array and if so what raid level I'm running.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: How To Add ESATA Disk To Running System?

Jul 31, 2010

How can I add an eSATA disk to a running system? It is OK if connected before booting, but just not seen if hotplugged

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Hardware :: Adding A LVM Hard Disk To A System Already Running/using LVM?

Aug 9, 2010

I have two systems, both having file systems running on LVM. System No 1 has 2 PATA HDD (40 and 80 GB) running linux on LVM. System 2 has a single SATA HDD (300 GB) which again uses LVM. What i was trying to do was to add the two HDD in system 1 to system 2, possibly with little or no data loss. So i connected the PATA drives from system 1 to system 2 and booted up. The system booted up to the openSUSE 11.3 splash screen and stopped after scanning the HDDs. Frankly i never expected openSUSE to try n auto mount the new drives. I think the problem was caused because both the systems had VG and LV of the same names. Can the volume group be renamed, maybe from a live CD or somthing?? System 2 is not boot able now.

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General :: Boot From Windows Disk While Running Netbook?

Mar 17, 2010

i ahve to boot it from the command like an executable but i dont know how to exactly and when i thought i had it figured out i didnt know how to write the name of the file in the disk ubuntu just kept saying file or directory not found

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Debian :: Internal SATA Disk Slower When Running On Battery?

Feb 5, 2010

I have Etch running in my laptop. I found that if the laptop is only running on battery, the disk seems to performs slower than if I running on a power adapter. How do I possibly check the setting and fix it?

I'm the only user on the system most of the time and I keep it as minimal as possible so it's not other services and programs keeping the disk busy.

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Fedora :: Cleanup Installed Packages - Running Of Disk Space?

Nov 25, 2010

Is there an easy way to see what packages use the most disk space? I am running of disk space and need to cleanup.

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General :: Can Boot Machine Without Using Hard Disk / If Its Running On PXE Server?

Jul 20, 2011

I have an old unuseable computer at home that became useless after a hard disk failure. I don't want to spend money on buying a new PATA IDE HDD for it, so I was wondering if I can use a PXE boot server on my notebook (using a virtual machine with Linux) and boot a Linux on the old machine with PXE without using Hard Disk. It is possible? Do I will need to make some extra configuration or use some specific enviroment do do this?

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Software :: Mdadm 2.6.4 - Adding Disk To Running Linear Array

Jan 31, 2010

I am using mdadm 2.6.4 for managing RAIDs on Linux kernel 2.6.18. I've a query like whenever I tried to add a new disk to a running linear array(JBOD)i get a message "cannot add new disk to this array".

The exact steps are as follows:
create a new array as:
mdadm -C /dev/md0 -llinear -n2 /dev/sata/ /dev/sata2
It is getting added and i am able to see with -D command.

Now add a new disk sata3 as follows:
mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --add /dev/sata3 I get the output as:
md: sdb has invalid sb, not importing!
md: md_import_device returned -22
mdadm: cannot add new disk to this array.

So my first doubt is whether mdadm 2.6.4 supports this features or not if it supports then do I need to change the driver?

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Ubuntu :: Deleting A Disk Drive ?

Feb 16, 2011

Ok so basically this isn't my harddrive but hear me out. It's a known issue but it only happened after him downloading stuff off priate bay. The harddrive is not detected on BIOS, so you can't boot through it, just the CD Drive is now detected. You can't use SAFE mode as it reverts to another issue, a black screen with a white cursor, no keyboard commands work.

No restoring disks will fix it nor master disks, it's literally a bad *** issue. Thou I can still load things via CD Drive so I used the Acronis Bootable Media and surely enough, it could anaylse data on the harddrives. I thought maybe i'll try PE Bart but once again, loads up to Black screen with White Cursor. So I put in Ubuntu and yes, I can get on the GUI, but I can't install the operating system.

There would always been an issue. something about in/out whilst installing but as long a I can use the tools, then we go onto Disk Utility. When I try to format, the Error Message apprears stating : Eroor creating File System: helped exited with error code 1: Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sda2: Input/Output error. This would be the same error i would get via installing and I would have to ignore and eventually whilst installing, from being complete on the right hand side, it would say ERROR or ABORTED after 70,000.

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