OpenSUSE Install :: OS 11.3 Freezes Randomly On Atom / Intel 945

Jul 30, 2010

I just upgraded my system from oS 11.2 to oS 11.3 on Thursday. I've chosen the network-CD and booted from an USB-pen-drive, as my netbook doesn't have a CD-drive.I new experience that my computer freezes obviously randomly. It's not just a programme crashing, but the whole computer just halts. Nothings working anymore - mouse is not moving, keyboard doesn't respond, I can't even switch to another tty.I tried to remember what I was doing right before the crashes. Once I used the new netbook-desktop of KDE and had typed for an application in that "cool" new desktop. The desktop wend "blank" (the application folders disappeared and I was waiting till the results were shown) and then the computer froze. Just right now I used Okular, selected some text and opened the context-menu when the computer died, the other time I closed the Yakuake with F12 and the computer didn't respond just right before the window was minimized at the top and last but not least I had that "Expose"-like window arrangement opened and clicked at the black background when everything hang up.

What could be the reason for it? oS 11.2 worked perfectly - I hadn't had any crash during 5 months of intense use. I suspected the new graphics driver, but I can't find any reported bug about the Intel 945 GMA* or anything about the new KDE 4.4.4 on atom processors.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Run On A Notebook With An Intel Atom Processor?

Jul 28, 2010

If opensuse will run on a notebook with an Intel atom processor?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Intel Atom N270 With ACPI On - 11.2

Jun 23, 2010

I'm using a purpose built computer with Intel Atom N270 CPU and running OpenSUSE 11.2 (Intel´┐Ż 945GSE + ICH7-M chipset)

If I leave ACPI = Enabled in the BIOS Setup, then the Yast Hardware Profile shows 2 x N270 running at 800 MHz.

If I turn ACPI = Disabled in the BIOS Setup, then the Yast Hardware Profile shows 1 x N270 running at 1.60 GHz.

Anyone experienced this with their system? Intel Atom N270 is a single core, so why is it seen as a dual core with ACPI on? Based on the above, should I simply leave ACPI turned off?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Force Intel Atom N280 To Work On Powersave Mode?

Jul 22, 2010

How can I force my Intel Atom N280 to work on powersave mode?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 X86-64 New Install - "jerky Mouse - Choppy - Randomly Freezes Erratic"

Jul 28, 2011

Environmentopensuse: 11.4 x86_64 new install
qemu-kvm install
input devices: PS/2 Mouse, EvTouch USB Graphics Tablet

If I just take the mouse and scroll left and right over the desktop, the mouse is "jerky, choppy, randomly freezes, erratic". It occurs all the time. Trying to be more focused and select an object is challenging.

/var/log/messages shows: kernel psmouse.c Explorer mouse at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 1 bytes away Don't know if it is related, but in "Personal Settings" -> "Input Devices" -"Touchpad", there is a "Warning: Touch pad configuration is not supported on this system. ..." I have another virtual machine with the exact same setup running openSUSE 11.2 x86-64, kernel, and the mouse is not "jerky", but I have no wheel support. Comparing logs and config they look alike. I turned off all desktop effects.

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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 Freezes Randomly - Xorg Occupies 100 Percent CPU

Apr 12, 2011

My pc freezes when firefox is running not only to open a new tab but also to browse some pictures and flash video. The screen freezes, no Keyboard response. Only mouse pointer can be moved but it cannot execute any program. That means I can see the mouse pointer moves but it cannot click on any icon. I have to ssh from my laptop to my PC and kill firefox process but can't get any improvement. The screen is still freezing. Then I have no choice but to use root right to restart the pc. This system freezing has happens many times since the PC system was updated from openSUSE 11.3 to 11.4 one month ago.

It's really random and I don't know when it will happen next time. But when it happens then I have no choice but to restart computer again. I notice that every time when PC freezes, the Xorg occupies 100% cpu resource and as long as keeping this status. Even when the PC dose not freeze, I feel the mouse point does not moves so smoothly. It could stop for a very very short time in its moving. I did not find this moving problem when I was using openSUSE 11.3. I guess it may caused by the video card driver which may not installed appropriately on my openSUSE 11.4.

Using "lspci |grep VGA" I get the following video card information:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] (rev a2)

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Hardware :: AMD E-350 Vs Intel Atom D525

Apr 3, 2011

I want to make a x86 based router using a mini-ITX board and I found 2 options, Asrock AMD-E350M1(~$140) and Intel Atom D525MW(~$94).

1. AMD-E350:

It's slightly faster than atom D525.
It has AMD-V(virtualization support)
It can be used as HTPC(1080p)
It can be used for GPGPU
Uses ~max 25W for CPU+(capable)GPU

Single Channel Memory
PCI-e slot is bad for router( I found 4-port PCI NIC at $25. 2-port PCI-e cards are $60 and 4-port PCI-e cards are $150 )

2. Intel Atom D525:

PCI slot(see above)
Dual Channel Memory
Cheaper than AMD E-350
Passive Cooling

It cannot be used as HTPC(doesn't play 1080p, not even 720p)
It cannot be used for GPGPU

I plan to use the mini-ITX board with 4GB RAM:
AMD E-350 with 4GB ram(1x$51)=$191 -> score is 744. Regarding the CPU the value is 3.8952/$
Intel Atom D525 with 4GB(2x$29)=$152 -> score is 714. Regarding the CPU the value is 4.6973/$

I would like to have a mini-ITX board that is capable of having one VM runing the router OS and 2nd VM runing pyrit on the GPU.

If it is possible to run pyrit on the APUs GPU I would choose AMD E-350 because I can put in PCI-e NIC to run the router OS. If not, I have to stick with Intel Atom D525, 4GB RAM would be a waste, but also I would waste a lot of CPU time.

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Hardware :: Overclock Intel Atom N270 ?

Jan 25, 2010

Is it possible? Its an Acer Aspire One.

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Debian Multimedia :: Compiling Intel Atom Poulsbo GMA 500

Jun 17, 2010

The intel <Xorg> driver provides 2D and 3D support for Intel integrated graphics chipsets, including the i810, 915{G,GM}, 945{G,GM,GME}, 946GZ, 965{G,GM,Q}, G33, Q33 and Q35; the <GMA 500> is not supported.

Packaged for Debian as xserver-xorg-video-intel. [url] [url] [url].

Poulsbo is the codename of Intel's second-generation ultra mobile PC chipset. Its GMA 500 graphics core is not supported by the intel Xorg driver; ITP xserver-xorg-video-psb filed as Debian bug #533450.

Poulsbo (chipset) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [url]

Poulsbo's graphics core GMA 500 is currently not well supported by Intel for the Linux platform.

However there is a quite easy way to have the drivers work on any Debian-based distribution, thanks to the Ubuntu sources and packages, for the linux kernel 2.6.30 (with newer kernel it would need a little hacking but seems still possible while the sources are included).

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Ubuntu Installation :: 32-bit Or 64-bit On An Intel D510 Atom System?

Sep 14, 2010

Hi! What would be more preferable to install on my machine? I've read somewhere that if my CPU supports 64-bit, I should prefer that over 32-bit. What are the distinct advantages if I do?

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CentOS 5 :: Run Xen On Intel Atom Or Celeron For Learning Purposes

Jan 7, 2010

is it possible to run xen on intel atom or celeron for learning purposes, as when i start the virt-manager it doesn't give me the new option the file menu and when i try to do xm create domain1 it gives error like try running it with config file

if atom/celeorn can't run xen why does it gets installed on the system.

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Fedora Hardware :: Intel Atom D510 - 12 - No Ethernet - No Mouse ?

Feb 11, 2010

I've got a new motherboard Intel Atom D510. There are two problems in Fedora 12 after installing (and in live, too)

1) there is no ethernet (no net, red "x" in net tray).

2) there is no PS|mouse. (only usb-mouse works!).

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Ubuntu Servers :: Intel Atom D525 As A PBX Or An Email Server ?

May 16, 2011

I've got a hankering to upgrade my home PBX from Trixbox on CentOS to SipXecs on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

The current Trixbox setup is running on a Gigabyte G33M-S2 with 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 duo (There ain't no kill, like overkill). My needs are... ahem... modest, to say the least. The user base is currently five (5) people (all family members)... and would never grow beyond 10.

So, the Intel Atom D525 looks like I could cut down on power consumption. I'm thinking of going with the Gigabyte version found here [url]

If it works out well, I'm thinking of moving my email server (currently on Qmail, and showing its age) to a D525 board, and switching to Postfix.

Has anyone had any thoughts, experiences (good or bad), and/or "gotchas" with the Atom boards as a server (no gui).

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Debian Hardware :: Intel Atom N450 - Limited CPU Frequency Range

Jul 29, 2010

Got a new HP Mini 210 the other day and things run pretty good using squeeze considering how new it is. The only serious problem is that the available scaling frequencies are mis-reported by the system. Instead of 800, 1.0, 1.3 and 1.6, only 1.0 and up are shown.

acpi-cpufreq is installed and run properly on boot, indeed the system scales nicely from 1.0 through max as needed / dicatated by the ondemand governor. Powertop tells me it spends 99.8% of its time at the "lowest" frequency of 1.0.

In the hopes that a newer kernel would solve things I downloaded 2.6.34-1 and built it, and though it runs very nicely it doesn't solve the problem of the missing 800Mhz frequency. At this point I'm at a bit of loss as to how to proceed. I've asked the same question on the Debian mailing list, because I want to give this the good old college try before submitting a bug report to the kernel mailing list.

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Debian Hardware :: Broadcom HD Video Decoder On Intel Atom D410PT ?

Mar 5, 2011

Can I put a broadcom crystal hd video decoder on intel atom d410pt board? I use this for occasional net surfing. It does that pretty well staying cool and silent all the time, but it's really incapable of playing any hd content. These days I came to know that broadcom crystal hd decoder can be used with intel pinetrail platforms to facilitate hd viewing.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Upgrade To An Acer Revo R3610 Dual Core Intel Atom 1?

Dec 14, 2010

I have a question that has been partially answered in other posts and forums but I am still unclear. Please can someone help me out? I was previously using an Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM and the onboard Intel graphics adaptor for use as a media center PC. This was running Lubuntu and I could use Flash at full screen without any issues.

I have since decided to upgrade to an Acer Revo R3610 (Dual core Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, Corsair SSD and Nvidia ION grpahics). I thought that as this machine was more powerful than my previous one, I could get away with ditching Lununtu and go for Ubuntu 10.10 (x86).

I have updated the machine and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. When I browse to a Flash based site all runs fine until I go to full screen then I get about 10FPS (sound remains fine). The video is unwatchable. I rebuilt the machine using Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) and tested again. Under Windows the video plays perfectly.

I have also tried using the 10.2 beta version of Flash under Ubuntu and this gives the same terrible results. I am at a loss as to where the issue lies. Is it with Nvidia's driver, Adobe's Flash under Linux or is it my Ubuntu build?

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Hardware :: Tweak An Intel Atom D510 W/ Integrated GPU - When Login - Background Doesn't Fade In Gradually

May 2, 2010

I have a new Intel Atom D510 and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. The board is Zotac NM10-ITX.

My first issue was that during long and fast downloads (like transferring my home directory over the network) the system become pretty unusable: web pages would time out, windows would take more than few seconds to load, etc. I solved this by recompiling the kernel for the Atom. (The compile time wasn't that bad actually because the system is pretty simple and it was easy to isolate only the drivers I needed).

My next issue is that certain GUI-related things seem a little sluggish. For example, when the GDM loads it's not smooth like on other computers. When I log in, my background doesn't fade in gradually, it does so in about 1-2 frames. I was thinking this might be an issue with the GPU. It uses the i915 kernel module. Is there some tweaking I can do?


I was expecting to see a memory region of prefetchable memory around 128M here. Is this a problem?

What are you atom users doing to speed up your systems? I'm on Archlinux and I'm using a BFS patched kernel.

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General :: Using A Netbook Nb305 Toshiba With A Intel Atom Processor With Netbook Os?

Oct 28, 2010

my play on linux wont work i go to download a game and it just freezes then it asks me to force quit or wait is because of the computer im using a netbook nb305 toshiba with a intel atom processor with ubuntu netbook os?

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Fedora :: F15 Freezes Randomly

Jul 8, 2011

I am using Fedora 15 64bit (GNOME 3). Everything is working fine and I'm really enjoying the new GNOME but when I use it for let's say a couple of hours, Gnome get's stuck.I'm able to move my mouse and music keeps on playing, but I can't click anything, drag windows or close a window.When I press ctrl+alt+F2 I can still enter a terminal. (by the way, how is it possible that the gnome-shell command uses 99.4-101% cpu without any noticeable lag on my system and a strong processor?)

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Ubuntu :: Seems My Pc Freezes Randomly

May 18, 2010

Since of today it seems my pc freezes randomly, these are the messages that got logged just before it froze: (i tried disconnecting the usb-mouse to get input again, it registered that, but didn't help)




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Ubuntu :: PC Freezes Randomly 10.04 LTS

Jun 24, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , and I liked it a lot, however I'm having a little trouble. My PC freezes randomly for about 5-10 minutes and after that everything works fine again, then it freezes one more time and so on... I've been doing a little research and found nothing useful. I've got an Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2Ghz Processor and an Intel DGCC101 Motherboard with an Ati Xpress X200 chipset.

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Debian :: Squeeze Randomly Freezes Up?

Apr 17, 2011

This usually took place when I switch back to console from X (Ctrl+Alt+F1).After I start typing in the console, the characters started showing up one by one slowly and more slowly. Finially the console was completely frozen before all the characters were able to show up. This took place in less than 5 seconds. And I couldn't switched back to X either.Sometimes this happened even when I didn't log into X

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Freezes Randomly ?

Feb 11, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my older computer. Before the installation I used Windows Vista and Windows 7 and I decided to do a clean installation. When I ran Ubuntu from DVD it was perfectly healthy and no problems appeared. After the installation there became random freezes. The system freezes but mouse is still moving and can't do anything else than reboot.

From the other topics I read that it might be a problem with GPU drivers and I heard about this Envy program which might be able to install some drivers but don't know how to install that.

The computer is pretty old:

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
ASUS M2R-FVM (includes integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1150)
1 GB of RAM
320GB Hard drive

And I couldn't find any Linux drivers for the graphic card from AMD's internet page.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Freezes Up / Randomly Becomes Unresponsive

Dec 16, 2010

Two fresh installs of maverick meerkat on my laptop. Both times, problems started immediately. Playing media files, web browsing with a few tabs, or running bittorrnet freezes my humble system.

At some point or another during a lockup, the active programs running use up all of my CPU and a sizable chunk of RAM. Then after a few minutes, it stops and goes back to running normally for a bit. There seems to be no common element that sparks this behavior. Anything I do causes my computer to freeze for 2 minutes. It seems to be a common issue as well, and I've been unable to resolve this substantial problem. Is there some bugfix I am missing?

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.5 Freezes From Time To Time With A INTEL GM45?

Oct 26, 2010

I don't know why but since I upgraded the KDE 4.4 desktop from openSUSE 11.3 to 4.5, the desktop just freezes some times.

If i was listening music, or watching a video I can still hear everything and even move the mouse, but nothing works.

So I switch to TTy1, perform a init 3, then init 5 to restart all the graphic system, and start again. This happens without message, without log, and without clue...

Should I downgrade to 4.4 or this has a Workaround?

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Debian :: Desktop Freezes Randomly Two Times

Feb 17, 2010

I have used debian in the past and I am pretty comfortable with it but I have been having an issue. My desktop has randomly frozen two times. All my applications are still running though. For example, I was still able to talk on skype with my friend. However, all I can do is move my mouse but I can not click on anything forcing me to restart. Here are some things that might be helpful:

-I was using compiz both times (I am assuming this might be why. however, I have used compiz on ubuntu and I have never had a problem)
-I use an ATI graphics card
-It froze the first time when I accidently tried to extract the skype install deb.
-It froze the second time when I pressed close in software sources
-Since I have installed debian, I have installed compiz, compiz effect packages, removed openoffice, installed opera, installed google chrome, installed flash, and installed skype.

Does anyone know why my desktop crashed?

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Fedora :: System Freezes Randomly - How To Troubleshoot

Mar 26, 2010

I am running the Nvidia driver. My system freezes randomly. I've had to reboot my system over 5 times today alone. When it freezes, everything is frozen, even the second hand on the analogue clock. One more issue, and I'm not sure if it's related, my stupid screen goes black after 5 minutes of no typing or mouse movement. This never happended when I first installed it. The issue just started within the last 3 weeks. Kpackage Kit is hidden. I was using it to do my automatic updates. Now I just use yum. between the time I first installed Fedora 12 and now, something has happened to my build to cause these issues.

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Ubuntu :: System Freezes Randomly / Solution For This?

Jan 18, 2010

I recently re-installed ubuntu to fix my freezing problem, but with no success. disc has no errors. I cleaned the disc and the cd drive, the cd burner has a problem installing while the dvd drive does fine. The computer is a HP Visualize X-class workstation with dual 1000mhz pentium 3s, 2 gigs ecc ram and a ATI AllinWonder 9700 pro @ 2x agp(wish was higher), on-board sound. So my problems are:

1) It randomly freezes within 24 hours regardless of who is logged in or if effects are on or what the load is. mouse is frozen too, completely unresponsive even ctrl alt f1.

2) My sound is screwy. its supported by alsa but i have to play with the volume to get sound and lots of times there are audio errors, it sounds like its robo-trippin. I have tried the sound guide.

3) Desktop effects only work with the user that logs in first. If I try to activate them when I switch users it searches for drivers then says it cant be enabled. not a priority.

Window xp works okay but the graphics drivers are giving me problems so i decide to do a dual boot.

I think I am going to put in a different video card. maybe its not all there, it got hot once when the fan died, put in a replacement and it worked but i see lines moving down the screen when there are blacks.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Consistently Randomly Freezes?

Apr 16, 2010

After 6 months or so I noticed my 9.10 install getting sluggish and it started to freeze habitually. I let it go until one day it consistently froze at the startup login screen. I installed 10.04 and the problem continued - After first installing it worked for about 6 hours without a crash, and then once again the problem developed into consistently freezing at the login screen.

I tested with some USB Live sessions and my live sessions never froze, even when active for a whole day. Remembering some I/O BAD SECTOR error messages from my 9.10 crash, I determined the error may be with the hard drive so I bought a new Hitachi SATA hdd (needed more GBs anyway). I installed 10.04 on the new hdd (H and after 6 hours again it crashed. When it crashes the screen freezes for about 3 seconds and then the graphics wildly split and it's just a jagged gray screen. However, as time has gone on over the past 2 days, the freezing situation has been better in that it hasn't come to the point where the computer consistently freezes on the login screen. The time before it freezes has varied from 10 minutes to 6 hours.

I think it's maybe a software issue with the nvidia drivers. I'm having trouble diagnosing this bug or providing information. I've included the output of lspci -vvv I have the nVidia GeForce Go 6100 graphics card

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General :: Computer Randomly Completely Freezes

May 16, 2011

Well i've been having a problem that my computer randomly completely freezes. A while ago, it happened again, but i wasnt able to log back in anymore, getting this screen when gdm tries to load URL...

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