OpenSUSE Hardware :: Terratec T5 / Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity Remote Control

May 7, 2011

First my system data:
- OpenSuse 11.4 x64
- KDE SC 4.6.2
- Terratec T5 / Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity -> wiki

I have a this new USB DVB-T Stick and the tv reception works perfect. I tried to set up the remote control as well, but i got stuck. I followed this instruction.

excerpt from lsusb:



When I try to record the keys with the command


Irrecord does not recognize anything. This input device is also mapped to /dev/input/ir but this device doesn't work neither.

I also checked the remote cotrol with a digital camera: it sends ir light on pressing a key.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Installing Terratec Cinergy S2 Pci Hd Dvb-s Card?

Feb 18, 2010

that dosent find anything for opensuse 11.2 how to install or find the mantis driver for it?!

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Installing "Terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD" On 11.3 ?

Oct 2, 2010

I've a 'Terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD' DVB-S2 Card, which don't work with openSUSE 11.3. ('Terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD' same as Hardware as 'HDTV-Karte SkyStar HD 2', 'Twinhan 1041', 'AzureWave DVB-S2', 'AD-SP400', 'DigitalRise DVB-S2', ...).

1. The VDR-WIKI shows me, that the card should normally work with Mantis DVB Driver. But the openSUSE 11.3 Kernel includes it.

2. The 'yast2 tv' don't find a driver and also no mantis driver is shown (same as 'HDTV-Karte SkyStar HD 2', 'Twinhan 1041', 'AzureWave DVB-S2', 'AD-SP400',
'DigitalRise DVB-S2', ...).

3. I follow the description on the page. So I add in the '/etc/init.d/boot.local' the following line:


4. lspci shows the following output:



5. dmesg delivers


For me it looks like good - but so I see it right, vdr doesn't work with them.

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Debian Hardware :: Terratec Cinergy XS DVB-T Stick Support

Feb 22, 2010

I have a combined analogue TV/FM radio/DVB-T USB stick Terratec Cinergy XS. This stick used to be supported by the em28xx-new driver, but it has been discontinued since a few months ago. A patch for 2.6.31 has surfaced, but I cannot find one for 2.6.32, thus it doesn't work any more. A similar model with USB ID 0ccd:005e is supported directly by recent kernels, however I have a 0ccd:0072.

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Fedora Hardware :: Terratec Cinergy T USB XS Loaded But Not Working Anywhere In F12

Jan 23, 2010

long time ago that I tried to use my DVB-T Stick with Fedora. In past there was a work-out, drivers to compile and so on... That behaviour is GREATLY enhanced in F12, very nice!

The only thing that a had to do was downloading the firmware, the other stuff remains by kernel and so on automatically. I WAS impressed.

But it doesnt matters what kind of programm/tool I used, nowhere was my DVB-T stick recognized. And for result of that, Im not able to view TV... What the heck is now going on?

No errors, driver correctly loaded, but nothings works?

Here is the dmesg-message, U can see everthing looks okay:


Here is the message when I start kdetv, that program tries /dev/vbi0



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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Terratec Cinergy T USB XXS / T3 Stopped Working?

Aug 5, 2011

I'm having issues with a Terratec T3 DVB-T USB stick. It seems that ubuntu is recognizing it, but it isn't usable in Kaffeine or VLC anymore.The funny thing is that is WAS working, but after installing some codecs, upgrading to a new kernel and rebooting it stopped working, and it is no longer detected by both apps... Kaffeine says "no available device found", VLC gives a similar error.I've tried booting the machine with the old kernel, but the issue remains. I don't think installing codecs (x264 for example, tried removing it, no success) has anything to do with it, so I wonder what went wrong?

Oh and one more thing; in gnome device manager there is a question mark next to the stick. So there might be something missing on the system after all. linux-firmware-nonfree was installed and reinstalled 10 times or something, still no go, not even after a reboot.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: HVR-1600 Remote Control In 11.1?

Feb 8, 2010

Does anyone have the Hauppauge HVR-1600 remote control working in Opensuse 11.1 or 11.2? It acts like it's not finding a firmware file or driver. I grabbed a .bin firmware file from one of the Mythtv sites, but I havn't gotten it to work yet. I put it in the /lib/firmware/KERNEL directory, but maybe I need to move it up one directory.Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has it working and what was done? I have the other things in place regarding lirc, so I think the only thing holding it up is the device file.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: DVD Player That Recognize Inputs From Remote Control?

Nov 14, 2010

Do you know any dvd playback app that can recognize inputs from a remote control (like play, pause e.t.c) and at the same time when I launch it to check the dvd rom and resume playback from last time. I used vlc but it does not seem that works like the way I do.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Option For Canon Remote Capture - Remote Camera Control Software ?

Oct 17, 2010

Canon cameras used to come with a piece of software called remote capture for Windows and MacOS.

You plug in the camera via USB, and then the camera display is on your monitor. From there you can do everything your camera does, like taking pictures of video. Does anyone know if there is linux equivalent software that can do this?

I have found this software, but new cameras aren't supported.

I'm trying to make a stop motion movie.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Audacity And Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96?

Sep 21, 2010

who has been able to make sound recordings with a Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 soundcard? My Audacity does not find any source to capture from.

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Software :: Cross-platform Remote Control - Remote Desktop Software

Jan 20, 2010

I've been using Linux on a more regular basis for the last two months now and have been able to find replacements for most of the software i use in Windows, or by using Wine. But i have one big problem that is keeping me from switching permanently to Linux. I frequently use remote control software to access and control my computers, both at home and to access my computers from remote places over the internet. I've been using NetOp, and more recently RealVNC. The client, or "viewer" part of RealVNC is working fine in both Windows and Linux. It's the host or server part that i can't get to work properly when it comes to VNC. The module doesn't work on my system, x0vncserver program seems rather useless since it refuses to load before i have a network connection and this prevents me from start the program automatically as the wireless connection isn't ready and the vncserver command isn't an option since it doesn't display what i see on the actual screen. So, does anyone have a nice solution to this problem? Either to make VNC work or suggest some software that does. Anyway, it has to work on both Windows and Linux, in Linux it has to display the native x display, there must be built-in encryption and preferably be free or open-source software. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make Elgato Eyetv Diversity Work In 9.10?

Mar 3, 2010

In Kaffeine I can not press "Start scan" button, because it is disabled. The USB-ID of the DVB-T dual-tuner device is 0fd9:0011.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Computer Control Through SMS ?

Apr 27, 2010

As for what I am trying to do: I am looking for a way to run scripts and/or launch programs from a cell phone using SMS. I've found a few options close to this, but nothing that really fits what I'm trying to do. It seems I can either get speed or ease of use, but not both. To explain:

If I understand correctly, Evolution has this functionality through email, but email isn't instant. I'm trying, as best as I can, to use my phone almost like a remote; sending email from my phone would create a considerable wait time.

Using Pidgin's Buddy Pounce feature with AIM lets me use SMS to get a quick response, but I'm running into the problem that I can't make its action depend on what the message says. I want to be able to text, say, "Shutdown", and have my computer run a shutdown command, but Pidgin's Buddy Pounce feature doesn't seem to support checking for specific messages. I've been unable to find a plugin that changes this; if there was, it'd probably be my best bet.

Bluetooth is out; my computer's bluetooth adapter died a long time ago. Additionally, some of the things I'd like to do would be when I'm not near the computer, so even if it was functional, it would be limiting.

Anything that requires any apps for android, iPhone, or w/e are out too. I have an LG Dare, and while it's a nice phone, you can basically forget custom apps.

So, to recap, I'm trying to find some way of sending an SMS or email from my phone, have it be received as quickly as possible, and have the computer run a console command based on the content of the SMS/email. Any ideas?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Can See Remote Desktop But Can't Control It

Dec 1, 2010

I recently installed 10.10 64-bit on my laptop. I have an older laptop with 9.10 32-bit on it. I installed vnc4viewer on the 9.10 laptop and started and set up remote desktop connections to let the remote user view and control the local desktop. I then tried Remote Desktop Viewer for the Applications menu on the 10.10 laptop and I can log in and see the remote desktop. When I try to do anything through the vnc viewer I can see my changes affect the serving machine but not the viewing machine. For instance, if I grab a window on the viewing machine and try to move it around the desktop, I can see it move on the serving machine. I guess the connection could just be very slow but it seems real time on the serving machine.

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Ubuntu :: Control TTY On Remote Machine Via SSH

Jun 19, 2011

I'm wondering if it's possible to control a TTY on a remote machine via SSH. I'm aware of ssh's -t option, but it doesn't seem to do what I want. Basically, I'm thinking in terms of VNC-like operation, where the remote user and local user see the same thing, only instead of a GUI, they both see TTY1 (or 2, or etc). Is that doable, or no?

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Software :: Using And Configuring A Remote Control?

Jun 24, 2010

I have a Leadtek Winfast tv tuner and a pretty standard remote control. I've searched for tutorials and everything but i need something like a tutorial for dummies as i know nothing about configuring this kind of devices. I can already change channels in TVtime, but only numbers work from my remote control and the power button who shuts down my OS, so I guess you need something like lirc to configure all other remote control buttons. Anyway if some buttons already work maybe there's something installed in my OS which can be further customized but frankly I don't know where to find it, and even if i would how would I know to identify my remote control specific buttons ?

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Fedora :: Banshee Remote Control UPnP?

May 30, 2010

I'm trying to use the Banshee remote control application for Android, but there is no option for remote controls in the Banshee application I installed. I used to use Ubuntu and I'm pretty sure I remember it being there. Am I missing a package or something?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Control Daemon Not Running

Feb 15, 2010

I am trying to use my Apple Remote Controller that came with my iMac 4.1. I did some research and on the Ubuntu site it said that its possible with a application called Infrared Remote Controller. It detected from the hardrive which version I had etc but than a error message appeared on the bottom saying:

Warning: Remote control daemon not running.

How can I activate this? I included a screenshot!

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Ubuntu :: Remote Control Software For System?

Apr 29, 2010

I'm looking for something like Logmein or showmypc.comv

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using Apple's Remote App To Control Box?

Jul 30, 2011

First some background: I currently have iTunes running on a Vista box attached to my TV. I have an Ubuntu box running 11.04 and shairport which serves as remote speakers for the iTunes server. This works fairly well as I can control it with my iPhone, or iPad etc. Very slick interface and my wife loves it .

But I would prefer to not use iTunes to as the server. I would like to let that Vista box sleep most of the day. Doing a little bit of reading it sounds like I should be able to use mt-daapd as a replacement for iTunes. So I installed firefly and gave it a shot. I can get it streaming music fine. But I cannot Apple's "Remote" app to add the new library. When I did some poking I read that I should make a file that ends in ".remote" and put my device name + the pairing passcode from my iPhone in this file.

When I enter the "Add Library" mode on my iPhone it should broadcast an mDNS event. And in fact it looks like it does because: avahi-browse -r -k _touch-remote._tcp Can see my iPhone. But when I do a tail -f on the mt-daapd logfile I never see a connection come up. I have tried debug level 8 in the messaging.Still nothing. In my search for a fix I noticed mt-daapd is no longer being developed but there is forked-daapd. This is actually where I found the instructions for pairing via Remote.

Should I bail on mt-daapd? Will there someday be Ubuntu support for forked-daapd?

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Hardware :: Recommend A Good Remote Control?

Sep 28, 2010

recommend a good remote control that i can use to control things like vlc, boxee, rhythmbox i have ubuntu 10.04

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Software :: Configure A Remote Control Without Using Lirc?

Feb 24, 2011

I'm using Debian Squeeze and my 0-9 remote control buttons and power off button work even if I've didn't installed lirc. In a Gnome desktop I could set up the volume too, but now as I'm using Fluxbox I can't start the volume control applet anymore (by the way does somebody knows any handy volume applet for Fluxbox ?)So my question is that if some button of my remote control already work without lirc, then there must by some drivers installed, when I've upgraded to a newer kernel, but I can't figure out what makes my remote control to work. Does anybody knows something about this and if there's something already installed for IR devices in newer kernels how can it be further configured ?

If i type the command "cat /dev/input/event6" in my terminal I can see that all my remote control buttons give a signal, but still I can't figure it out how can I set up all of them.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Control Is Not Working On Windows?

Oct 31, 2010

i have hp hdx-x16 1155ca laptop and my problem is that my remote control is not working on both of linux and windows so how can i distinguish the problem and solve it

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Ubuntu :: Remote Desktop - View/control

Jul 11, 2009

Which SW package should I install , on my Windows Laptop, in order to view/control my Linux Desktop ? Is it good also for Windows to Windows? Who should be the server who the client ? I tried the xtightvnc on my Linux , it didn't work.

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General :: Recommend Good Remote Control To Buy To Use With Mythtv?

Feb 20, 2010

Can anybody recommend a good remote control to buy to use with mythtv?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Desktop Control For Noobs?

May 27, 2010

I need to remotely control my parents' computers to tech support them.My parents use Windows (XP) while I use Linux (Sidux) intuitive application since this is my first attempt at this:

-preferably thru browser

TeamViewer and LogMeIn turn up in my search. Seems like these two are the most popular. How do they stack up to each other?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Recommendations For Remote Control Web Interface?

Jun 16, 2010

I want to set up a home computer as server. I've installed Ubuntu Server Edition 10.04, and can access it through SSH. However, I would like to have a browser based interface for managing things, such as installing a phpBB forum and stuff like that. Also, I want my friends to be able to share files on my home server as well. I know I can do it by using FTP, but I would rather not have them to install a FTP program.

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Ubuntu :: List Of Apps That Can Be Controlled By A Remote Control?

Aug 2, 2010

Is there a list of apps in ubuntu that can be controlled by a remote control?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Control Running At Work From Home PC?

Oct 12, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 10.10 running on a pc at work. On my Windows pc I can use a free utility called Teamviewer which you run on the pc (no install needed) and then you connect without any need to VPN into my work network.

So, what would be the best way to connect from home and remotely connect to my Ubuntu system at work?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Remote Control To Interface With XBMC?

Dec 21, 2010

I just built up an Acer Revo 3600 HTPC using Ubuntu. Right now I'm using a wireless keyboard and mouse but I'd like to get a remote control to interface with XBMC. There seem to be many remotes that work under windows but I am having a hard time finding a remote that works with Ubuntu. What are people using to control their Ubuntu-based HTPCs these days?

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