Server :: Rsync Fails In Cron - Ssh Key - For Rsync?

Dec 8, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server and Postgresql 8.4. I have a .sh script that is run by cron every other hour. That works fine. The .sh script includes an rsync command that copies a postgresql dump .tar file to a remote archive location via ssh. That fails when run by cron; I think because it is (quietly) asking for the remote user's password (and not getting it). I set up the public/private ssh key arrangement. The script succeeds when run manually as the same user that the cron job uses, and does not ask for the password. I am able to ssh to the remote server from the source server (using the same username) and not get the password prompt (both directions), so why doesn't rsync work? I even put a .pgpass file in the root of that user's directory with that user's password, and the user/password are identical on both servers.

I think the problem is rsync is not able to use the ssh key correctly. I tried adding this to my script but it didn't help.


Here is the rsync command embedding in the .sh script.


Here is the cron entry:


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Server :: Using Rsync With Cron On Different Port?

Nov 14, 2010

I'm trying to set-up a cron job that uses rsync to transfer back files from a remote server. ssh on the remote server is running on port 12345 but this seems to be a problem. My script looks like this:



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Server :: Rsync Execution - With Crontab - Have Given Full Path To Rsync Too

Apr 12, 2011

I have a tiny shell script to rsync files between two servers and remove the source files.

This script works fine, when it has been initiated manually or even when the rsync command is executed on the command line.

But the same script doesn't work, when I try to automate it through crontab.

I am using 'abc' user to execute this rsync, instead of root, as root login to servers are restricted in all of our servers, by us.

As I mentioned earlier, manual execution works like charm!

When this is initiated through crontab, it runs the first command(chown ...) perfectly without any issues. But the second line is not at all executed, and there is no log entry i can find at /mnt/xyz/folder/rsync.log.

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Software :: Run Rsync To Download Files From A Server Without Rsync Daemon?

Sep 18, 2009

I just tried to sync files from one server to another. After the sync process, I found the files are bigger than original ones.

I looked up the web and found someone mentions the rsync daemon. So I have to run the daemon on one server before I run the rsync?

The command I used is rsync --partial --progress -r source destination

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Server :: Rsync Can Not Rsync Files With Include Filter

Jul 21, 2010

use rsync to cp such files and dirs under /var/www/html/mydir directory but these two files(/dir4/1.html /dir4/2.html) cant rsync to dest mechine.

rsync configure file,below...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Cron Will Not Run Rsync Job

Mar 30, 2011

I am running a headless Ubuntu server accessed through Webmin. The server is running 10.4.2 64 bit version. I have a number of cron jobs including a simple back-up job which is:
rsync -av /media/server/ /media/backup/backup/
All of the other jobs run fine but for some reason this job which is scheduled to run each day at midnight does not run. If I SSH into the server and run the job manually it works fine.

The output of 'crontab -l' is:
@daily rsync -av /media/server/ /media/backup/backup/
11 3 * * * /etc/webmin/package-updates/
@daily tar czf /media/backup/serversystem.bz2 --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tar.bz2 --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/media --exclude=/sys /
@reboot inadyn --username ********** --password ********** --update_period_sec 600 --alias **********
@daily /etc/webmin/backup-config/ 12978522112842

The output of 'crontab -e' is:
Error opening terminal: unknown.
crontab: "/usr/bin/sensible-editor" exited with status 1

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Ubuntu Servers :: Advanced Rsync - Make The Rsync Set Or Keep The User And Group Affiliations?

Nov 17, 2010

Thought I'd post it here because it's more server related than desktop... I have a script that does:


This is used to sync my local development snapshot with the live web server. There has to be a more compact way of doing this? Can I combine some of the rsyncs? Can I make the rsync set or keep the user and group affiliations? Can I exclude .* yet include .htaccess?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Rsync Gmail / Run Rsync --recursive --times --perms --links --delete?

Jan 7, 2011

When I run rsync --recursive --times --perms --links --delete --exclude-from='Documents/exclude.txt' ./ /media/myusb/

where Documents/exclude.txt is

- /Downloads/
- /Desktop/books/

the files in those directories are still copied onto my USB.


I used fetchmail to download all my gmail emails. When I run rsync -ar --exclude-from='/home/xtheunknown0/Documents/exclude.txt' ./ /media/myusb/ I get the first image at url.

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Ubuntu :: Rsync Bash Script Different In Cron?

Feb 19, 2010

I've got a bash script that uses rsync via SSH to back up data from a remote webserver.
This script works fine when I run it myself but when it runs as a cron job I get the following error:

2010/02/20 08:15:01 [6786] Unexpected remote arg:
2010/02/20 08:15:01 [6786] rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1219)


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Ubuntu :: Rsync Sh File Don't Work With Cron

Mar 25, 2011

I have a backup sh file that I have been using for a long time. It has always worked. 2 Days back I switched to a different pc and now suddenly the script don't work.If I run it manually in the terminal it works. But when it execute with cron it doesn't copy any files to the backup destination. It starts but doesn't copy anything.Can someone help me as to why it works manually but not with cron ?

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Software :: Rsync Behaves Differently Under Cron And Under My Normal Environment

Mar 16, 2010

I am making a backup on an ntfs disk, mounted with:

using the following command:

Running this (or rather the shell script containing it) from the command line is OK, but if I run it as a cron job, I get thousands of messages:

(without line breaks, actually).

These files are all ordinary files made under Windows; the above should read "offici´┐Żle stukken", and from the command line it does, but not in cron.

I guess I need to set an environment variable, but which one?

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OpenSUSE :: Backup Important Files - Automate The Process Using Rsync And Cron

Aug 14, 2011

I would like to backup important files (totaling about 400GB) on my ext 4 RAID 5 array to an ext4 external hard drive over USB (external drive is mounted to /mnt. In the future I'd like to automate the process using rsync and cron so for now I'm using rsync to transfer the files. My problem is that using the rsync command like this: # rsync -Pr "/dir1" "/dir2" "/dir3" "/dir4" /mnt

rsync shows me the checks and transfers for awhile and then throws up an i/o error (wish I had a screenshot to show but I don't). When I ls /mnt I get a similar i/o error. I then check /dev for the drive and find that it no longer shows up. Originally the partition was /dev/sdc1. I tried unplugging the USB at this point, plugging it back in and mounting the drive back to /mnt, however it has now assigned it to (you guessed it) /dev/sdd1. I get the drive mounted and try the original rsync command again, hoping the first error was a fluke or some kind of one-time drive fart. This time it makes it quite a bit further and then throws up the exact same problem. Am I doing something terribly wrong here? As I said, I'm very new to bash so I'm not making some absolutely moronic, newbie mistake.

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Ubuntu :: Rsync Fails When Using Modify-window

Jul 30, 2011

I am trying to sync or copy some files from my local home directory to my external passport drive. My passport drive has been acting weird , I was having a hard time mounting it, but finally I did it. It was mounted using FAT (for compatibility reasons)Now I am trying to copy the files but in a smart way, using this script with --modify-window switch.Is that a bug? Is the --modify-window switch missing on Ubuntu or maybe different?

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Server :: IO Error When Trying To Rsync

Mar 31, 2010

I attempted today to Rsync data from 'serverold' to 'servernew' and also delete data on 'servernew' that has been deleted / removed from 'serverold'. When I run the Rsync command I get the following error:


rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred (code 24) at main.c(1042) [sender=3.0.7] why this is not working? Is my command syntax wrong or missing switches? I read the 'Man' page and gathered this would be the correct command but I could be wrong.

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Server :: Rsync Between Two Different Servers

Dec 8, 2010

I have two servers. #1 is the main server and #2 is only used in case the first one is down. Both of them are in the same LAN. Both are debian Lenny configured the same way. For instance, if #1 has a problem, I simply disconnect it, set #1's IPs to #2 and I have my system ready. The only matter here is that there are plenty of files that need to be syncronized between #1 and #2. I thought that rsync was the answer to this problem I have.

I wanted to create a bash script that runs every day (with cron) and syncs the files I need (.conf, and other data). I used ssh-keygen to generate a pair of keys in order to login SSH without a password. The problem is that the permitRootLogin is set to yes in my sshd_config in both servers. So I can't log in directly as root by ssh. But I need to log in as root to be able to rsync the files between the servers because some of them are .conf files and aren't accesible for non-privilege users (Only root).

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Server :: Sync File Server Data Into Backup Server Machine By Command- Rsync -avu?

Jun 21, 2011

iam trying to sync file server data into backup server machine by command- rsync -avu path/of/data ipaddress-of-backup-server:/path/where/to/save after running it ask for root password and manually it is successful.but i want to make it automatic.for that i also tried cronjob and also generated authentication key but iam not successful in login automatically..anybody know how to authenticate root to login for storing data in backup server.

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Debian :: Backup Server With Rsync And Ssh

Jan 18, 2016

I switched last summer from Windows (used it since Windows 95) to Debian. I'm using Debian Jessie for a couple of months now and I'm getting used a little.

There are problems here and there, but I can solved them with some reading on the web. Not really a big problem...till now

I run Debian 8.2 om my PC (PC1). Bought an older PC (PC2) that I want to use as a backup server.

I'm using PC2 only for making backups, after the backup I switch it off again.

So I installed Debian 8.2 (net-install without DE and with SSH) on PC2 and tried to configure it to let it work as my backup location. Made a public SSH key and exported it to the root account (no problem) and to the user account (sensdeb), but there was an error "Access Denied"

Gave the user (sensdeb) sudo-rights via visudo file

# User privilege specification
sensdeb ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

I installed rsync.

The problem is that Rsync only works when I use the root account.

Code: Select allrsync -r -n -t -v --progress --delete -u -l -H -s /media/Data/Mp3/Anastacia root@

When I try to sync with he normal user account sensdeb

Code: Select allrsync -r -n -t -v --progress --delete -u -l -H -s /media/Data/Mp3/Anastacia sensdeb@

I get error's. Access Denied

I don know how to give the user sensdeb the rights so that I can use that account for my backup tasks. Now it's possible to sync with the root account, but that should not be the way to do it, I read many times.

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Ubuntu :: Rsync Backup Server

Jul 20, 2010

This should be a quick one. I'm trying to backup a single directory and it's subdirectories on my Lucid Server to a freenas box across my network. This is what I'm using to do that rsync -r -a -v -z * --delete freenas: DSIBackups..It almost works perfectly except for one problem. When a file is deleted at the source, this command doesn't seem to delete it on the receiving end. I assumed that the --delete would do that but aparently not.

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General :: Rsync Server Over SSH On Fedora 12

Feb 26, 2010

I'm trying to set up my trusty Fedora box, with rsync over ssh to backup my windows machines at home and I need help configuring the rsync server (I'm using DeltaCopy as the rsync client on the windows side)I tried a few dry runs but it seems windows can't see the linux box, the rsync job just hangs for ever and never does anything.I should mention that ssh works fine.

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General :: Setup Server Using Rsync

Mar 5, 2010

How I use rsync to setup server from any existing server, that I want to create server from my existing one server where I have installed and tune everything, I want everything replecate on new server excluding network (IP) and /proc

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Server :: Keeps One Month Data - Rsync?

Jul 19, 2011

My rsync takes backup of everything from the differenct linux servers to my backup device which is 2 TB only .Since it takes almost full backup of source , it consumes space lot in the backupdevice. So i wanted to keep all my backup files of one month old latest files in backup device, it should remove all files more than one month data.

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Server :: Limit Rsync Log Output?

Jul 23, 2010

Is there a way to limit the amount of data that goes in to an rysnc log. The problem I have is that I email myself the log file to make sure it went ok but sometime the log is hugeHere is what I am doing with rsyncrsync -azHK --delete-after /home/ /mnt/usbbackup/home/ >/backup-log/backup.txt

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Server :: Use Rsync Authorized By LDAP?

Jul 15, 2011

I try use Rsync authorized by LDAP, but seem as this way is not available. Is that true?

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Server :: Ubuntu 9.10 - Setting Up Rsync?

Feb 18, 2010

I'm trying to set up rsync on a clean install of ubuntu server 9.10, with ubuntu-desktop installed.

In the end, I'd liek the 2 windows clients (running Vista and Win7) to syncronise with the server when they log on/off. I'd also like them to access a printer attached to the server.

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Server :: Using Rsync For Incremental Backups?

Jan 29, 2010

Can I use rsync for incremental backups of the running linux server?

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Server :: Rsync Files Between Web Servers?

May 20, 2010

I've 15 web servers (in private network) running RHEL, Apache. Needs to sync web files between them. each server is accessible to each other via public key (with passphares).

1) Main server is web1 (where dev upload files initially). So I can make all other servers accessible by web1 without password/passphares and run rsync periodically to update files between them. But security is an issue here as all servers will become easily accessible.

2) Run rsync daemon in all other servers (except web1) on designated port and run rsync command from web1 to sync files. This will do the work but running daemon in all servers might increase overhead and making sure that daemon is running all the time etc. are my concern for this implementation.

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Server :: Rsync Files And Directories From A RedHat Host To A Windows Server 2003R2?

Jun 9, 2011

I'm trying to rsync files and directories from a RedHat linux host(v 4.5 & 4.7) to a Windows server 2003R2 Standard Edition with cygwin running. I'm executing the rsync command from the cygwin shell. The transfer involves rsync'ing approximately 1 TB of data from the linux server to the windows server. After about 280+GB of data transfer, the transfer just dies.

There seems to be no particular file or directory that the transfer stops at. I'm able to rsync GB's of data from other linux hosts to this cygwin server with no problem. Files and directories rsync fine.The network infrastructure is essentially the same regardless of the server being rsync'ed in that it is GB Ethernet running through Cisco GB switches. There appear to be no glitches or hiccups across the network path.

I've asked the folks at if they know of any problems or issues. Their response has been neutral in that if the version of rsync that cygwin has ported is within standards then there is no rsync reason this problem should happen.I've asked the cygwin support site if they know of any issues and they have yet to reply. So, my question is whether the version of rsync that is ported to cygwin is standard. If so, is there any reason cygwin & rsync keep failing like this?

I've asked the local rsync on linux guru's and they can't see any reason this should fail from a linux perspective. Apparently I am our company cygwin knowledge base by default.

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General :: Run Rsync On Server A To Copy All Files From Server B When They Are Newer Than 7 Days

Jun 14, 2011

I want to run rsync on server A to copy all files from Server B when they are newer than 7 days.(find . -mtime -7) I don't want to delete the files on Server B.

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Server :: Cronjob Rsync Doesn't Work

Mar 28, 2011

I have a computer that I would like to backup the home directory onto a server. I created a script called that contains the following:

#!/bin/bash -l
/usr/bin/rsync -rv --delete-after --ignore-errors -e /usr/bin/ssh root@wngr403-unix2:/home/ /space/systemimager/Wien/

where wngr403-unix2 is the computer I am backing up, and the script is ran from the server. If I run the script by itself, it works just fine. If I run it as a cronjob, the /var/log/syslog says it ran, but it does nothing.

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Server :: Distributed Rsync Over Mesh Network?

Jul 9, 2010

A bunch of hosts all connected to each other.I'd like to have a directory where a group of hosts can dump files and all access, synchronising with each other their changes automatically and transparent to the user.How can I have it so that rsync updates both ways?

* host A asks host B for a list of files, modification dates, checksums

* then applies the rules to select which files it will fetch from B

--> if A owns the file then do not get modifications from B
--> files differ, then select newer file

* then fetches them

* and so on for each host...

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